Reviews of the Month – December 2013

Reviews of the Month December

Have you picked up some handy tips and tricks about your latest purchase that you want to share with others? Or perhaps you just want to wax lyrical about your favourite products. Whatever you have to say, we want to hear it! Review your past purchases at Escentual and every month we’ll pick the 5 most insightful reviews to receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher each.  Review your past purchases here.

December was a busy month for new product reviews. Take a look at our Reviews of the Month, our selection of the most informative appraisals of tried and tested products, written by you:

joyliz’s review of the Michael Kors Glam Nail Lacquer in Envy

I bought 3 different shades for my daughter as a surprise for ChristmasI However I couldn’t resist buying the shade Envy for myself…this is my kind of colour and as a first time buyer I was impressed with the deep violet shade. It glides on effortlessly and stays put and has incredible shine.

I have now bought a second bottle!

Pixie1104’s review of the Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin Eau de Parfum Spray

Let me start by saying that I adore rose scents and have at least 4 rose based fragrances already but none of them are quite like this.

La Fille de Berlin is a voluptuous rose, a vivid, heady perfume, not for the timid but at the same time refined and feminine.

If the Phantom of the Opera or Bram Stoker’s Dracula were scratch and sniff movies, this is what they’d smell like!

Sensual, velvety, dark yet sparkling, it has a fruity side but not sweet, more like the fruity notes of a good wine (and I don’t even like wine!)

In short this is a stunning, addictive fragrance, unique and truly a dark queen amongst rose perfumes.

missgiggles’ review of the Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact

Ever since my skin became combination as opposed to Dry, I was on the hunt for a powder that would stay matte for more than a few hours. Cue Clarins and the ever matte powder! The colour is spot on and adds a hint of coverage and it actually stays matte! Touch ups are easy with the portability of the compact – I even like the included sponge and was sad when I dropped it and threw it away 🙁
I have a back up waiting to be opened as I have majorly hit pan on my current one – I don’t even have that niggling urge to try a new powder because I’m so happy with this!

frankiet’s review of La Roche-Posay Effaclar K

I absolutely love this stuff. I use this twice a day after cleansing my face with Effaclar Purifying Foam Gel using my Clarisonic Mia. It’s soft, gentle, sinks in beautifully and smells absolutely fine. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, soft and oil free. Although it’s just one small part of my boring daily skin care routine, it’s made SUCH a difference to my combination skin.

I use this to help prevent spots as intended, but it’s also basically become a type of moisturiser for me, as well as base for makeup. On colder days / different times of the month when my skin’s drier I also use Hydreane Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin to clear up dry patches. And on the oilier days, I use Effaclar Duo as a targeted anti-spots cream (not all over my face though as my skin’s too sensitive and doesn’t like that product in large doses).

I love love love La Roche Posay and this product is my favourite. Brilliant stuff!

ciel’s review of the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Riviera 

I already love the Dior Addict lipsticks that are easy to use colour that isn’t overwhelming. I wanted an orange/coral for summer and chose Riviera as it was a bright, refreshing summer colour.

The Dior Addict Extremes do have more colour than the regular Dior Addicts, but still have a slight sheerness that allows them to melt with your own lip colour so colours that normally wouldn’t look good on you can work well, this is what I was going for with Riviera.

Riviera is bright without being loud or overwhelming. I’ve also bought the bright pink Lucky since and I would say the same thing. You can also layer them for a stronger colour, which isn’t true of all sheer lipstick formulas.

It glides on smoothly and you don’t need a lipbalm underneath. It lasts well for a balmy lipstick and leaves an even stain after the shine has worn off. There’s enough shine that I wouldn’t wear this with a gloss.

These were ideal for summer as opaque lipsticks can seem too heavy, too much. Bright colours are easily wearable. Having said that, the deeper colours would be nice for winter too, as the deeper, bolder colours are more easily wearable for those who are afraid of wearing such colours, then if you do want to build up the colour, it is easy to do. The moisturising formula is also an advantage in the cold weather.

Overall, these are a versatile range of lipsticks for everyone, from those who like sheer, light colours to bright, bold and rich colours. The shiny, moisturing formula is suited to all seasons. Definitely try them out.

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