Gift Set Guide

Gift Set Guide

When it comes to receiving a present, sometimes there’s nothing better than a gift set. Presented beautifully and often worth much more than the price they retail at, gift sets are hassle-free presents that you will be proud to hand over.



Fragrance gift sets sometimes contain a full-size body product at little or no extra cost to the single fragrance. This is a great way to layer up the scent and wear it in a different way, as lotions, gels and other body products contain a percentage of the fragrance. Such sets are excellent value for money, as they come presented in an attractive gift box, as well as containing reduced price or free body products.

A fragrance gift set is a very thoughtful idea for a present, but avoid buying blindly – fragrance is a personal thing. Get a feel for what’s new and popular at the moment, or sneakily extract your recipient’s favourite fragrance from them and find a similar alternative, or, of course, just stick to what they know.



Skincare gift sets are a brilliant present for the person who knows that they want a new skincare regime, but isn’t sure where to start. Normally including some main products or a selection of trial sizes, skincare gift sets usually offer a notable discount on the RRP of the individual merchandise.

If you have no clue what the recipient uses, then the easiest way to choose a skincare gift set is by brand as there will inevitably a compilation of ‘Best Of’ or ‘Essentials’ gift sets containing their bestselling products. The miscellany in such sets and their well-known popularity means that you can’t go far wrong! Skincare sets usually come in an attractive gift box or bag, making them a beautiful gift at great value for money.



Make-up gift sets are a fantastic treat, as they usually contain the best selling products of a brand, or a covetable, limited edition ‘look’. Buying new make-up products can be a little costly when bought individually, so a set that contains five shades of an iconic lip gloss, or a palette of on-trend colours is a lovely indulgence!

When buying a make-up gift set as a present, it’s useful to think of what kind of products the recipient uses. If you are unsure, it’s best to do a little bit of light research and find out which brand the person likes, or take note of what products or colours they use on a daily basis. There’s bound to be a set to suit!


Bath & shower

Bath and shower gift sets are a brilliant present for all ages and both genders. Available in a comprehensive array of different fragrances and textures, they often combine bath and shower products with other body products such as lotions, or hand creams. Such sets usually work out to be much better value than buying the individual products, and offer the chance to use a whole range of complimentary products at a percentage of the RRP.

First, find out if you recipient has any skin complaints. If they have sensitive skin, it can be very tricky to buy a bath and shower gift set as a present; after all that careful choosing, chances are the person will refrain from using an unfamiliar product. Your best bet is to ask them what they use, and work around that. If your recipient has trouble-free skin, choose your gift set by brand if they are a fan of premium skincare or by scent if they value fragrance over formulation. This enables you to whittle the most suitable gift set down more easily.