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Dior are shaking up that quiet mid-season period between the spring and summer collections with a gorgeous new launch: the Dior Addict Gloss. Described as “a declaration of love for fashion”, the collection of 24 (yes, 24!) couture, high octane lipglosses create a mirror-like effect on the lips.

Bolder, brighter and more long-wearing than its predecessor the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, the new formula has the texture of a crystalline gel, with micro-particles and spheres of hyaluronic acid, which plump and hydrate for a full-lipped effect.

There are three different textures: Shimmer, a spectacularly glittery collection with a high shine finish; Pearly, a softly illuminating texture blended with fine, mother of pearl particles; and Pure, a bright block of colour with a variety of finishes, from milky to translucent.



Dior Addict Gloss Swatches


013 Etoilee, semi-transparent with multicoloured shimmer; 043 Caprice, pure neon orange; 063 Facinante, pure neon pink-red; 153 Premiere Soiree, pale pink pearl

Dior Addict Gloss 013 043 063 153

Dior Addict Gloss 013 043 063 153

216 Beige Songe, nude pearl; 223 Angelique, pure nude peach; 257 Venus, nude pink shimmer; 267 Nuit de Juin, pale pink shimmer

Dior Addict Gloss 216 223 257 267

Dior Addict Gloss 216 223 257 267

333 Bal d’Ete, pearlescent peach; 343 Spring Ball, nude pink shimmer; 363 Dormeuse, pure pink; 413 Eclipse, nude shimmer

Dior Addict Gloss 333 343 363 413

Dior Addict Gloss 333 343 363 413

433 Delice, coral with golden shimmer; 452 Ailee, pure peach; 453 Dolly Pink, lilac pink pearl; 553 Princess, vivacious pink shimmer

Dior Addict Gloss 433 452 453 553

Dior Addict Gloss 433 452 453 553

 643 Diablotine, red shimmer; 653 Rose Surprise, rose pink shimmer; 662 Rose En Diable, rosy red shimmer; 686 Fancy Purple, fuschia shimmer

Dior Addict Gloss 643 653 662 686

Dior Addict Gloss 643 653 662 686

735 Paradise, coral peach with multicoloured shimmer; 783 Atout Coeur, mauve rose pearl; 853 Rouge Defendu, pure red; 856 Iconic Red, true red with golden shimmer

Dior Addict Gloss 735 783 853 856

Dior Addict Gloss 735 783 853 856


The Dior Addict Mix and Match Collections


As if that wasn’t enough, Dior is also a launching capsule collections of lipstick and nail colour based on 4 of the key shades from the new gloss collection: Spring Ball, a sweet nude; Princess, a candy pink; Diablotine, a vampish red; and Delice, a vivid coral. Each mini collection features a corresponding shade of Dior Addict Extreme LipstickDior Addict LipstickDior Le Vernis and the Dior Addict Gloss for co-ordinated colour.

Dior Addict and Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 343 Spring Ball Extreme, bold peach nude; Dior Addict Lipstick in 343 Spring Ball sheer, balmy nude

Dior Addict Lipstick in 343 Spring Ball

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 433 Delice Extreme, bold coral orange; Dior Addict Lipstick in 433 Delice sheer, shiny coral orange

Dior Addict Lipstick in 433 Delice

 Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 553 Princess Extreme, bold hot pink; Dior Addict Lipstick in 553 Princess sheer, reflective rose

Dior Addict Lipstick in 553 Princess

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 643 Diablotine Extreme, bold coral red; Dior Addict Lipstick in 643 Diablotine sheer, rosy red

Dior Addict Lipstick in 643 Diablotine

Dior Le Vernis Sparkling Colour Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer

The corresponding nail colours have a high shine, sparkling finish. Also included in this collection is the Dior Gel Coat, which produces a professional style, gel-effect manicure that lasts. This new top coat works to enhance the sparkle of the nail colour beautifully with mirror-like shine – almost like a lip gloss for the nails.

Dior Le Vernis

Dior Le Vernis in 343 Spring Ball, peach nude sparkle

Dior Vernis in 343 Spring Ball

Subtle, feminine and sweet, Dior Le Vernis in 343 Spring Ball is a wonderful spring-to-summer transition shade of peach/pink. The Addict Gloss in the same shade is slightly more nude; but this nail colour is a double of the peachy Addict Extreme Lipstick in 343 Spring Ball Extreme.

Dior Le Vernis in 433 Delice, coral orange sparkle

Dior Le Vernis in 433 Delice

If there was ever a shade made for summer, this is it. 433 Delice is a cool coral red with a dash of orange and a sprinkling of subtle silver shimmer. Wonderful on fingers, even better on tanned toes!

Dior Le Vernis in 553 Princess, mid pink sparkle

Dior Vernis in 553 Princess

This sweet shade is just the right side of girlish; a fun and fresh pink without being sickly sweet or milky. Like the rest of the collection, the glitter in Princess is finely milled and expertly dispersed through the formula to deliver a multi-tonal shimmer.

Dior Le Vernis in 643 Diablotine, red sparkle

Dior Vernis in 643 Diablotine

And finally, my favourite! This vivid coral-toned red caught my eye straight away. In the bottle, 643 Diablotine looks quite frosty due to the volume of silver shimmer.

Dior Vernis in 643 Diablotine

When applied, however, the shimmer disperses nicely and creates more of a diffused glow. I adore this shade of tropical coral red. It’s an unusual one – in certain lights it looks more pink, and in others more red. When topped with the Dior Gel Coat, it looks even more phenomenal. I can’t wait to pair this with the matching Diablotine Addict Extreme Lipstick in the summer!

As a lover of both lipgloss and lipstick, I’m so happy with this collection – how about you?

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  • I love Dior nail polishes. They have fantastic staying power and the glosses are fantastic too!

  • Sarah

    Oh my, I want everything! x