Jingle Belle – Binky’s Guide To Christmas Gifts

Greetings beauty-loving boys and girls, and welcome to another Binkytastic Beauty Blog. And O.M.G… Can you believe it’s only four weeks until the big guy in red suit comes knocking once more (no Spencer, I don’t mean you)?

That’s right – Christmas Day is fast approaching, and this year I’ve decided that I’m not going to hurtle round in a blind panic on Xmas eve, grabbing any old gift I can lay my hands on (and we all know its slim pickings when you try to shop the day before Christmas).

No, this year, instead of relying on the King’s Road fairy (no Ollie, I don’t mean you!) to magic up the perfect gifts on my last-minute shopping trip, I’m going to make the most of two special skills I’ve been perfecting over the least 12 months: beauty expertise and online shopping.

Thanks to my weekly column – Binky’s Beauty Blog – my natural-born love of hair and make-up, pampering and preening, has grown into an in-depth knowledge of beauty trends and a passion for products. My girlish interest has developed into a grown-up understanding of the beauty industry and it feels amazing to be able to put my knowledge to good use. So you see Mum and Dad, those long hours spent “messing about with make-up” were worth it after all!

I’m also a serious aficionado of online shopping. I mean, how brilliant is it that, with just a few clicks of the computer, you can source stacks of amazing gifts, arrange for them to be beautifully gift-wrapped, and have them delivered to your loved-ones exactly when you want!

No more elbowing grannies out of the way to grab the last silk scarf in Peter Jones as closing time creeps closer on December 24th. No more staggering along icy Chelsea streets, weighed down by mountains of Christmas shopping. No more fumbling with Sellotape and rolls of wrapping paper. And – best of all – no more blowing a fortune on overpriced presents just because you’ve left it too late to shop carefully for gifts that your friends and family really want.

I may have grown up as a classic King’s Road browser, but from here on in I’m going Christmas shopping at the best online stores around (and yes, that includes my fave beauty boutique, Escentual.com. OK, I work with them, but I genuinely do my beauty shopping there too. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t rate their products and their service. Hell, if you don’t believe me, then take the word of the world’s greatest fashion and beauty magazine, Vogue, who voted Escentual.com into their top 100 online stores. See, I told you so!)

Anyway, back to Christmas shopping. We’ve almost finished filming series 5 of MIC, and my fellow cast-mates are making plans to head off for the hols, which means I need to sort out their presses right now.

Let’s face it, everyone’s a bit pale, pasty and worn out at this time of year, me included. And, between you and I, the MIC gang are in serious need of a beauty boost – hey, we’ve all been working super-hard filming the show, so what do you expect?

So I’ve chosen perfect pampering gifts for my best buddies that I’m sure they’ll love. And please, no blabbing to them about what they’re going to get. After all, some of those guys still believe in Santa (yes, this time I do mean you Spencer!).

Prezzies for My Bezzies
Ollie Locke: most guys are tough to shop for but my gorgeous mate Ollie is wonderfully easy because he just loves pampering himself. I’ve found a dream bit of kit for Ols: we all know how proud he is of his luscious locks, and now he’s gone for a short, sharp style, he spends even longer grooming his hair. So Ollie will be receiving the Ego Professional Alter Ego Hair Dryer – how perfect is does that name sound! Even better, the product info says: “Don’t just make an entrance, blow them away”. No worries there – the guy’s a total scene-stealer.

Cheska Hull: my beautiful best buddy Cheska is a real girly girl, and I’ve found a wonderful perfume for her in Annick Goutal’s Petite Cherie Eau de Parfum. I chose it partly for the pretty butterfly bottle, which I know she’ll adore, and also because the scent is described as “sweet, sassy and mischievous”, just like the girl herself. But mainly I chose it for the name – Petite Cherie. Cheska you’ll always be my “Little Darling”.

Mummy Felstead: as all MIC viewers know my mum Jane has been my rock this year, and always gives amazing advice and support to me. So I’m giving a little back with a L’Occitane Enchanting Cherry Blossom Collection Gift Set, and the Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa which is grown up, stylish and sophisticated – just like my glamorous mum.

Spencer Matthews: lucky Spencer’s getting two presents this year. Firstly, I’m giving him the Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Travel set. This stylish travel pack of grooming goodies has a zesty scent that will remind him of his beloved family home in St Barts in the French West Indies. But also, Spencer may like to think of himself a bit of a player, but really he’s a great guy with a good heart, so I think Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette is the ideal fragrance.

Millie Mackintosh: Mills is a trained make-up artist, so she really knows her beauty products. She loves high-end make-up in really exquisite packaging, so I’m giving her Guerlain’s Liu Eye and Lip Calligraphy Palette. Luscious red lip colour, classic black powder eyeliner, and three luxe golden eye-shadows, all in one beautiful compact. It’s stunning – just like Miss Mackintosh herself.

Andy Jordan: sportsman Andy is a buff, good-looking guy, but like most men he could do with a few lessons on looking after his skin if he wants to hang onto those great looks. So to set him off on the right path I’m giving him a bunch of Lab Series goodies, including Daily Moisture Defense Lotion, Invigorating Face Scrub and Night Recovery Lotion. Lab Series is a fantastic range, and the packaging is masculine enough not to embarrass a man’s man like Mr Jordan.

Rosie Fortescue: this girl has the most beautiful complexion, so to help her keep her skin looking smooth and wrinkle-free I’ll be giving Rosie the Clarisonic Mia, a brilliant beauty gadget that deep-cleanses and buffs skin, leaving it looking even more amazing (not sure that’s possible in Rosie’s case).

Hugo Taylor: my ex-MiC buddy has been having a bit of a hard time in the jungle, where he’s battling it out for the I’m A Celebrity crown, so to cheer him up I’ve chosen the perfect fragrance – Sean John’s I Am King!

Jamie Laing: well Jamie sweetheart, you’re getting the Gucci scent Guilty Pour Homme. I don’t think I need to say any more…

And don’t forget, Father Christmas is still keeping a record of who’s been good and who’s been naughty. He knows all about the bad boys made good and the good girls gone bad, so don’t slip up between now and December 25th. That means no more bad behaviour (and yes Jamie, that definitely means you!)

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  • fern fitzgerald

    Great ideas , im actually going to buy alot of those items for my friends. Thanks for tips Binky