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Fragrance Sale Picks - Candy Perfume Boy

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If you’re reading this then you have successfully survived through the onslaught of gift giving and food eating that is Christmas and extreme partying (or staying in if you’re me) of New Years Eve – well done you.  So now we can relax and say that we’ve officially made it to 2014 – a new year full of positivity, optimism and with many exciting challenges ahead.

But that’s not all that 2014 brings.  Perhaps most importantly (at least in my mind) is the fact that Escentual is having a big sale with 20% off everything on site* (*excluding Stila, Amouage, Brand Discovery Sets and Shipping) which means that now is the time to pick up a fragrant bargain or two (or three…) with your Christmas money.

To help you navigate your way through the wide variety of discounted olfactory offerings this January, I have compiled a list of my best sale picks.  Herein you will find perfumes from venerable houses such as Guerlain, perfumes that evoke summer, some that warm up the coldest of winter nights and some that are advantageous big-ticket splurges.  So if you’re looking for a new scent but are stuck for ideas, (warning: cheesy line ahead) never fear as The Candy Perfume Boy is here!


The Winter Warmer: L’Air de Rien by Miller Harris

If you’ve either; a) watched the weather forecast over the last few weeks; or b) left the house recently, you will be well aware that the elements are working to extremes.  If we’re not being battered by the winds we’re being drenched by the rain and it’s at this turbulent time of year that perfume can act as an olfactory coat and scarf to protect one against the raging climate.

My winter warmer pick would be L’Air de Rien by Miller Harris.  Created in conjunction with and for actress/singer Jane Birkin (she of ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ fame), L’Air de Rien is a comforting blend of over-ripe flowers, (almost shocking) sweaty skin and worn clothes.  There is nothing more comforting than cuddling up with the person you love and this most personal of offerings from Miller Harris perfectly captures the warm embrace and the tender kiss of a lover.

Clarins Eau des Jardins


Dreaming of Summer: Eau des Jardins by Clarins

A good way to kick off the New Year is with a fragrance that helps get rid of those January blues.  As the days stay short and the weather descends into a variety of mad antics, it can be quite easy for one’s mood to change leaving one dreaming of the long, languid days of summer.

One perfume that is bright, sparkly and incredibly summery is Eau de Jardins by Clarins.  Sweet, dewy fruits and crisp green leaves shimmer perfectly together to make this perfume a veritable olfactory pick-me-up to spray on the coldest and darkest of January days.  Eau des Jardins is a fragrance to spray with reckless abandon so that one can live the dream of summer during the deepest of winters.


The Token Guerlain: Cologne du 68 by Guerlain

No fragrant list would be complete without an entry from Guerlain and this pick of the Escentual sale is no exception.  The issue is that Guerlain has such an extensive back catalogue of scent and sometimes it can be difficult to pick which scents would make a worthy addition to one’s wardrobe. What does one go for?

A good place to start is with Cologne du 68 – a perfume that almost feels as if it is the esteemed house’s fragrant version of a ‘Greatest Hits’ CD.  Cologne du 68 is named after Guerlain’s flagship boutique located at no 68 on the Champs-Elysées, Paris, and is a signature scent using key Guerlain themes found in scents such as L’Instant Pour Homme.

If I were to describe Cologne du 68 in one bite size nugget, I would say that it is “warm, herbaceous, resinous and plush”, thanks to its effortlessly wearable combination of citrus, coriander and vanilla.  This particular Guerlain is a token Guerlain, one that takes small cues from a number of the house’s other famous perfumes to create something that is entirely ‘Guerlain’ and rather beautiful with it.

Marni Eau de Parfum


One for Her and One for Him: Marni Eau de Parfum by Marni and Fahrenheit 32 by DIOR

In my annual perfume awards I handed out the much-coveted ‘Best Mainstream Feminine’ award to Marni Eau de Parfum, a perfume that showcases the beautiful scent of roses in a vibrant and vivacious manner.  What makes Marni a winner in my book is its perfect balance between light and dark with its sweet red fruit and roses aptly contrasted by the cool sharpness of patchouli and incense.  Most importantly, Marni is the type of perfume that feels suited for both day-to-day wear and special occasions – a perfect all-rounder if there ever was one.

For the guys out there I would recommend picking up a bottle of Fahrenheit 32 by DIOR.  This slightly odd cousin to Dior’s original Fahrenheit was designed as a cold oriental with notes of orange blossom, mint, vanilla and vetiver.  On the skin, 32 is a slightly powdery oriental with hints of fresh, ozonic flowers.  It’s a perfume that keeps one guessing and strikes the right balance between being interesting and wearable.  A rather underrated scent in my opinion.


The Big-Ticket Splurge and Fragrant Steal: 7 Billion Hearts by CB I Hate Perfume and Fleur de Figuier by Roger & Gallet

20% off fragrance is a very generous offer and makes for a great opportunity to pick up a truly luxurious perfume.  7 Billion Hearts by CB I Hate Perfume is one truly extravagant fragrance centred on the noble and well-used note of vanilla.  The vanilla in this fragrance is slightly different from that used in many perfumes however, and it amps up the honeyed and smoky facets of the note to create a vanilla that wears like a second skin.  I would describe it as one of the best vanilla fragrances of all time, due in part to the fact that is has a surprising transparency that is refreshing amongst all of the sickly sweet and cloying vanillas out there.

If you’re not after a big-ticket splurge and would rather opt for a fragrant steal then Roger & Gallet’s Fleur de Figuier is definitely worthy of attention.  This sweet take on fig leaves and pulp is so delicately pretty and evocative of the Mediterranean that it is impossible not to fall for its charm.  The fact that it is currently £12.79 for a 30ml doesn’t hurt, either!


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