Binky Felstead’s Beauty Guest Post.. Big is Beautiful

Greetings from BBB – Binky’s Beauty Blog, and this week I’m doing it for the girls in the MiC big hair style-off!

Let’s face it, in the battle of the sexes, we all use every weapon at our disposal – and that includes hair and beauty trends. Naturally, where make-up is concerned, the MiC boys don’t know their blusher from their BB cream (with the exception, perhaps of the beautilicious Ollie Locke!).  But i’ve got to admit that when it comes to big hair and luscious tresses, the boys have been winning hands down. From Spencer’s thick, manly bouffant to Ollie and Fredrik’s flowing manes, the boys have outdone the girls every time. Well, not any more.

As I revealed in last week’s BBB, my sister’s recent wedding was the perfect opportunity indulge in some serious pampering – and glamorous hairdos were definitely on the agenda.

Now when you’re getting ready for a wedding, especially if you’re playing a key role – like bridesmaid or maid of honour – it’s all too easy to end up in hairdo hell. There are all manner of problems to overcome – you want something a bit different and special; it’s got to be elegant enough to please the ageing  aunties but sexy enough to impress the ushers. Plus, you can’t go over the top and out-glam the bride, so some careful hair homework needs to be done.

Me and my fellow bridesmaids put our heads together (!), did a little research and came up with the perfect do – the Baby Barbarella. Based on the iconic do Jane Fonda sported in the famous Sixties movie, this style combines a soft beehive on top, with loose flowing tresses at the back. As you can see from the photo taken on the big day,  it’s a flattering, wearable hairdo that looks “done” but not “overdone”.

It’s also a surprisingly easy look to achieve – simply spritz Tigi S-Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray over your hair to add lift at the roots and volume throughout as you blow-dry. Separate the upper area and backcomb, leaving a small section at the top to smooth over your beehive. Pin in place and fix with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Volumizing Hairspray (love the name!).

If you don’t want to DIY,  your hairdresser will know what to do, since the Baby Barbarella just happens to be THE hairstyle of the moment. Everyone from Lana Del Ray to Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Kristen Stewart has been spotted rocking the mini bouffant look recently. And its not just celebs who’ve  caught the big-hair bug. In fashion land, baby beehives were all  over the new-season catwalks, cropping up everywhere from DSquared2 and Oscar de la Renta, to Moschino and Carolina Herrera, making this one of autumn’s major hair trends.

So now big hair is big news for us ladies, those MiC boys are going to have to take it to a whole new level if they want to compete in the hot hairdo stakes. The Baby Barbarella: score one for the girls!


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  • Emma_fb

    Binky I love your blog, I look forward to it every week, its stylish and simplistic, you obviously know your trends but don’t bimbard the reader with information they may not understand. It’s lovely to read, thank you for some truly great beauty tips. X @emmaburlison