Daniel Sandler Powder Compacts

Daniel Sandler is so passionate when creating his products that it’s easy to get excited about them – and this recently launched trio of face shaping powders is no exception. Borne of Daniel’s make-up artist expertise, the Instant Tan Wash-Off Face Powder, the Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder, and the Radiant Sheen Illuminating Face Powder work to shape and illuminate your complexion with a professional touch.


The look of each powder compact  is as simple and as sleek as you’d expect. Finished with a golden overlay and stamped with Daniel’s name, they’re functional with a touch of sophistication.


Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Wash-Off Face Powder

The lightweight texture of the Daniel Sandler Instant Tan is a great way to add a glow. The colour is wonderful, too – not too yellow-toned, and not too pink-toned.


The above swatch is unblended, but I wanted to give a feel for just how natural-looking the tan is. It’s a true golden colour, not muddy in the slightest, and it can be worked into the skin to give a subtle glow. Build it up for more of an overtly ‘tanned’ look.


Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder

If you want more of a targeted sculpting effect, this Sculpt and Slim-Effect Compact is just the thing. With matte, dark colour for under the cheekbones and a shimmer highlighter for above, it lifts the face beautifully.


The shimmer shade (bottom) is a flattering golden beige that catches the light without looking overly glittery, while the matte brown shade (top) can be buffed into skin with ease to create a natural-looking contour.


Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen Illuminating Face Powder

This is perhaps my favourite product of the three – it’s so versatile, and I don’t have anything quite like it. I’m lucky enough to have neutral-toned skin; most colours tend to suit my colouring, so I like to switch my highlighter shades up  a little. Instead of having lots of individual colours floating about, I can just use this compact and use whichever colour I’m fancying on the day.

The texture of the powder is beautiful. Sweep your brush over all of the colours for a golden sheen on the skin, or buff on the colours individually for more of an intense shimmer.

Alternatively, dampen an eyeshadow brush and apply the colours to your eyelids. The dampness of the brush creates a foiled, metallic effect. Beautiful!


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