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When one talks of the classics of the perfume world our minds are cast back to the early part of the 20th century and the early output of houses such as Coty, Guerlain, Caron and Chanel.   But there are also a number of significant perfumes that have been released within living memory, even over the last few years in fact.

These ‘modern classics’ have played a significant part in shaping our tastes in perfume, setting the standards and styles that the perfume industry and the consumer follow, much in the same way that perfumes such as Shalimar and Mitsouko did back in their heyday.  These perfumes are the finest modern examples of their genres – trendsetters that pave the way for a thousand fragrances of their style.

One such perfume is Narciso Rodriguez’s flagship feminine fragrance ‘Narciso Rodriguez For Her (or ‘For Her’, for short).Launched by New York based, Cuban fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez  2003 and created by venerable perfumers Francis Kurkdjian (Le Mâle, Lady Vengeance and Narciso Rodriguez For Him) and Christine Nagel (Archives 69, Si and The One), For Her is a distinctive perfume that captures the essence of modern femininity in shades of strength and fragility.

Over the years Narciso Rodriguez has has stayed faithful to the winning formula that is ‘For Her’, releasing a number of reinterpretations to showcase the varying facets of such a distinct formula in new guises. This is the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Collection.


Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette


The Original ‘For Her’ EDP and EDT

In my mind, For Her is the olfactory equivalent of pink tulle.  In the top notes it dances with light and fizzy steps, evoking the vibrant movement of textured fabric.  At its very core For Her is a floral chypre, blending the warm, earthy notes of rose and honey nuances of orange blossom with the sharp, angular feel of patchouli to create a signature that has contrasts of both light and shade.

The original For Her is very much a modern perfume.  It is far-removed from the spiky and aloofchypres of yesteryear, yet it doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator, nor does it present a familiar and exhausted signature.  In fact, For Her is responsible for defining the modern chypre and it is a fragrance that has been copied many times, namely in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and more recently in Guerlain’s Idylle.

For Her is available in Eau de Parfum (pink bottle) and Eau de Toilette (black bottle) concentrations, with the former presenting a richer and more enveloping experience with stronger emphasis on roses, the warm amber in the base and sharpness in the patchouli, whereas the latter is lighter, more floral, orange blossom-centric and ethereal.  Both are incredibly elegant perfumes that present themselves with little pretence, meaning that whatever concentration of the original one goes for, one can wear the incredibly versatile For Her pretty much anywhere.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Eau Eau de Toilette



The ‘L’Eau edition of For Her is an altogether more luminous affair with the vibrancy dials turned right up.  The most significant differences are the addition of crisp orchard fruits in the top notes and a zesty jasmine note in the heart, both of which fill the For Her signature with oodles of vivacity and make for a delightfully lively experience.

This effervescent quality carries right through to the base, which is a more sheer interpretation of For Her’s patchouli and woods combination.  What is perhaps most enjoyable about L’Eau is that it has a subtle raspy quality to it, especially in the base, which is immediately reminiscent of more old-school chypres and is a nice contrast to the supple warmth found within the original For Her.

L’Eau is not a simple ‘watering down’ of the original.  Instead, one should see it as a more relaxed and less demanding take on For Her’s signature and it succeeds in balancing both wearability and intelligence in an imminently enjoyable manner.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil


Musc Oil

The For Her Musc Oil is a curious being.  It can be worn alone or layered under the EdP, EdT or any other perfume one may wish to mix it with.  It is essentially a light floral musk with a silky texture that serves to intensify and cement a perfume when layered or act as a ‘your skin but better’ fragrance when worn alone.

Personally, I like to go commando with this one, meaning that I like to wear it in isolation (keep your minds out of the gutter people).  On the skin For Her Musc Oil is a delicate and sweet musk with hints of white flowers, mushrooms and menthol.  It is so quiet and so silky that when worn solely on its own, the Musc Oil is barely there but occasionally fires off tiny wisps of translucent scent as the body moves.


Competition Time!

The competition is now closed, congratulations to our winner Clare K!

