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With a six-month old baby who rarely sleeps through the night, I am well used to tired, sore, puffy eyes. If our eyes are windows to our souls, mine reveal that my soul is really rather exhausted. So how do we go about rectifying (or failing that, disguising) the damage?

This week, I’ve compiled a list of tips for reviving eyes on the latest nights and earliest, darkest mornings…


When eyes feel their worst (for me, this is usually around 2am when I finally crawl into bed), a cooling eye product is the best way to soothe. If you have a gel eye mask in the house, I recommend keeping it in the fridge and utilising at bedtime to bring down the puffiness. Slices of cucumber will work just as well, as they are packed with anti-oxidants and bring down redness and puffiness. Make sure it’s kept in the fridge for maximum soothing power.

Every dressing table should also include a good cooling eye gel or cream, which can be applied just before you switch off the light. Vichy Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Ice-Effect Stick, £12.30, is ideal – it cools, soothes, and relieves irritation.


Woken up and caught sight of yourself in the mirror? It’s time to turn to a de-puffing eye product to bring down the swelling under your eyes. I like Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate, £22.25 – a lightweight roll-on serum that works to tighten and brighten the eye area.

In terms of tools and cosmetics, the first thing you need in your makeup bag is a pair of eyelash curlers, which will open and lift your eye area in a matter of seconds. Mister Mascara Accessories Lash Curler, £6.90, are ideal.  Follow with a generous application of lengthening mascara to further open the eyes, such as bareMinerals Big Tease Mascara, £13.60.

Moving onto those dark circles… To disguise those tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation under your eyes, you need a well performing concealer. A makeup artist once taught me how to disguise those dark circles – instead of applying concealer in a upside-down-moon under your eyes, start at the inner corner of your eye and apply at a 45-degree angle towards the outer corner of your mouth. This reflects the light and does a great job of hiding dark circles.

My top pick for the job is Stila Brighten and Correct Concealer, £18. As well as being a highly effective concealer, the product has added skincare benefits to hydrate the skin, minimise dark circles, and reduce puffiness. The concealer itself is swirled with two shades, one for brightening and another for concealing.

I hope this helps when you are feeling your worst!

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  • Strawbry_Blonde

    Love the sound of that Vichy product… the other thing I like to use is cotton pads soaked in Liz Earle Eye Bright. Hope your little one lets you get more sleep very soon! 🙂

    Nic x