Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire Eau de Parfum Review

Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire

There can often a little bit of a fragrance lull in the run-up to the big summer launches. So I was suitably delighted when Dolce & Gabbana announced the launch of The One Desire Eau de Parfum, the latest addition to their pillar fragrance ‘The One‘. And it’s not just a brand new scent, fragrance fans; it’s rich, decadent and voluptuous, which is a rarity for this time of year.

Though it is decadent, The One Desire isn’t a complete seasonal anomaly. The scent subtly ramps up the sweetness of the original The One, promoting a brighter feel in the top and heart notes. The first spray reveals the signature Madonna Lily of the original laced with mandarin, bergamot and lychee. The combination of the lily and the lychee in particular creates an exotic, fruity feel, which mellows beautifully into a more overtly floral heart of jasmine and Indian tuberose. Throughout this transition, the scent is supported by the backbone of lily.

My favourite aspect of the scent is the dry down. Made up of musk, sandalwood and vanilla-infused caramel, it’s gourmand, but not overly so. Just as you’d expect from a fragrance named Desire, it’s completely inviting.

I get phenomenal wear from this Eau de Parfum: about 10-12 hours of subtle sweetness with a manageable amount of projection. I actually prefer The One Desire to the original The One. My favourite fragrances tend to be a little sweeter with great sillage, and this fits the bill more solidly than its predecessor. It’s voluptuous yet bright, sophisticated yet fun, and a great  grown-up choice for fans of floral gourmands. Two thumbs up!

Have you tried it The One Desire? What are your thoughts on bucking the spring trend and going for darker fragrances ?


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