What is your favourite interpretation of Narciso Rodriguez’s wonderful For Her? Are you an EdP or EdT fan?; Or do you love L’Eau?; Or like me, are you mad for the Musc Oil?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below and you could win a dream Narciso Rodriguez prize: the Narciso Rodriguez for Her 100ml Eau de Parfum, the Narciso Rodriguez for Her L’Eau 100ml Eau de Toilette, the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musk Collection 100ml Eau de Parfum Intense and the Narciso Rodriguez For Her 50ml Musc Oil, a prize bundle worth a huge £287! The competition closes Thursday 19th December, and the winner will be announced the next day. Good luck!

Competition ends 11.59pm on Thursday 19th December and winners will be notified the next day via email. One entry per person. Usual terms and conditions apply.

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  • Upekha Badugama

    Fragrances such as these justify the importance olfactory sensation is given in the human body’s felling of well-being. The olfactory nerve is after all the first cranial nerve, beating the all important optic nerve into second place. Having perused your article, it did not take long for me to decide ‘For Her’ was for me!

  • wendy42

    L’Eau is my fav 🙂

  • Samantha Blake

    Always been an EdT lover! So would have to be EdT (although EdP comes a close second!) Muse oil looks intriguing though!

  • Kassie Barker Jones

    I would have to say Eau de Parfum personally! Fingers crossed x

  • muesliisthebest

    Definitely the musc oil! So lovely…

  • Laura Jane shepherd

    My fav has to be the Edp. Not only does it make you smell Devine but also your bedroom while spraying. My bed covers also smell amazing the next day when I’m wearing this. I also adore the body products especially the lotion as it prolongs the fragrance. I’m yet to try the oil which I know I would adore. Stunning unique perfume. Laura x

  • Paula Lane


  • Sarunas Baranauskas

    Musc Oil

  • Mme. Moriarty

    The Eau de Parfum is definitely my favourite! So feminine yet also grown up and sophisticated.

  • Samira

    My favorite is the EDP. I feel that it is more delicate and feminine than the EDT and spray it on my scarves in the winter. It gives me that sensuous veil that people remember when they hug me.

  • TheSunnyDay2013 .

    I love Narcisso Rodriguez for her (the pink bottle). I don’t think there’s any competition for it in the market. It’s a classic. I am also intrigued by the L’eau version.

  • ladyluck13

    Ive only tried the EdP, (and own it, was given it cos im a ‘Pink’ lover lol) but love it, but like the sound of the musc oil, sounds like it would be fab for a LBD night out, or in 😉

  • Cate Howes

    Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT has been my fav scent for many years. Every xmas my hubby buys me it and it lasts ages and I always get loads of compliments x

  • Gia

    I’m definitely an EDT fan and have been for years. I have tried the scent in all its formulations and the EDT is still my favourite after all these years.

  • Angelicaboots

    The EdT for sure! The little black bottle has been my go-to perfume for years.

  • Hayley Canning

    My favourite is the L’Eau, I always go back to this one

  • Giedrė Kniūkštienė

    Edp 🙂 Edp, I think 🙂

  • Jaravee

    My all-time, cannot-live-without perfume has been Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum ever since it came out. I have been using it for years and it is the only perfume I have on my make-up table. I still remember the first time I smelled it – it stole my heart straight away and I haven’t used any other perfume since! I don’t even try perfumes anymore when I walked pass places like the duty free in airports. I’m more than satisfied and happy with my forever choice. All my family and friends associate me with this smell too!

  • Jay Scales

    Original Edt for me – it really really suits me and I’ve had so many comments over the years – it’s not the only fragrance I wear, but it is a favourite 🙂

  • Thida Drm Kantiyapoarn

    EDT – works all year round <3

  • Susan Redmond

    I have only ever tried the l’eau version, nice for summer, so would love to try the rest of the range 🙂

  • fei yu

    Ilove edt .Flowers are very fragrant fragrance, very elegant temperament, should is a mixture of all kinds of white flowers, honey mixed light sweet taste, sweet and charming. Feeling is very woman, all kinds of flowers mixed very clean, just right, in the sweet reveal a bit sexy feminine flavour. Musk is hidden behind the flowers, the flowers fade away just clear, is to give a person the sense of pure bright and clear.

  • Mikah

    My favourite is definitely the edt, with the edp close behind

  • Jacky Taylor

    The EDP For Her is a perfume that lasts without being overpowering. Certainly one to make other stop you and ask what it is. Quietly hiding on the back burned since 2003 it’s sure to become much more popular, or actually it’s the little treasure I would like to keep to myself.

