Binky’s Day To Night Makeup Guide

Day To Night Makeup


5am wake-up call. 6am radio interview. 8am-2pm photo shoot. 2pm-5pm filming. 6pm-7pm meeting with agent. Arrgh! My schedule is just insane at the moment, and attempting to squeeze in a hot date is virtually impossible. I’ve tried explaining to my manager that a girl needs at least two hours pre-date pampering time, but he’s just not listening; my day is timetabled from dusk till dawn.

Still, Binky’s got to have her fun and so however busy my days are, I like my nights to be busier. I’ve got a drinks date coming up this week and I know I’ll be heading out straight from work, so I thought I’d incorporate business and pleasure by blogging my tips for transforming your make-up look from ‘daytime pretty’ to ‘nighttime sexy’.

Products Used


Step 1: Power up your eyeshadow

I’ve already got a little eyeshadow on, in subtle daytime colours, but to give my eyes extra oomph for evening I apply a chocolate-brown eyeshadow to the top lash line and take it up along the socket line. The Stila In The Light palette is a great one to keep in your handbag as it has such a wide range of shades for both night and day.

Step 2: Add a little shimmer

A girl needs a little sparkle at night – it helps open and brighten the eyes, as well as adding a hint of glamour. I’ll use the pinky brown shimmery eyeshadow from my palette, applying it into the middle of the eyelid and blending it out.

Step 3: Line your eyes

Take a black eyeliner pencil (I’m using the pencil that comes in my Stila palette – it saves me carrying around tons of products) and roll it over the top lash line, using little strokes to get a soft, straight line. Then take the eyeliner along the bottom lash line. Dark eyeliner gives a much more dramatic finish – it’s a really quick and easy way to create a smoky, sexy look.

Step 4: Go darker

Still sticking with the colours from your eyeshadow palette, take your darkest shade – I’m using a black eyeshadow – and blend it along the top lash line, smudging it over your eyeliner to soften the effect, and blending it up and into the eye socket.

Step 5: A touch more shimmer

Go back to your brown shimmery eyeshadow and run this along the bottom lash line. Keep smudging and blending the shades together until you’ve achieved the desired smoky-eye effect that looks so great for evening.

Step 6: Brighten up

Dot a touch of concealer under your eyes, blending it with a make-up brush or with your fingers. This will cover any dark circles and brighten your eyes, helping you look fresh and lively after a long day.

Step 7: Accessorise with false lashes

I’m a huge fan of false lashes – they look super-glam and instantly give your eyes impact. Start by squeezing a little eyelash glue onto your hand – it’s best to let it get a little bit tacky as this makes it easier to use that slippery, fresh-from-the-tube glue. Pick up the false eyelashes up with your tweezers. Now run the lashes through the glue and wait a minute to ensure it won’t slip or smudge. Now attach the centre of the eyelashes to the centre of your top lash line, then use the tweezers to push the edges down into place. Use your finger and thumb to gently press the false and real lashes together, so they blend nicely.

Step 8: A glossy finish

Now finish up with a pretty nude-toned lipgloss. This look is all about dramatic nighttime eyes, so you don’t need a strong lip colour – this Stila Lip Glaze is the perfect warm browny-pink, just like natural lips but with an extra glossy boost! Keep your lipgloss to hand and top it up with a subtle slick from time to time throughout the evening – a perfect pout is hard to resist, so kisses are virtually guaranteed.

Day and Night

Now you are transformed, ready for a hot night out!

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