Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Review

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It’s back!

No no, not the sun! The late 1950s Mercedes SL Roadster that Jude Law just loves to drive about after putting on a couple of spritzes of his chosen Dior Homme fragrance. Although it hasn’t been too long since we saw him last driving it at night, obviously wearing Dior Homme Intense!

Dior Homme Cologne brings a change to the Dior Homme family, no more driving around at night but instead it’s time for a leisurely drive during the day. Naturally and as featured in the advert, there is no better place than the roads along the southern French coast line.

jude law dior homme cologne

The official line from Dior is that this new fragrance is a ‘modern, whip-crackingly fresh cologne that is pared down and cloaked in cottony notes.”

Straight away just from holding the bottle you know that this is going to be different than the same named fragrance from 2007 and the other Dior Homme fragrances. The old cologne juice was darker, encased in a clear bottle and was an iteration from the normal Dior Homme. 2013 sees the bottle in a similar shape however changed to a cool, frosty ice white on both sides. The liquid is now almost clear, with a subtle hint of blue and the usual black innards and bottle cap are now a tantalisingly bright white.

This new bottle makes up a decent proportion of the TV advert and the ‘whip-cracking freshness’ is conveyed with the bottle icing up at one point! The big change here is that the cologne is designed to be minimalistic, an essential luxury that dares to be radically simple.

cologne side on without top

From the get go it starts with an icy, fresh citrusy note, but refreshingly different compared to some other summer/sports scents that have been popular recently. The bergamot and grapefruit combine together and push a juicy zesty scent that is fantastic as the sun warms the skin!

The white musk develops after a couple of hours but isn’t powerful overall, however it helps to enhance the fragrance with a fresh cotton like undertone. The gentle soft musky base makes you feel like you’re wearing a crisp white shirt, taking a relaxing drive along the French coast.

cologne sprayer close

Projection is limited, although longevity is good, it stays on the skin very well for a cologne. It isn’t potent and won’t cause offence to fellow office workers or passengers in your car! Not too citrusy and never overwhelming.

Overall the cologne conjures up images of sitting on the beach, looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea, sipping a freshly poured Gin and Tonic with a generous slice of lime. The sun shining, warming the skin, helping the fragrance to release bursts of citrusy freshness.

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