  • Ashleigh

    I am a huge fan if the classic ‘For Her’ EDP, such a great perfume.

  • kristie harris

    “For Her” is my daily staple perfume I wont leave the house without it. i use the musk as a layer for special occassions when I want the perfume to last all night, Im always getting asked what Im wearing! More so than when Im wearing other classics such as chanel! For that au natural feeling I just wear musk, its one of those when your hubby asks, “you smell lovely, whats that your wearing?” and you guiltily claim its just your natural scent-cos your just that delicious!

  • Dolly

    Edp is blissful, makes you feel very comfy. Also have a bottle of the delicate and the glittery edition

  • Dolly

    Edp is blissful, surrounds you in an aura of comfort.. Also have the delicate and glittery editions

  • Alison

    I have bought For Her Musc Collection twice, it is such a lovely fragrance! Now I´m planning For HER EDP.

  • Danielle Rayleen

    I love the Musc Oil For Her just on its own because it is not to overpowering in a smaller, enclosed work environment. Sometimes a parfum can become overwhelming and this one is just the right tones of floral scents and a light airy feeling on the skin.
    For an evening scent I drift towards the L’Eau For Her parfum because of the warmth of the fragrance. People have told me that the scent draws them in almost, and they want to come toward the scent just to be next to it and draw on its warm inviting qualities.
    Thank You for the opportunity to stock up on my favorite fragrance line!

  • Silvia Weyland

    Absolutely beautiful, classy and unique scents. I love how you described each scent, you clearly are passionate about the subject. Thanks!

  • NickyF

    Have worn this since it first came out. It’s the only fragrance I’ve ever worn where strangers have stopped me to ask what it is. I’m an EDT devotee, but never tried the Musc… Lovely treat to layer it up with the matching shower gel and lotion.

  • Dave Thomas


  • Cait Paterson

    I love the EdP! My personal favourite is For Her, it smells gorgeous and very different on each person. However your review has made me very tempted to try the Musc Oil for Her!

  • Gillian York

    edp love the perfume, lasts well

  • Laura

    Although all the fragrances are lovely, Edp is my absolute favourite……… just stunning!!

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    I would go for the EDP ! Thank you for the chance !

  • Lauren Monro

    My interpretation of For Her EDP is one of all encompassing sophistication and confidence to be slightly removed from the crowd. Its heady, yet gentle floral notes float beyond and behind you and linger long after you’ve left a room. Delicious!

  • Snead Donoghue

    I only discovered this scent during the summer and bought it on this site!!, and I love it- the musc intense is my favourite and the smell is fabulous.

  • Snead Donoghue

    I only discovered this scent during the summer and bought it on this site!!, and I love it- the musc intense is my favourite and the smell is fabulous.

  • jodi hill

    For her edp is a must have 🙂

  • Paul Davies

    EDP is a must

  • Iona Cornish

    The Musc Oil – it’s glorious

  • I love the Eau de Parfum, the lasting power is unrivalled – one spritz on my neck and one for my wrists lasts all day and well into the night. I love how powerful that first aroma is, and how delicate it becomes as it settles!

  • FawcettSA

    I’m a bit of a traditionalist so for me it has to be For Her EDP but you describe the Music Oil For Her so well that I’m dying to try it now, perhaps I’ll ask Santa. x

  • Claire Smith

    The original EDP is my favourite – I bought it first at the airport on my way to Mexico and it reminds me of that very special holiday everytime I smell it.

  • Fiona

    I think EDP has the edge

  • toinfinityandstop

    The Edp is a multi tasking type of perfume so is definitely my favourite. It’s perfect for a night out but is just as good for meeting up with friends for lunch; it has a light scent so doesn’t overwhelm.

  • Ellie Harrington

    I love the Original For Her EDT – such a beautiful fragrance. I always get compliments and people asking what it is.

  • ashleigh allan

    for her!

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    My all time favourite perfume is For her edt. I have worn it since it first came out and just adore how sexy and feminine it is!

