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I always feel a small sense of trepidation when approaching a new masculine fragrance.  So often they fail to live up to my expectations, sticking to the tried and tested style of clean and sporty aquatics.  That’s not to say that all masculine scents are bad, far from it in fact, it’s just that many mainstream masculines err on the side of caution, attempting to be safe, to be macho, to not offend and to appeal to as many different noses as possible.

But every now and then a masculine fragrance comes along that exceeds expectations.  Uomo, the latest release from Italian fashion house Valentino, is one such perfume. Uomo comes as a welcome surprise and shows that the effortless Italian style of the Valentino aesthetic can be translated into something that smells truly chic.

With Uomo, Valentino has set out to create a modern classic that looks back at Italian history and culture.  To fit this brief, perfumer Olivier Polge (the man behind Dior Homme and Dolce & Gabbana’s The One for Men) has utilised a suave pallet of ingredients that conjure up a perfume so effortlessly cool and remarkably smart that it really does feel as if it was penned with Valentino’s stylish signature.  To say I’m impressed would be an understatement.

The Notes

Top: Bergamot and Myrtle Liquor
Heart: Crema di Gianduia and White Leather
Base: Coffee and Cedar Wood

Valentino Uomo

How Does it Smell?

Valentino Uomo opens with the soft white glow of bergamot, a note that is famed for its sweet, pastel-like zestiness and appears here in a muted, subtler form.  This citrus note is then met by the softest suede, evoking the impression of an expensive pair of designer shoes.  The use of suede (or leather) makes Uomo reminiscent of ‘Homme’, Polge’s 2005 creation for Christian Dior.  Both fragrances share the supple feel of high-end leather goods, with the Dior ultimately coming across as finely milled face powder and the Valentino taking a more richly textured approach.

What really sets Uomo apart from the Dior however, is an ever-present gourmand undercurrent that provides both warmth and depth.  At first this edible facet presents itself as a chewy, nutty quality reminiscent of hazelnut chocolate (the gianduia), but then develops to a more intense coffee-like blend with hints of anise as things progress.  It’s important to state that this edible facet is most definitely an undertone and Uomo is not a tasty, delicious or cloying fragrance in the slightest.  This gourmand sensibility simply adds a sense of richness that contributes to a wonderful variety of textures across the perfume’s accords.

As Uomo heads into its dry down, one would expect a warm, resinous base of robust woods with a palpable sense of dryness – thus is the trajectory of many a masculine fragrance.  But Uomo doesn’t follow this path, instead it softens further to a delicate blend of spicy iris, vanilla and cedar that feels transparently plush on the skin.  It’s a fitting end to a fragrance that can be simply summed up as being ‘refined’ in the most elegant of ways and proves that masculine fragrances don’t always have to be about the demonstration of strength; they can master the art of subtlety too.

To summarise, this is seriously good stuff that truly represents effortless Italian style and as an added bonus, it is presented in one of the most handsome perfume bottles this writer has ever seen.  Yes it would be fair to say that it also shares a signature with Dior’s fabulous Homme but it’s not an exact replica and it adds an enjoyable layer of depth to an already masterful composition.  Uomos’ strength however, lies within its versatility, a quality that means that it feels as comfortable paired with a hoodie and jeans as it does a shirt and tie.  Bravo to Valentino on this wonderful creation, now please don’t leave it another 8 years before the next one, OK?

Competition Time!

The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Jeffery, Thomas, Jack, Matthew, Aleksandr and Sapient Ooze!

Fancy winning this suave new fragrance? We’re giving away 6 Valentino Uomo 50ml Eau de Toilette sprays! Simply comment on this post and let us know your favourite thing about Italian culture, be it the food, the fashion or the lifestyle. Ends 23rd March 2014. Good luck!
No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 12th March 2014 and ends 23rd March 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 24th March 2014. Six prize winners will receive the items stated above. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.


