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Summer is here (sort of) and as the mercury rises it becomes time to put away all those heavy and comforting winter scents and break out the summer staple scents to help us all embrace the spirit of the season.

Summer scents, contrary to popular belief, don’t necessarily have to be light or wan, they can in fact be quite the opposite, but what they do need to possess is an effervescent joy and thirst for life that acts as a perfect accompaniment for the most joyful of seasons.

As most brands gear up to release their summer offerings I’d like to share with you my pick of the two newest and hottest scents for this season, both of which give of an unmistakeably summery vibe in entirely different, and wonderful ways – you’d simply be a fool to miss out on either.


For the Boys: Dior Homme Cologne

When people ask me; “what’s a good masculine fragrance?”, I nearly always point them in the direction of Dior Homme.  You’d be hard pressed to find a higher quality, more versatile, handsome and comfortable fragrance on the market, and on top of all of this Dior Homme serves up a nice contrast between both the masculine and feminine – perfect for the metrosexual man of today.

Dior Homme is available in a number of ‘interpretations’: the original EDT; a richer and deeper EDP Intense; a zingy Sport number; and a bracingly fresh Cologne.  The latter of these feels absolutely perfect for the muggy summer days (and nights) that finally seem to have arrived.

A trio of fresh accords make Dior Homme Cologne into an ice cold wave of refreshing air.  The first sees the sparkle of Calabrian bergamot giving the impression of blinding white light, evoking the image of blazing sunlight reflecting off of the white painted villas of some exotic island hideaway.

Grapefruit blossom adds a pleasant, fruity zing accompanied by a light touch of citrus.  For the most part it all appears as very clean, almost saline but there is the slightest hint of darkness in the bitter edge of the grapefruit that gives Dior Homme Cologne a wonderfully satisfying bite.

The base is a silken blend of translucent musks and powder that give more than a small nod to the textures of the original Dior Homme.  In the original the base was full of warmth and comfort, whereas here the emphasis is firmly on water and ice, with the overall impression being that of cool, icy skin.

Dior Homme Cologne isn’t an Eau de Cologne in the traditional sense, it feels much more modern and contemporary than your typical blend of citrus/florals (4711 this is not) and therein lies its appeal.  So if you’re looking for something fresh, fashionable and fabulous this summer then you need look no further than the triple threat that is Dior Homme Cologne.


For the Girls: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca

Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria line takes inspiration from nature and usually focuses on one or two simple notes.  This simplicity isn’t to be underestimated however, as the line has more than its fair share of gems (the mouth watering grapefruit of Pamplelune and vanilla-soaked lilies of Lys Soleia spring to mind) that shouldn’t be missing from any summer wardrobe.

The latest in the line is Nerolia Bianca – an ode to all that is orange blossom.  Few flowers are as inextricably linked with sunshine than orange blossom and with Neroli Bianca, Guerlain has captured all that is the bitter orange tree: petitgrain – the essence of the twigs and leaves; neroli from the blossoms; and the juicy yet bitter orange fruit.

This heady concoction is at once sparkling and fresh as well as rich and honeyed, with a wonderfully alive quality to it, almost as if you can smell the swaying of the trees and the busy activity of the bees.  There’s also a touch of something soapy, hinting at a soft cleanliness and the sleepy languor of the summer breeze.

Many of the annual Aqua Allegorias are ephemeral, meaning that they debut for one summer only before disappearing, but this does not mean that the scents themselves are fleeting and in Nerolia Bianca’s case both the longevity and projection are impressive, allowing one to bask in the glorious, sun-kissed glow of one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet.  You may not be able to afford a trip to the Mediterranean this summer, but for the small price of £35.10 Nerolia Bianca will bring the med to you.

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