  • Wendy Tanner

    Edt for me but I’d like to try the others

  • Louise Comb

    You don’t make it easy to choose though, do you? If you force me, I would say that your EdT seems to call to me the loudest. It looks and reads so sexy. But I would be thrilled to own any of them. Thnx for a great giveaway 🙂

  • tanta girl

    The EDP, only just discovered it through a friend and its now my favourite. would love to try the musc oil

  • Flossie A James

    I love the classic ‘For Her’ EDP, I wear this everyday becuase it seems to give me an inner confidence and feel good factor, also I get loads of compliments!

  • liz denial

    I love the eau de parfum

  • Emily

    I love the pink For Her, somehow it just suits me!

  • Alana Walker

    Its got to be EDP, the scent lasts for so long and I always get lovely comments when I wear it

  • Keshia Esgate

    Love the EDP xx

  • juliebooth

    i love Music Oil for Her- not too overpowering, sexy yet subtle. Ideal for work, but also can be used for a night out.The original EDP for Her is y preference though for night time wear.

  • David Paterson

    EDP For Her, subtle and classic

  • Chris Northrop

    L’Eau for me as it is a light fresh fragrance that’s not overpowering or heavy just right for me

  • Lucy CT

    I am crazy about Musc For Her (oil), I bought it when it first came out and I loved it from the first moment it slinked onto my skin and wrapped me in it’s subtle sensual embrace. I love that it complements my skin chemistry perfectly, I feel I smell like me but enchanced. I wear this sparingly due to cost but it is a mighty weapon for confidence, if I’m nervous about a conference or presentation I always wear it as it relaxes me in a warm glow sort of way. My husband loves it and if I buy anything else he always queries why not just buy the musc and wear it more often? I think he might be right.

  • Ellie Bromilow

    EDT fan here x

  • conrad edwards

    Musc oil as it is a flowery overtone with subtle hints of a deeper darker layer

  • Alison Joyce

    For Her because it’s powerful without being overpowering

  • emma hunt

    I love the For Her – pink,I was given a sample but is sadly all gone. A lovely fragrance.So feminine. x

  • Suzanne Cooke

    I am an EPD fan, and a sucker for the pretty pink bottle ♥

  • maureen findley

    I love the fact it the smell is so beautiful and people notice it when I wear it.

  • Denise

    EDP is just pure indulgence in a bottle, wraps you in love and comfort and leaves a trace of you everywhere you go with it’s beautiful aroma.

  • LittleMsHolibob

    Music for her

  • LittleMsHolibob

    Musc for her

  • Sarah Smith

    I like the original edp. I am so so fussy with perfumes but love the original.

  • JAN

    My favourite is the PINK bottle of the Rodriguez for Her. I had some for my birthday and always receive complements

  • Toni Quandt

    Def Edp fan! For Her signature with oodles of vivacity and make for a delightfully lively experience.

    This effervescent quality carries right through to the base, which is a more sheer interpretation of For Her’s patchouli and woods combination. What is perhaps most enjoyable about L’Eau
    is that it has a subtle raspy quality to it, especially in the base,
    which is immediately reminiscent of more old-school chypres and is a
    nice contrast to the supple warmth found within the original For Her.

  • Lynda O’Donnell

    For Her – Eau de Parfum – my No 1 every time! I love the EDT but if it’s a special day or a day for sincerely needing to cheer my heart, FOR HER works. But then…… Musc Oil…. just warms and spices up further the way I feel about Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. They get to me! Got to have them ALL. <3

  • sam fut


  • Brennie

    Edp is discreetly wonderful. I have been asked what I’m wearing numerous times. This is an absolute classic which is what I’ve been looking for since my previous favourites from Fendi were discontinued. What a special feeling this perfume creates-pure magic.

  • Eric P

    From the iterations I’ve smelled, certainly the EDP. I am very interested in trying the musk oil, though, it sounds blissful! 🙂
    Thanks for the insane giveaway!

  • lucy

    I love my Edt, whenever I put it on I feel like I can take on the world: it’s feminine yet powerful. I love how the musk lingers all day, it’s a perfume that becomes an extension of you.

  • mary heald

    It has to be L’Eau for me.

  • Etomidac

    I am a huge fan of the Oil. It is very beautiful and intimate and I go for the EdP for a more noticeable approach! 🙂

  • Aleksandra G.