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  • Lisa Conway

    There are so many things to love about Italian culture! The Italians are artisans whether it’s food, fashion, cars, scent – but for me it’s the coffee

  • Eduard

    Totally aggree with the review. It is similar to Dior Homme but after the initial burst it goes into a more subtle, refined gourmand way. Very high quality stuff! And the bottle is awesome also. As of my Italian preferences, I like everything about that country. The food, the culture, the history, landscapes, the weather and also the language.

  • Shoma Salgaonkar-Bhave

    The friendly people and flirtatious men.

  • My favourite part of Italian culture would be the renaissance art and architecture, but I also love the metal music subculture. The bottle of Valentino Uomo reflects both aspects, as the design becomes reminiscent both of the classical buildings, as well as the edgy rock element. At the same time it reflects the light like ripples on the water and shines like the spotlight on stage, making the wearer the focus of attention. I would love to win this aor to give to my BF as well as put on display when empty.

  • Lola

    My favourite thing about Italian culture is the food. Italians have such a passion for food.

  • Izabela Zylowska

    Food, clothes and beautiful country.

  • JonnaH.

    FOOD & ART.

  • Georgina Jacobs

    The charm of the country from the people to the places you can explore.

  • Manides

    I wish football to be considered part of italian culture as I love so much this sport.

  • Etomidac

    My favourite things about Italy have got to be their amazing food (pasta, pizza, gelato, everything!) and fashion – Gucci and Valentino are my top choices 🙂

  • clio

    My favorite thing about Italian culture is that they live la dolce vita. Italians truly love beauty in all its forms; be it a woman, a perfect dish of pasta, a Bernini sculpture, or a tailor-made Valentino dress! My boyfriend is from Venice and I would love to gift him a bottle of Valentino Uomo 🙂

  • Olga Stanica

    Well, there are more than 30 years since I’m in love with italian cinema. That’s it!

  • Tania

    My fav thing about Italy is their food especially pasta !! and also the country is very beautiful , even their fashion style is amazing !! thank you 🙂

  • I would say my favourite thing is the lifestyle morals – sounds crazy I know but having such strong family morals, morals on way to behave, dress and act make it one very classy and sophisticated country. It’s the epitome of Chic and the lifestyle is envious. I’d love for large family meals, closeness, strong work ethics and ensuring you look [and feel] good sounds like a perfect dream.

  • I think that my favourite thing about Italian culture is the fact that they are so passionate about everything and anything they do they put their all into it. Like how they cook food to inspire conversation and to connect with their families.

  • Lauren Lauren

    My favourite thing, well apart from the handsome men has to be the amazing food, I love how passionate the people are about cooking their food and the delicious pizzas and pastas!

  • Peskey78

    My fav is the laid back lifestyle they have, the Italian men are great eye candy, the women (most) are flawless and they have fab weather

  • Claudia Natalie Bannister

    The Italians! They are so family oriented, generations will dine together, and care for each other. It is a much slower relaxed pace of life, perhaps that’s why they live longer! The UK population in general can be very materialistic, whereas the Italians place more emphasis on family, food and culture…

  • Oh my. Liquor and Leather mix so well! This is so promising! Regarding the question, I’d say that I definitely love Italian food the most out of all things Italian. Sure, their perfumes, clothes, style and architecture are amazing but the food hits all the right notes for me. It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside, it must be love! ♥

  • Oladapo Aina

    Italian Cuisine. Enough said.

  • peppermoon

    I love Italian food, both eating it and cooking it. There’s a sensuality in Italian cooking, and a real zest for life. I’d love to try Uomo, you had me at “hazelnut chocolate”.

  • Toyin

    I love Italian food – pastas and pizzas but then again who doesn’t. I’m not an architect but I do find that the old buildings are amazing. They’ve got the leaning tower of pisa and the colosseum, both of which hold a fascinating amount of history. I wish to visit one day, particularly Rome and Venice because it’s such a romantic city.

  • Ashley Robinson

    Definitely the food.

  • Martin Drigotas

    Ok…I would love to be in Sicily drinking wine and sharing Frutti de Mare with my wife… overlooking the sea and of course….wearing Valentino….hope I win.

