Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina

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There are lots of exciting new fragrance launches in the pipeline for 2014, and one of the scents I was looking forward to sampling the most was this: Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina, a limited edition collaboration between master perfumer, Oliver Cresp, and Vincent Lemains, Head Pastry Chef at the world famous Ladurée patisserie. It’s a match made in gourmand heaven.

Nina Ricci’s pillar fragrance, Nina, has been enchanting the senses since 2006, and during that time its transcendent popularity has inspired many spin-offs and concentration tweaks. This latest one is my favourite of all, though. I love a true, sweet gourmand, but I love reinterpretations of the genre even more, and this tart offering is a reinterpretation and a half!

For the collaboration, Vincent Lemains created a macaron that captured the essence of Nina, marrying rose with almond and lemon, and a swirl of raspberry. La Tentation de Nina Eau de Toilette mirrors these flavours with matching notes, plus added Bourbon vanilla, musk and sandalwood to round out the scent and promote perfect synergy with your body heat. It truly is an almost edible fragrance.

La Tentation de Nina

The bottle is a remix of the original design, again mirroring the matching Ladurée macaron. The sheer red glass of the apple is made opaque and neon pink, while the stopper and leaves are finished in gold, recalling the gold leaf detailing of the sweet confection. Finally, a ‘bite’ has been taken out of the apple: Nina has at last succumbed to the ultimate temptation.

The first spray is assuredly tart, with a wonderful citrussy crispness and faint wisps of rosewater syrup. It’s not very long at all before the fragrance unveils its signature accord of raspberry jam. Fruity and gluttonous, it does indeed recall jam macrons (as opposed to jam doughnuts) as the other notes are decidedly light, fresh and creamy. It’s a very, very easy to wear gourmand, not at all overpowering, and completely transfixing when first sprayed. After this, it becomes increasingly mellow, exuding a surprisingly sophisticated softness that belies its whimsical appearance. It’s an intriguing composition, and a must-sniff for fans of fragrance and confectionery alike.


So, what do you think of La Tentation de Nina? Are you smitten by the fairy tale fragrance?

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