What’s Your #EscentualWish?

To thank our customers for another wonderful year, we want to treat you to something a bit special – we’re going to be granting your most coveted Escentual wishes! So from today until Thursday 20th December, one lucky recipient a day will receive their requested product over on Twitter.

All you have to do is tweet “My #EscentualWish is…’ with the product link, and you could be in with a chance of winning it!  Each winner will be announced at 9.30am the following day, and you can tweet as many times as you’d like.

To give you a little inspiration, we asked some of our beauty and fragrance blogger friends to make their own Escentual wishes. Here’s what they’re hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year…

British Beauty Blogger‘s Jane is wishing for some classic cult products:

Without a doubt, my top pick would have to be the Dior Grand Bal Palette – it’s just everything elegant and I love the way that the brush is incorporated like a pen in a notebook so that the whole piece represents a ‘dance card’ from the grand balls of bygone days. It’s irresistible.

Next, I’d be chasing the Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina Soaps – it’s my husband’s favourite fragrance and smells of traditional cologne. It’s so fresh that the whole family uses it, so I’d want the Escentual Fairy to gift me that so I’d re-gift it to him with a Mr BBB Only tag on it!

Finally, I’d hope for a Stila Lipglaze Trio – you can’t really have enough Stila lip gloss. They’re reliably lovely with a milky wash that other glosses don’t seem to be able to replicate.


Cosmetic Candy‘s Rowena is wishing for some all-out, glamorous beauty:

The Guerlain Meteorites compact powder is complete luxury and is highly collectable. I love this Wulong compact because the colours of the powder are soft and flattering, with a matte finish to avoid looking glittery in Christmas photos!  Even though its £99 the powder is refillable – this is definitely on my wish list!

Dior’s winter collection, Grand Bal is so glamorous and festive with lots of golds. The Night Golds palette is a mixture of rich chocolate browns and golds, with everything from a shimmery white to deep dark bitter chocolate.  You can do a neutral or smokey look with this palette, which means you can keep using it throughout the year.

I’m obsessed with candles this Christmas. This Acqua Di Parma candle is visually stunning with it’s red berries and twigs and as it only burns in the middle, it will look lovely for the life of the candle.  I love the idea of burning a woody scent too; its like bringing some of the outdoors inside the home, but without the chill!


Nic is the editor of the Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog. Her Christmas wishlist is a pick n’ mix of the best in beauty:

Serge Lutens Féminité Du Bois – I’ve wanted to own a Serge Lutens fragrance forever and this one would be my first choice. It’s something I wouldn’t purchase for myself, always the best kind of present!

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick – The glamorous packaging of these lipsticks is so indulgent I’ve wanted one forever but it seems such a decadent purchase just for me that I’ve never succumbed.  I love the boldness of almost neon pinky red Gigi, though am torn between that and the winter coral-red, Gracey, which I’d wear as an everyday bright.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme – I just discovered Philip Kingsley’s original Elasticizer recently and it’s totally worth the hype it gets… it makes my hair feel strong, well nourished and frizz free, so naturally I want to try the Extreme for the ultimate experience!


Lizzie of Odette Toilette is a fragrance buff, but she loves her beauty, too:

Acqua di Parma’s Italian Resort shower oil. Normally I’m a cheapskate on stuff for the shower and bath. This would be insanely decadent if I wanted to imagine I lived on the Riviera. I also love shower oils in winter as they’re much kinder than a foaming wash.

A hot pink lipstick in Guerlain’s Rouge G in Gigi. In a hurry I can getaway at wearing not much makeup if I put on a really outlandish colour – this very glamorous lipstick stands out against my pallid complexion.

A bottle of Lanvin Arpege with its slightly old fashioned but vivacious scent – because to me this smells like Christmas celebrations and having too much fun.


Lipglossiping‘s Charlotte is wishing for some niche fragrance to brighten up her Christmas:

Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J: “Oh the Deadwood stage is a rolling on over the hills!”  We might be talking about a different Calamity but this wonderful fragrance from Juliette Has A Gun is just as feisty as the original.  Devoid of syrupy sweetness, she’s a gun-slinging, whip-toting kinda gal with a fearless attitude.  But just like the real Calam’, peel back the layers to uncover a softer side laced with vanilla, amber and musk.  A real toe-curler that I’d like to find in my Christmas stocking!

Serge Lutens Féminité du Bois: A quieter, more feminine version of the original Shiseido classic. Take a walk through an enchanted wood, linger to smell the forest fruits and take comfort on a frosty morning from the warmth that emanates from within.  A beautiful winter scent with a soft melange of notes that tickle the senses and stir the emotions.  Plant this under my Christmas tree for a woody symphony and eternal gratitude!

Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain L’Extrait M71 Gourmandise:  Gluttony is never more appropriate than when Christmas rolls around, so get greedy with this incredible liquid lipstick from Guerlain.  I already own the wonderfully vampy Orgueil, and Gourmandise promises the kind of raspberry-flush you get from a  post-dinner fruity feast (meringues optional!).  Conceal this within my cracker and ensure Christmas goes with a bang rather than a fizz!


The Candy Perfume Boy is a self-proclaimed perfume addict who has a keen interest in all things smelly. Here’s what he’s wishing for this Christmas:

Being the complete and utter fume-freak that I am it will come as no surprise that I am hoping to find a number of beautifully scented presents under my tree on Christmas morning. I mean, what could be more satisfying than receiving perfume for Christmas? It is, after all, incredibly important to smell fabulous over the festive season and having a few new scented treats is enough to fill even the most cynical of people with Christmas spirit.

My first most wished-for gift this year is easily the best masculine launch of 2012: Interlude Man by Amouage. Composed to represent a moment of calm amongst the chaos of everyday life, Interlude Man creates a stark contrast between anarchic notes such as leather and smoky birch tar, and soothing (and utterly edible) vanilla. When wearing this fragrance one cannot help but be entirely intoxicated by the sweet and delicious vanilla bonfire that it evokes, perfectly complimenting times spent by the fire with your loved ones.

Christmas isn’t just about the presents or the time spent with family though, no, it’s also about the food. During those festive 12 days we are likely to stuff ourselves with a considerable amount Christmas snacks, of both the savoury and sweet varieties. One of my wished-for perfume gifts that would suit the veritable feasts of Christmas is Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens. What could be more comforting on those cold winter days than snuggling up with a fragrance that smells of apricot jam, freshly-baked bread and toffee popcorn? Nothing I tell you. Absolutely nothing.

Even though I am being perhaps a little bit greedy with my lust for Amouage and Serge Lutens this Christmas there is one final fragrant gift that I hope to be opening on Christmas morning, and it is one that is a rather recent discovery for me. That fragrance is J’Adore L’Absolu by Christian Dior and what a fragrance it is! In my opinion there’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunny floral and J’Adore L’Absolu takes the bright and happy flowers of the original J’Adore (rose, jasmine and tuberose) to the next level, creating a fragrance that is as sophisticated as it is drop dead gorgeous.

It may seem that I am asking a lot from dear Santa this year, perhaps causing his elves a little bit more work than they are used to, but he can be reassured by the fact that, for the most part, I have been exceptionally well behaved this year. I think.


Jane from Modesty Brown is a fan of Guerlain, Caudalie and Serge Lutens. Here’s what she’s hoping for:

I think the Guerlain Liu Eye and Lip Calligraphy Palette is stunning and contains the perfect elements for a sophisticated look. I tend to think of red lips paired with neutrals as the makeup equivalent of a little black dress. I’m rather a fan of the Guerlain palettes too.

Good skincare is always on my wish list and I’ve been keen to try one of the Premier Cru products for ages. I like that the Caudalie Premier Cru The Gift Set includes both the face and eye cream together.

I’ve yet to try any of the Serge Lutens fragrances but I’ve read so many tempting reviews. I’d particularly like to try Serge Lutens Daim Blond Eau de Parfum as I really like the idea of fragrance that captures the scent of pale suede.


Fi from The Beauty Shortlist is all about luxe this Christmas:

The whole Guerlain Liu Christmas Collection is impossibly pretty but the Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder for hair and body is so retro and decadently Deco that I’d keep the glam black laquered bottle long  after the very last perfumed puff as a souvenir of a magical Christmas with the people I love. 

The answer is yes, I would love my (unusually enormous) Christmas stocking filled to the brim with Dior’s Grand Bal Vernis in all four shades. These bauble-shaped red, gold, silver and sparkling black limited edition nail lacquers are so adiorable I might forget the decorations this year and hang these on the tree instead. 

I’m an Acqua di Parma addict! Much as I love the cosy log fire and cocooning element of winter, part of me longs for the Mediterranean all year around.  Heady evenings, sipping wine in a Sardinian garden, tea lights flickering like stars on a rustic table… so how romantic would it be to be given Acqua di Parma’s gorgeous Magnolia Nobile Gift Set on Christmas morning?  This eau de parfum, body cream and shower gel set is a Mediterranean summer in a box.

 Good luck, and Happy Christmas from everyone at Escentual x

T & Cs The competition is running from 14/12/2012 until 20/12/2012. The winner will receive the product that they tweeted, subject to stock availability. Each winner will be randomly chosen and announced at 9.30am the following morning.

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  • donna255

    My escentual wish list

    1) Annick Goutal Myrrh Ardente

    2) Serge Lutens Sa Majestic Rose

    3) Guerlain Meteorites

  • Ann

    some lovely lists and can I say how nice to see you using real bloggers – big round of applause for this