  • clairabelle0306

    It has to be Italian food! Pizza is one of my passions, one day I will go to go to Italy and sample true pizza made the Italian way! 🙂

    xxx Claire

  • Livivua Ramsey

    i like the love that is portrayed in every aspect of the culture!

  • FredrikGG

    Italian food and soccer, and of course italian supercars!

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    Food: I love pasta & pizza ! I am an intalian eater

  • Joe Petrucci

    The people, the culture, the food, the style – pretty much everything!

  • HW

    As a foodie and fata**, I would have to say Italian food is my favorite. At least with this fragrance, I’ll smell better engulfing down delicious Italian food.

  • Jaclyn Hoekstra Schoknecht

    Wow…that sounds lovely and the bottle is gorgeous! Both my husband and I tend toward unisex fragrances, but this sounds like one masculine we might both like. As for my favorite thing about Italian culture, it would have to be lingering over lovingly handmade meals with family and friends.

  • HW

    I love the food!!! Don’t forget the wine!

  • Natalia

    Culture is defined by the blend of the arts and other
    manifestations of human intellectual achievements regarded collectively. In
    other words, culture has emerged as a central concept by the means of symbols…and
    the Italian heritage is nothing but a gatherer of these symbols. Arts are Italian-based
    since the Romans, leading to the Renaissance and Illumination. Who else to
    characterize this but Da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli or Caravaggio. Architecture
    as a concept stands in the middle of the Italian fields and Brunelleschi and
    Bernini are its main symbols. Modern music revolves around the accords released
    by Vivaldi, Verdi or Puccini. We know Fellini in cinema and associate its
    movies to the famous Italian food, like pasta, pizza or gelato. At some point
    in our life we gathered knowledge reading Petrarch, Dante or Umberto Eco, whose
    sculptural work resembles the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Donatello. Moreover,
    we collide every day with modern science concepts due to Galilei or Volta, who enlightened
    our philosophy. Alongside this collection of priceless works of art resides the
    Italian fashion, jewelry or perfumery and we all are acquainted with the iconic
    brand like Valentino, Gucci, Armani, Prada or Versace. Like a trail of mystic
    perfume, the Italian adventure spreads its wings for the world to breathe. A true

  • Mark Moises

    I could go for something classy like the cars or the clothes or the musicals or the beautiful scenery (not to mention the beautiful women!) But as pizza and ice cream are probably my favourite foods in the whole world, it has to be the food. You’ve got to look after your stomach!

  • Sarunas Baranauskas

    Italian food, because I’am addicted to pizza!

  • michelle bennett

    The history, the people oh and the pasta of course 😀 Ive been insanely jealous of my mum since returning from Rome last year! Im saving to to have a short break away this year 😀

  • SapientOoze

    That fab bottle is indeed some eye-candy. “Handsome” u say ? Hell it’s practically a STUD ! 🙂 If the actual ‘fume inside is even just half as good it will be worthwhile. … As for the fave Italian thing, I’d have to go with their seriously impressive level of outstanding renaissance masters – Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bellini, Titian, Botticelli, and that’s to name just a few. Just divine art & sculpture !

  • Martin

    There is just so much of Italian culture that is wonderful – from the historic aspects to current wine, food and fashion. But quite simply, Italy to me is Amaretti Di Saronno Cookies.

  • Mandarin ka

    I love the hot streets of Italy and walking in their narrow shadows and the proximity of the sea! The architecture is mesmerising. Also exotic fruit like oranges growing everywhere <3

  • HalfMan

    They are always fancy! Suited up and stuff! And there is pizza. . . . .

  • Παναγιώτης Κασπαρίδης

    The sun and their beautiful cities! I love Venice

  • David Jonesy

    I think this ok, nothing special.

  • Lean S

    Thank you for this chance! Last time I visited Italy I really loved the people’s welcoming and kind demeanor. Apart from the energy of the people there, I also really liked how well-preserved structures from history were.

  • Joskaude Pakalkaite

    I ♡ Milan, because it is one of the world’s most important fashion capitals, along with Paris, New York, Rome, London & Tokyo. I ♥ Valentino red dresses, Versace scarfs, Miu Miu handbags & a smell of Moschino I Love Love perfume.