    I love the EDT’s a bit more dark, more mystique, more sensual
    It’s a bit more me

  • Carolina

    I received my first Narciso Rodriguez EdP a year ago and it was a gift from my boyfriend. I love the packaging it is so clean amd elegant and it looks so pretty on my vanity. I do prefer EdP due to the longetivity aspect but I would love to try the rest of the range (especially on hot summer days). This is one of my favorite scents and it is nontheless a very special part of my life

  • Brennie

    Amazing eat de parfum. Unique classic fragrance and receive so many comments when wearing this.

  • Sam74

    For Her EDT is my all time favourite fragrance. My husband bought my first bottle as a Christmas gift a few years ago after he was inspired reading a review in a magazine. He did well! I’m now bought a bottle every birthday and Christmas – I’m never disappointed as I love it and it became my signature scent which I wear every day. Subtle and gorgeously comforting.

  • susiebaby1

    My favourite is the EdP

  • Melanie Bond

    A beautiful, expensive smelling fragrance. A classic that will never go out of fashion. I love the simple packaging. It’s draws you in before you even smell the contents. I love the idea of layering with the Musc too. A very novel idea 🙂 it’s not a fragrance I currently own but have had my eye on for some time! It’s on my wish list! What a great review!

  • Karl Borowy

    simply divine …scent of the GODS

  • Kirsty Wriglesworth

    I love them all but the EdT is probably my favourite.

  • emma walters

    i recently tried my friend’s Musc Oil – OMG!!!!
    I LOVE IT! perfect for a subtle fragrance but add some EdP & BANG – it transforms itself 🙂

  • Joanne Green

    Definitely the musc oil – considering it’s a parfum, it’s delicate and a skin-close scent – sexy as hell.

  • Jeremy Rance

    I have bought my girlfirend the EDT now several times over the years and its probably just as much for my benefit as hers

  • Caroline H

    Musc oil – lovely, subtle and interesting.

  • Snead Donoghue

    I only discovered this scent during the summer and bought it on this site!!, and I love it- the musc intense is my favourite and the smell is fabulous.

  • sian hallewell

    For me its L’Eau, probably because Jasmine is my favourite scent in a flower and I believe Jasmine being a high note is the first smell that really ‘hits’ you, so always great for me

  • Sarah Morris

    Love the ‘For Her’ EDT, it smells gorgeous and the design of the bottle is sleek and sexy, very classy.

  • Ellen Ward

    I have been buying for her for 3 years and everyone comments on the scent. It is so distinctive and can not be mistaken for any other perfume.

  • Donny J

    Love the EDP it’s a strong scent for the modern woman, it’s certainly a staple on my perfume shelf.

  • EsB

    Very hard to decide! I tend to associate certain fragrances with certain parts of my life. The EdT belongs to a very carefree and happy phase of my life when i took steps to ” grow up”, the EdP belongs to my pregnancy which was a very unique time for me, challenging but joyful and L’Eau pertains to my new life and evokes feelings of excitement. Of all these three, my favourite is the EdP. Hsven’t tried the Musc Oil, would love to!

  • debbie1957uk

    I love the original edp,the base of patchouli is my favorite smell and its versatility means I can where it anywhere,I always feel very feminine whenever I wear it

  • Petra

    I love For Her EDT, and its going to be the best present for this Christmas for me.. i fell in love with the scent, its so incredible feminine.. fragile and strong in the same time. I simply love it and I have to have it 🙂

  • Clare Kehoe

    I use the EDp & EDt. When I first smelt it I was floored by a memory of me watching my Mum when I was a small child getting ready for an evening out. The light, ethereal, powdery smell of the scent lingers after you have left the room. It’s not overpowering and makes me feel so connected to my Mum when I wear it. I like the musk, floral scent. My family and friends say they associate the smell with me and I like to think I am leaving my scented imprint behind me & creating memories for my loved ones. Am really hoping Santa has got the musk stashed away in his sleigh for me this year! Hints have been dropped.

