Blog Posts of the Week – 29/11/12

A Guide To Finding Your Face Shape by The Beauty Department
When I was young my mum suggested to me that my face shape was round, and since then I have made concessions with haircuts, glasses and make-up techniques accordingly. In a few simple steps, this invaluable post from The Beauty Department has taught me that my face is actually oblong. Try it for yourself – it may really help you out with your next haircut.

Retro Waves by Honestly… WTF
My hair idol is Veronica Lake, so I’m absolutely loving the abundance of sweeping, vintage hair dos at the moment. This post from Honestly…WTF rounds up some beautiful hair inspiration.

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas by Dedordots
Now that December is almost here and the sound of sleigh bells is getting louder, it’s time to whip out your advent calendars and start counting down to the big day. If you’re not one for store-bought Christmas bits, take a look at the beautiful home-made advent calendars in this post – it will get your creative juices flowing!

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