  • tabbaz

    I have spent a fair amount of time in Italy and love the passion of the Italians and their family loyalty. They are so passionate about many things and their love of their families really shows through 🙂

  • Matthew Mitchell

    Thank you for this review–I’ve been curious about this new fragrance. My favorite thing about Italian culture is the espresso! I love good, dark coffee, and I think it’s charming that in the cities shopkeepers have their espressos delivered to them. Please enter me in he giveaway, and thanks!

  • Insensé

    Well, I can’t go to Rome and not go to re-watch…Caravaggio! (the pope I never saw haha).
    And finishing a meal with a tiny amount of grappa is just perfect.

  • Jeffrey Paul

    Reading the notes I get transfixed into a
    vision of my last trip to Florence. Italy
    beckons me and calls awake my inner passion for food art and LOVE. I took one step off a friend’s private jet
    and my own senses had a rebirth of my Italian heritage. Florence and Italy is a world unto its own
    with the world of culture steeped with passion and richness for self-expression.

    spring rains swept across the hills and down onto the Duomo, bringing me the
    smells of the awakening citrus trees and barista’s coffee shops coming to
    life. Lunch of hand crafted pasta and espresso
    and hazelnut gelato, I felt unified with the pulse of Italy made prominent by
    the renaissance in art and culture. The hand
    made leather wallet and tailored suit I returned with are reminiscent of the city’s
    exquisite architecture, that has culture breathed into each stich The fragrance
    instill within me the relaxation into my own Italian culture knowing warmth,
    depth and richness are now my gifts to all I meet.

  • Jack

    I bought a sample of this, it’s an incredible fragrance. My favorite thing about Italian culture is how family orientated the Italian’s are, how when family get together it is always a celebration, the food is simple, rich and incredibly delicious. From family, community, fashion, food and friendship, Italian culture is simple, clean, rich and meaningful.

  • Sabine G.

    My favourite thing about Italian culture is definitely the food! I love Lasagne, Calzone, Pizza, Pasta and Antipasto.

  • vitamere

    i love the architecture and gelato!

  • erin

    The Italian way of life! Relaxed and romantic, very easy going and friendly. I would feel right at home living in Italy!

  • Thomas Bauer

    I live in London with an Italian in our mansion block. She confessed to me that despite common belief, it is not pasta that Italians would take onto a foreign holiday (just like us Brits take tea with us when we go abroad), but rather a jar of Nutella. It is that gourmand “Nutella/ hazelnut/ Gianduia” note that I love so much in Valentino’s “Uomo”. For me Italy is the #1 country for “dolci” (sweet dishes). Thinking of all the wonderful ice cream parlors (“Gelaterias”) makes me drool and yearn for summer.

  • david

    A wonderful dish of Penne Rigate, a nice glass of Brunello Di Montalcino, an opera from Verdi, a view over Tuscan hills and a glimpse of a parked Maserati… what else?

  • Lou-Lou

    Definitely the food! Pizza, pasta, ice-cream, tiramisu…….*drools on keyboard*

  • Jinnefleur

    Books have been written about all that is wonderful and significant in Italian culture: the land, the people, the history, the art, the food . . . It is all delicious and worth savoring. But my absolute favorite of all things Italian is this nugget from the language: ciao, the interjection used as both hail and farewall, is, in its meaning, immediately indicative of the Italian temperament. The word first entered the English language around 1929 through Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms,” a novel set in northern Italy during WWI. This is likely where the author learned of it when he was serving as an ambulance driver on the Italian front. Ciau in the Upper Italian Venetian dialect means literally slave, and, as a casual greeting, it is an alteration of the standard Italian schiavo, “(I am your) slave. And both words come from the Medieval Latin sclavus, “slave.” First and last, coming and going, the Italian impression is one of passion, an emotional exclamation which claims immediate and lasting intimacy, “I am your slave.”