  • Jelena Milosevic

    I am speechless … EDP tells all…

  • Lucerne Jarratt

    I love Narciso Rodriguez EDT! I have worn many fragrances over the years and someone bought this for me for my birthday seven years ago and I have worn it ever since. This is my absolute favourite; I just love it and it makes me feel good when I wear it as I get so many compliments.
    This perfume is delicate and delicious, drives my boyfriend crazy!? It’s light fragrance that is feminine with subtle undertones not overpowering. Its really a lovely fragrance and rather than recommending it to other women I would much rather keep the secret to myself!?

  • Miss B

    You can forget all the woes of the day with EDT For Her..I first smelt this perfume when I was sneakily going through my sisters’ toiletries drawer…and the addiction to EDT For Her started! When I wear it, it lifts me and comforts me all at the same time – no look is complete without it…Thankfully the gift set where you get a purse spray aided my addiction – I’ve run out now 🙁 I forgot how beneficial scent can be more our mood -esp now I am going through a particularly bad time in life. I truly recommend this scent -not as an ‘indulgence’ but as a feel good essential!

  • Su

    I absolutely love musk in perfumes and absolutely love NR’s modern and polished interpretation of musk. The musk here is my kind of musk: soft, skin like floral clean-ish musk. The EDP is just so gorgeous. I’m smitten by the rose in it which makes the musk velvety soft. The same rose as in Lumiere Noire of MFK, the first time I could palpate a perfumer in his creations!
    I don’t own full bottles of any of these but I will invest in the EDP bottle. I have not tried the much famed Musc Oil and would love to try the Oil Parfum version.

  • christina brown

    I would absolutely say the Musc Oil! 🙂 I like the way it mixes with your skin’s scent/ph moreso as an oil

  • beverleyhughes

    So difficult to choose one over the other! However, the EDP For Her seems to have a sense of unrivalled sophistication that I yearn for…

  • Naheed choudhary

    Has to be the Edp. I first discovered it in a magazine and then bought 100 ml s from It is a very feminine, sensuous scent and lingers all day long.
    Always get loads of compliments when wearing.

  • Peskey78

    OMG !! For me has to be Muse oil

  • Penny Ford

    EdT always my favourite. I think a perfume is intimate to the wearer

  • Nicolavc86

    I love the idea of the oil and being able to layer the fragrances, especially your signature scent which this will no doubt be as its so iconic!

  • Marge Reeni

    Oh Super what an Amazing Giveaway. I’ve used EdP, it’s Perfectly Divine.

  • NuraanKariem

    I fell in love with this perfume a few years back now. Definitely prefer the original EDP by far. It’s the perfect mix of sensual, floral and warm but still soft and quite feminine. A great classic but still keeping up with the times.

  • Clint Howat

    I love Narciso Rodriguez EDT

  • Rebecca Jackson-Makin

    Musc Oil for m love the light musk nice and delicate

  • isabelle smith

    edt for her 🙂 lovely smell and good quality

  • Jo Carroll

    For Her Musc Oil is definately my fave. I love Musc in men’s aftershave so to have an equally if not better perfume for us girls is perfect. x

  • Sally Wills

    I would say I like the original EDP best, such a lovely fragrance

  • Charlotte

    For me the L’Eau interpretation of the fragrance is an absolute favourite! This scent is just a complete floral burst without being too light or too overpowering. As Goldilocks would say it’s ‘just right.’ This is my ‘go to’ perfume if I’m ever unsure what scent to use. I’ve only ever been complimented on this scent, cementing an everlasting love and appreciation for this beauty of a fragrance! I’m so glad I discovered L’Eau! x

  • Laura Linsey

    I love the oil

  • Cecelia Allen

    I much prefer the ‘For Her’ EDT which I find less heady than the EDP. I have only tried this on a perfume counter and found that it took a while for the true fragrance to show. This fragrance was slightly sweet, feminine and floral but with a woody hue, elegant and very distinctive. I can pick it out instantly when someone walks past me wearing it. One for the Christmas list.

  • Caroline Scott

    I’m definitely an EDP girl – I like my scents to be strong and powerful and I people recognize me by my signature scents

  • Egle

    It has to be EdT! I think it`s fabulous!

  • embabes

    love L’Eau

  • Tam payne

    I’m a Musc Oil fan

  • luijojo

    EDT For her is my favourite, I discovered it a while back and everyone always comments on how gorgeous it smells and asks what it is. I love the soft musky smell which is also light and feminine.

