Michael Kors Body & Sun

Michael Kors Body and Sun

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When you think of the Michael Kors ‘look’, you think shiny, golden and expensive – and that’s just what his newest collection is all about.

The third section of his huge beauty and fragrance launch from earlier this year – see the review of his makeup collection here – is dedicated to Body and Sun, and contains a suitably glamorous array of moisturising, bathing and bronzing accoutrements to suit all women. Scented with the now-signature Kors aroma of mandarin, jasmine and sandalwood, its an impressive collection that adds an ample dose of luxe to your everyday routine.

Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil

The Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil is a multi-purpose body moisturiser and skin perfecter, which a fine texture and a really glossy finish. Fantastic in both the summer and the winter, it ensures that skin is well moisturised without any greasiness. It’s also really versatile – use it as a traditional body moisturiser, down the centre of your legs as a highlighter, or on the tips of your hair for gloss and shine.


Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil

The glimmer is suspended in a golden oil, which gives your skin a warm tint as well as all-over shimmer. The texture is delicate and sinks in easily, but is substantial enough that skin feels plumped and really soft to the touch. In terms of comparison, the classic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil has a drier, more lightweight finish and a  finer texture. The Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil delivers more in the way of a glamorous, glossy shine.


Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Swatch

The finish has a blend of very fine golden microshimmer and larger flecks of shimmer, offering intense luminosity after just a couple of sprays. It’s an all-in-one highlighter and body silkifier, and it does a wonderful job of perking up the skin.


Michael Kors After Sun Gelee Liquitan Self Tanner

Whether you prefer your tan to be real or artificial, Michael Kors has something special for you in the way of bronzing. The After Sun Gelee is a soothing, non-tinted moisturiser which restores the comfort of overheated and parched skin following sun exposure. Its hydrating properties also help to preserve and make the most of your natural tan. The Liquitan Self Tanner is a clever formula that provides an instant amber-tinted glow, and intensifies in colour in under an hour for a long lasting, even tan.


Michael Kors After Sun Gelee Liquitan Self Tanner Swatch

The textures of these two really are every bit as luxurious as the rest of the collection, providing long-lasting softness and care that prolongs your glamorous bronzed look. Each formula is scented with the signature Kors fragrance of mandarin, jasmine and sandalwood, a change from some of the more clinical self tan and after sun scents that you may be used to, and a lovely touch for two already very glamorous products.

Michael Kors Indulgent Body Creme

The Michael Kors Indulgent Body Creme is glamour incarnate. It’s big and it’s bold, with a heavy bottomed glass container and a gold effect lid embossed with the Michael Kors insignia. Like the other products in the collection, it’s perfectly suited to layering with each of the Michael Kors SportyGlam and Sexy fragrances, as it’s scented with the core notes of mandarin, jasmine and sandalwood.


Michael Kors Indulgent Body Creme

The cream itself is wonderfully thick, and a small amount goes the longest way. Skim a little off the top and marvel at just how much of the body it covers. It’s emollient, so perfect for winter, and it hydrates the skin sustainably for day-long dewiness. Dry skin doesn’t hold scent as well as well hydrated skin, so apply your fragrance on top of this cream to properly bring out its intensity and make it last much longer.



Michael Kors Shimmer Bath Beads

There’s no run of the mill bath and shower gel in this collection, oh no. This is the grooming routine of a glamazon we’re talking about!  The bathing entry is the pot of Michael Kors Shimmer Bath Beads, designed for lavish soaks rather than get-clean-and-go morning routines. They arrive in a tub identical to the Indulgent Body Cream, filled to the brim with tiny golden nuggets that are scented with the signature Kors scent of mandarin, jasmine and sandalwood.



Michael Kors Shimmer Bath Beads Swatch

The small pebbles are coated in a very fine shimmer, which settles atop your bath water as the beads dissolve. When you rise from the bath, you’ll be scented, softened and adorned with a subtle, glimmering veil. It’s outrageously luxurious!


Michael Kors After Sun Lip Balm

The Michael Kors After Sun Lip Balm could well be the most luxurious lip balm, ever. It arrives in the same sleek golden casing as his new lipstick collection, transforming the summer essential into a beauty talisman. Hydrating and protecting in equal measure, it smooths out chapped skin and makes lips feel much more comfortable after sun exposure.


Michael Kors After Sun Lip Balm Close

The golden nude balm applies as a sheer wash of moisture and shine, leaving a small amount of golden shimmer in its wake. Michael Kors’ inspiration for the pearlised, transluscent finish was the nostalgic glow of zinc oxide from summers past, the kind spotted on the lifeguards and beach bunnies of Palm Beach. Even though it’s designated as an after sun, the balm is nourishing enough to use all year round.

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