Guerlain Rouge G Swatches

Smooth, creamy and very luxurious, the Guerlain Rouge G is a hallmark in the world of lipstick. Its innovative concealed mirror packaging is what catches your eye first, and then its spectrum of gorgeous hues and nourishing texture makes you fall in love.

The wild mango butter, tiger grass and gugul resin formula melts onto the lips, while ruby powder promotes intense and long-lasting colour. I swatched the gem-like lipsticks to find out what the fuss was all about…


The neutrals:
6 Garance (rosy beige),  13 Giny (nude beige), 14 Gilian (pinked beige)

These everyday, easy-to-wear shades are incredibly versatile. 6 Garance is ideal for creating flushed lips,  13 Giny is the perfect nude shade, and 14 Gilian adds the most subtle hint of pink for a ‘my lips but better’ look.

The red and corals:
20 Gina (coral red), 21 Gala (cherry red), 22 Greta (deep red), 25 Garconne (true red), 41 Gipsy (peach coral)

If you fancy something a little more daring, reach for one of these pigment-packed shades. 20 Gina is the perfect hue for summer – a metallic coral red with golden shimmer. 21 Gala is a pop of satiny, blue-toned cherry red, 22 Greta is also blue-toned but deepens the tone with a little touch of plum, 25 Garconne is the brightest, truest red, and 41 Gipsy is a peachy coral hue with golden shimmer.

The pinks:
60 Gabrielle (sheer pale pink), 62 Georgia (rose pink), 64 Gemma (lilac), 65 Grenade (reddened rose)

Feeling girly? Then opt for one of these sweet hues. 60 Gabrielle is the sheerest Rouge G lipstick shade in the collection. It is a glossy, neutral rosy pink that adds just a hint of colour. 62 Georgia is a vivid and very sophisticated rose pink, 64 Gemma is a cool lilac shade with a metallic sheen, and 65 Grenade is a beautiful reddened rose with a touch of silver shimmer.

 The purples:
66 Gracia metallic plum, 68 Gigi fuschia pink, 69 Gwen ruby red, 70 Gigolo plum red, 71 Girly vivid pink

These purple-tinged hues are the brightest lipsticks of the Rouge G bunch. 66 Gracia is an unusual beige plum with a metallic finish, 68 Gigi is a loud pink hue that is raspberry in some lights, fuchsia in others, 68 Gwen is a perfect ruby red that leans a little more towards plum, 70 Gigolo is an out-and-out velvety plum red, and 71 Girly is a vivid true pink.

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