Reviews of the Month – November 2012

Each month we pick our five favourite reviews. These review are picked for being helpful, insightful or just really interesting. Each reviewer picked will receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher!

For your chance to win, simply review your past purchases.


Sonya‘s review of Magnolia Nobile Leather Purse Spray Refills 3 x 20ml

Last year after having tested a very small sample of Iris Nobile I had, I decided I really liked the fragrance, but was not sure if I needed another full bottle in my collection of many. I made an order for a sample pack from Acqua di Parma here first before making up my mind.

Of course I loved Iris Nobile, and bought a full size bottle EDT. But I had in the set of samples one of Magnolia Nobile also, and being the curious person I am, decided to give it a go without any expectations. After all I was in love the Iris bit already.

I was proven so wrong! The fragrance was gently and unobtrusive, but with full body and young zesty feel. I don’t really know how magnolias smell in real life, I can only imagine based on the scents I wear, but had an idea from one L’instant Guerlain summer edition that I was kin to them.
I did not try the scent again until one late-spring early-summer day this year. When it hit me and I needed a full bottle of it, too. But Instead of a full bottle, here I found a travel version! And it was pure luck at the time.

The travel version has 3 vials 20 ml each and these are perfect for me since I have several other perfumes I tend to exchange. The 20 ml quantity will just be enough without the danger of become spoiled from the sun and the temperatures. The other 2 vials are still new and fresh, and in case I feel I don’t like to use this frag anymore, I can give them away in their pristine condition.

Also the vial is travel friendly as it has been intended to be. I don’t have the case it goes in (the beautiful leather case!), but I can live with this minor detail. What matters is I have the scent at hand when I feel like it. And I tend to use it much more these fall days than I have anticipated I would. I pare it with my irises (Iris Nobile and Prada Infusion d’Iris) and my days are light and inspired.
Sometimes I find my love without actually searching for it.


Beautyfan1‘s review of Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation SPF10 30ml

This is a hero product for me. It has a sheer light texture but covers well, looks really natural and, lasts all day. I use Nude which is an ideal shade for my fair skin, without it being too pink which some pale shades tend to be. I mix a small amount of Instant Light Complexion Perfector in Rose Shimmer with it sometimes to give my skin a dewy finish. Also Escentuals service is fantastic. I placed my order at 3pm, and received it the following am. Can’t get any quicker than that…….


Bungle8‘s review of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Watch Bottle 25ml

My partner’s elderly mum Sally, was pestering him for this perfume which reminded her of her youth. She is in hospital with a broken leg & wanted to have the same perfume 4711- as someone else in her ward. Mike & I went to all the main high street stores in the Midlands , trying to find 4711 perfume for her but were unsuccessful.

Then we found this fab website which sells 4711 and made Sally a happy woman , by ordering 4711. Thank you so much Escentual


Pamp‘s review of the Mason Pearson Nylon Pocket Brush N4

Ordered |Mason Pearson brushes as I have had a couple since my kids were tiny. That is at least thirty years. They are hard wearing and strong but not sharp. I just love them and am so pleased I finally found replacements. I use nylon bristled brushes as they do not pull on my hair or make it static

Thanks for such a great product


Aether‘s review of the Sleek Mystique Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 2 x 750ml

An absolutely brilliant set – I never thought I’d say one of my best purchases this year would be shampoo and conditioner, but the performance stunned me.

They’re beautifully packaged, with glowing red bottles and a pump (much easier to use with wet hands) and the smell is fabulous – very exotic.

The shampoo doesn’t foam up like a normal one due to the lack of SLS – I’m so used to this feature that I was on earned it wouldn’t perform. Ditto on the conditioner – the texture feels quite thin compared to a normal one. Thankfully this wasn’t the case!

From the moment it started to dry my air was noticably smoother and softer. It can look slightly fluffy, but after a quick brush my hair is shiny, sleek and very healthy looking. My natural hair is coarse, dry, dull and with lots of split ends. This is the first shampoo and conditioner to ever make a noticeable difference!

It hasn’t lost effectiveness over time, or built up a residue. Just gives me clean, smooth, shiny hair every single wash. Now that I’ve got my head around the textures of this set I don’t use much – two to three small pumps of shampoo and 1-2 of conditioner.

The curly sections of my hair are much more relaxed and it’s far easier to straighten it, plus it seems to stay straight for longer too.

My only concerns (more nitpicking really) is that the font on both bottles are identical, so you have to be careful to double check the bottles and make sure you’re using them the right way round. I’m also wondering if it’ll be difficult to get the very last bit out of the bottles – due to the pump you can’t store them upside down and pumps never get to the very bottom. But thanks to the very generous sizes of the bottles it’ll be a long time before I have to find out!

I’d recommend this set to anyone with even a hint of dry, coarse hair. Spectacular performance, and I’ll be checking out the styling products in this range soon!