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It’s all been a bit of blur this week. I’ve moved to a new flat, and I’ve been working long hours on MIC. Sadly because I’ve moved away I may never have the chance to meet up with the hottie from next door that I was telling you about last week  – for those who aren’t regular readers of #BBB, this total hottie neighbour knocked at my old flat totally unannounced to borrow some milk and I looked a state and practically slammed the door in his face.

Anyway, what makes it worse is that I’ve moved this week and probably won’t get the chance to see him again. I considered leaving a note on the door saying – “to the guy up the street who came for the milk, here’s my number” but I think that might not be a great idea. Also, even though I’ve only moved a short distance away it will be hard to find a plausible reason to be walking down the street (on the off-chance I might bump into Mr Hottie) because it’s a cul de sac, so I could hardly say I was just passing through.

But just in case I do ever bump into Mr Hottie again I thought I would practice my hot date look for my blog. Now for this one I’m going back to my old faithful look – the smoky eye and the high gloss lip. It’s a look I’ve honed to perfection.


First apply some Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer as a base. It’s really important when you do the smoky eye to have a really strong brow, so comb through your brows and fill them in with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour. To create the smoky eye, I used the Dior 5 Couleurs in Amber Design. I opted for the darkest colour and used a stiff brush to apply it to the whole lower lid, then used the lighter colour on the inside corner of my eyes. It just really makes you look awake and give that sexiness to the look – well that’s the hope anyway! Then you blend the two in together with a clean brush. I used the same dark eye shadow with a smudgy brush and took it along the lower eyelashes. As you know I’ve taken a bit of professional advice on this recently, and my new expert friend Cassie Lomas tells me that this really adds drama to the eye.

Cassie advised me to use a kohl pencil on the waterline as well because it really makes the green of my eyes “pop”. It’s good to have a little bit of highlight on the cheek, so I used the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo Highlighter, and I also put a bit of the cupid’s bow of my lip (I love that term). Then dab a little bit of the highlighter underneath the eyebrows as well.

To finish off I put a bit of nude gloss on my lips – all the emphasis for this look is on the eyes. I used the Daniel Sandler Gloss in Super Nectar – it’s a slightly peachy tone and with the brown smoky eye it comes up really nicely. If the tone is too pink or red it starts to look a bit too much with the smoky eyes.

Now I’m ready for ahot date and will be seducing with my eyes over the restaurant table.  Hopefully I happen to bump into Mr Hottie on my travels!


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  • zooni

    hmmm 😉

  • Ian spencer

    Wish I was me hottie binky. Your amazing and I’d love you to be my princess. X