Blog Posts of the Week.. 27/7/12

My #1 Beauty Secret… At A Grocery Store Near You by Gala Darling
This educational post from the ever lovely Gala Darling extols the virtues of humble apple cider vinegar – an everyday household product that she uses for all of her beauty needs. From taking a spoonful with breakfast for glossy hair, to dabbing it on blemishes to reduce their redness and size, Gala claims that the natural, super-charged enzymes and nutrients makes for an amazing and effective secret beauty trick.

Summery DIY Face Mask by Get Gawjus
Carrying on our all-natural theme, this week we’re also loving a post from Shifa of Get Gawjus. In it she demonstrates an effective home-made antioxidant, hydrating, exfoliating and brightening mask.  Made up of rice flower, green tea, mayonnaise and honey, it’s a formula we can all definitely try at home – and judging from Shifa’s immaculate skin, we definitely should.

Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation by British Beauty Blog
In this post British Beauty Blogger Jane looks at an upcoming release from Guerlain, the Parure de Lumiere Foundation. The advanced formula contains Guerlain Luminescent Water, a natural marine spring water which is drawn from a natural reservoir under the sea. This makes it “rich in minerals and trace elements (particularly manganese and silica)”, and also perfectly in-keeping with our natural theme for the week.