  • gremlintrees

    For Her Musc Oil, I love the subtlety and versatility. It is a quietly confident fragrance that suits me perfectly.

  • leanne williams

    I love Narciso Rodriguez EDT

  • Kelly Mse Hooper


  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    I love that it has a “subtle raspy quality to it”

  • Mary-Ann Pollard

    for me it has to be ‘For her’ edt

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    I really like The L’Eau edition of For Her, it suits me!


    I love Narciso Rodriguez EDT

  • Suriz

    The Original ‘For Her’ EDP – I love the intensity!

  • Laura Claridge

    EDP for me 🙂

  • gfa01

    I love EDT.

  • Julia

    NARCISO RODRIGUEZ is gorgeous

  • Paula Phillips

    I love For Her EDT

  • angela sandhu

    ‘For her’ edt gorgeous

  • Lila B Taylor

    For Her Musc Oil x

  • Cheryll H

    I love L’Eau = it’s so light and pretty 🙂

  • Nafia Guljar

    I love the EdT, one of my favourite ‘light’ fragrances but I am dying to try the Musc Oil! I’d love to know what my skin would do to it when warmed up and layered with the others 🙂 Describing them as the ‘olfactory equivalent of pink tulle’ is befitting, they are feminine, dynamic and also remind me of a soft, downy shell pink powder puff. What a fab giveaway!

  • Nuha Guljar

    I would definitely love the Narciso Rodriguez EDT! I love the blend of the orange blossom and musky notes

  • Darius D.

    The Original ‘For Her’ EDP

  • natalja popsujeva

    Musc Oil for me

  • Susan Marshall

    L’eau is my all time favourite

  • Kirsty Norton

    L’Eau because it sounds perfectly charming and girly…also, I love anything jasmine!

  • AliThorpe

    I love L’Eau! xxx

  • lyn

    I like the EDT the best, as it is a little lighter, more subtle, with a lovely floral top-note

  • EVA

    L’Eau ,my favorite one

  • Sophia Kearney

    Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml is my absolute fave

  • suzannesendell


  • anthony harrington

    my wife’s fav is For Her Musc Oil

  • Trudi Louise

    I like L’Eau

  • Portia

    For her the music oil smells divine x

  • deej71

    I love Narciso Rodriguez EDT it smells great on my g/f

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    I think I am a l’eau girl, there is something about jasmine that is just feminine

  • Laura

    Well in this commenters humble opinion, the Queen of my Heart Award MUST go to Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil. Not for the dreamy imagery of Cleopatra lounging lavishly on a chaise longue while her every whim is attended too that is manifested by the merest whiff, or for the delicate musk which enamours my nostrils hours after dabbing. But also for the fact that this delicious scent transforms me into a superwoman when worn. Stay with me here! The almost other worldly smell enables the wearer to complete their entire list of shopping at the height of christmas pandemonium with ease, as the seas of crowds part for the mysterious aroma. Sudden flat tire whilst only on the second chore of a day full of ’em? No problem! Musc Oil is like a shield to the stresses of modern day life. You may only have 24 hours in the day and a list of “to-do’s” that require a week but when you are wrapped in the comforting embrace of this it transforms the mundane into ecstasy and makes the impossible possible. A true cornerstone of any modern womans scent collection, Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil is hard working, devastatingly sexy and some might say, truly irreplaceable.

  • Jane Middleton

    I think EdP is always the best because it lasts longer

  • Cath Parkin

    For Her Eau de Toilette

  • Sue Robinson

    I like the sound of L’Eau the best

  • Azra Noir

    I simply adore the Musk Oil layered with EdP…And wearing the Musk Oil alone before bedtime!!!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    my fave is the L’Eau

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    For Her Eau de Toilette

  • jacknutter

    I just love L’Eau

  • Laura Wildman

    L’Eau 🙂

  • Spirithaka

    Two words: mysterious and intense!! Is distinguished by holding exceptional! It is true that it is a perfume that one learns to love over time especially EdP

  • Victoria Cunniff

    An EDP fan here 🙂

  • ClairejB

    I love the Musc oil but would like to try the others. 🙂

  • Christina Macey

    The l’eau x

  • Jayne

    It has to be L’Eau