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Do a Fishtail Plait with Binky

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Summer is in full swing at the moment here in the UK and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve just started filming for the next series of Made in Chelsea, and am definitely relishing the opportunity for sneaky sunbathing sessions between takes! When the sun’s out, I like to keep my make-up minimal if I’m not doing anything special – caking on layers of heavy foundation in the heat is a definite no-no. So this week, I thought I’d show you all a hair style that’s perfect for this sunny weather. This casual fishtail plait does the job of keeping your hair off your face while being a lot more exciting than a bog-standard ponytail.

The plait was spotted on the gorgeous models at Tory Burch’s SS13 catwalk shows and is a huge celeb fave, with boho babes Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively regularly spotted sporting the ‘do. This super-versatile style is perfect for festivals or summer nights out with friends, but also looks great for glam events a la Cara D in Cannes!

Although the style may look intricate, it’s surprisingly quick and mega-easy to create. Here’s how…



Step 1 – Tame Your Mane

First things first, brush through your hair to untangle any knots so you have a smooth finish to work from. The last thing you want when you’re styling your hair into a braid like this is to end up with even more knots and tangles when you take it out! One of my faves is the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush; the flexible bristles are great for detangling the hair without pulling or breaking. You can also apply some serum at this stage if your hair is particularly dry or frizz-prone – the Sexy Hair Silky Frizz Eliminator is a great shine-booster with a weightless feel so your hair doesn’t feel overloaded with product.


Step 2 – Prep The Plait

Pull all your hair over to the side you’d like the plait to lie, and keep it in place with an elastic band – this’ll make it easier to create your plait. Then, to start the plait, tease the ponytail you’ve created into two halves. With one hand, take a small section of hair from the outer section of one half of the ponytail and move it across to the other side – into your other hand. Then repeat this movement with the other half of the ponytail; take a small section from the outer section of the other side and move it across the hair into your other hand.

Continue the process down the hair, making sure you keep the plait tight as you do. Don’t worry if it looks a tad messy or uneven – that’s what this look is all about. You’re looking to create a casual, boho-chic braid, not choirgirl-style pigtails!


Do a Fishtail Plait with Binky


Step 3 – Secure It

When you reach the end, grab a small elastic band the same colour as your hair and tie the plait in place. Then carefully use a pair of scissors to release the elastic band at the top of the plait – try not to snip your hair at the same time!


Step 4 – Finishing Touches

Use your fingers to loosen the plait in places where it looks too neat, and to add volume at the crown. You can go as wild as you like with this, it all depends on how structured you want the end result to look. If you’re after some serious volume, sprinkle a dash of TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust Root Powder into your palms and rub into the crown. To finish, spray the plait and the top of the head with hairspray to hold the style. I’ve used the TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray; it provides a flexible, workable hold ideal for a plait like this – plus it smells amazing!


Enjoy fun in the sun and see you next week!

Binky xxx

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