Paco Rabanne Invictus – Christmas Must-Have!

paco rabanne invictus reviews

One of the biggest fragrance launches of this year (if not the biggest) is Paco Rabanne Invictus. The majestic scent is the successor to the bestselling 1 Million, and asserts its presence in the same ultra-masculine, magnetic way. Where 1 Million is all about the seduction, Invictus is fresh and lively, with an aquatic signature that is perfect for everyday wear.

To celebrate its success this year, we’ve selected Invictus as one of our Christmas must-haves. Not tried the fragrance before? Why not have a look at what it’s existing fans have to say…


Our Fragrance Expert Thomas: Invictus is a sports fragrance with unique touches. It uses metallic notes to create a new kind of freshness and an almost piquant level of clarity. A warm base of salty ambergris, spiky woods and a touch of amber help make for a fully realised and versatile fragrance that is suitable for wear on and off the pitch.

Invictus is a fragrance that speaks of champions, victory and almost mythical sporting achievements fought for in vast arenas where sportsmen are viewed as rock stars – gods and gladiators of the stadia. Read Thomas’ full review here.

Darrentheman1980, customer: Amazing new fragrance from Paco Rabanne I have to say this has to be the best to date. Fragrance comes in an amazing bottle and beautifully boxed. I have found that the fragrance smells its best once it has settled on the skin. The smell is long lasting and you will get bursts of the smell throughout the day. The fragrance is not over powering and excellent for any occasion. I will be buying this again without any doubt.

Ba1leyStr1pes, customer: I bought this for my fiancé as I knew it was one that he’d wanted for a while. It has a really fresh scent that smells gorgeous. Definitely one of my favourite aftershaves he wears.

Precious, customer: Bought this for my new partner, read previous reviews and tried a sample in a fragrance shop prior to purchase. This fragrance was also recommended by a friend. There are not many fragrances that capture my attention but this one is up there with paco rabanne million. He loved it and he also loved the look of the bottle.

Furby200, customer: I got a spray of this on a sample card while out shopping one day and immediately liked it. I ordered a bottle for my fiance and I have to say it’s the nicest mens fragrance I’ve smelt in a long time. Very sexy! I love it!

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