Dior DiorBlush Swatches

Blush is a makeup bag essential. It’s a quick and easy way to perk up a sallow complexion, and it can totally transform the shade of your face in just a few quick buffs of a blusher brush. Dior’s DiorBlush reigns supreme as one the the grand dames in the powder blush world, offering unrivalled colour and longevity, with a perfect finish every time.

I swatched the must-loved collection to get a better feel of the shades…



Dior DiorBlush in 553 Peachy Keen
Matte mid-tone peach on the left, shimmery peach-pink on the right – this is the ideal way to do peachy cheeks with a sophisticated edge.


Dior DiorBlush in 639 Sunkissed Cinnamon
This is a perfect bronzer for those with paler skin, or a lovely warm blush for medium to dark skin tones. Both the deep peach-bronze shade on the left and the lighter toasted peach-beige shade on the right are subtly shimmery.


Dior DiorBlush in 829 A Touch Of Blush
This subtle shade is the perfect rosy pink. The shade on the left is a mid-tone matte pink with a touch of coral, while the colour on the left is a shimmering posie pink.


Dior DiorBlush in 839 Vintage Pink
Though the contrast between the two colours in the Vintage Pink compact seems more pronounced than others in the collection, the tonal colours work together incredibly well. On the left is a warm and rosy matte pink, while the shade on the right is a paler pink with a golden shift.


Dior DiorBlush in 849 Sugar and Spice 
Get the perfect balance of bronze and peach with this beautiful blusher duo. On the left is a deep, matte bronze-pink, while on the right is a shimmering peach-pink.


Dior DiorBlush in 889 Pink In Love
If you like your pink blusher to be bold and a little bit bright, 889 Pink In Love is your perfect partner. The shade on the left is a hot pink satin, while the shade on the right is a petal pink satin with very subtle shimmer.




Dior DiorBlush in 939 Rosebud
If you’re very pale, 939 Rosebud will accentuate your complexion beautifully. The subtle, barely-there blusher duo is made up of a deep rose-brown satin on the left, and a pale rose shimmer on the right.


Dior DiorBlush in 934 Strawberry Sorbet
This cute duo gives a cute strawberry flush to the cheeks, with a warm pink  on the left, and a sweet mid-tone pink shimmer on the right.


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  • Ra

    I think you’ve put the same swatch for both A Touch of Blush and Peachy Keen!