  • Daniel Petersson


  • Rui Castro

    Two F* words… Food and Fashion! 😉

  • Lauren

    My favourite thing about Italy is definitely the pizza and pasta… but I also love the language too. I really would like to learn Italian one day 🙂


  • laura

    What isn’t there to love about Italy? The food, the culture, the lifestyle -t’s all so effortless, smooth and refined…truly la Dolce Vita.

  • Clairebear

    The insanity of Naples, the noise, the heat, the food!

  • Tom

    No matter how
    many times I travel to Italy with my friend Mario to see his family,

    The places and
    people we visit never cease to fill me with an invigorating sense of adventure
    and wonder.
    Simplicity is
    at the heart of authentic Italian cooking, and the best dishes that i try haven’t
    been “adapted” to please tourists.
    There’s no way
    I’ll ever get enough of Italy.

  • Niall Kavanagh

    The beautiful cities and the great appreciation of quality clothes.

  • ne-knopka

    Pizza )

  • Patricia

    I like the mixture of old and new, they master that exquisitely, in all aspects of life, esthetics, etc. They care a lot and know how to preserve the old and historical. Have quirky fashion taste.Know how to enjoy life. In particular, I love Sicily, limoncello, olives, sicilian deserts, granita, seafood, the shades of sun reflecting everywhere and the pervading sense of the past in the physical buldings and surroundigs.

  • Pizza!

  • Samantha Gray

    great review – very helpful for when we’re seeking an interesting fragrance. My favourite thing about Italian culture is the gelato.

  • Angela

    Their style – even the policemen look classy!

  • Absinthe

    What is there not to love about Italy, with its storied heritage, infinite multitude of intriguing facets, and unshakeable beauty? Personally, I could at the very most sum together my most beloved aspects as being the cuisine and the history, stretching from the modern age to the ancients.

  • Lubaska

    My fav thing about Italian culture? Not able to write about one “thing” – whole Italian culture is amazing – beginning from its old history (Rome empire), architecture – monuments, breath-taking cities and places (Colosseum, Venezia, Vatican), Italy has amazing and neverending sources of art, who does not love Tuscany with its romantic landscape? who does not know its cuisine? Yesterday I ve been tought to prepare real italian lasagne… oh well, just feeling sorry that I do not have to visit this country personally and enjoy its beauty. Thanks for great giveaway, Lubka K., @Klubka at twitter

  • Lynn

    I think his is an obvious choice, but no one makes Pizza like the Italians, I went to venice once and had pizza and have never in my life again tasted pizza like that. 🙂

  • Aleksandar Kostov

    I’m a poor student, who has only traveled to Italy once, and it was a one in a life time experience. I can remember first time when I watched Under The Tuscan Sun – a film, that is imprented in my memory. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of Italy, the beautiful landscapes with fields full of flowers and antique houses, which desert red rooftop-tiles shine under the scorching Tuscan sun. One of the strongest memories of Italy I have, is the warm hospitality of the Italians,their almost non-chalant attitude, and their extreme taste for stylish clothing and extravagant fragrances. I was enchanted back then, and today I’m still enchanted by the land of gelato, bergamotto, Messi, Versace and Eros Ramazzotti.

  • Carla

    It would have to be the glorious food and the time they take over enjoying their meal with family and friends.

  • Nadia

    I love Italian majestic architecture, its little streets with delicious espresso cafes and of course authentic pizza. Delightful!

  • Eric P

    All the great culture aside, real Italian pizza is what I’m craving right now.

  • Jeffrey Paul

    excited about this fragrance after smelling today made me think and post again……

    this fragrance reminds me of what an italian should be. refined elegance, having a passion for life food and culture with confidence in his heritage and self expression. its sharing the most intimate with another and enjoying life in the process. The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It’s very charming. It’s very sweet. It’s what the whole world should do. and this fragrance makes me want to do it.

  • boulbyallen

    love the culture but I have some amazing friends , they are all so friendly

  • Falah

    Italian lifestyle. What else can be said! They live a life leading from the back and no one can compare. Style and class is felt in almost all parts of life from clothing to cars. The country is perfectly suited in a part of a world where it’s hot and surrounded by clear blue beautiful water. This is the kind of lifestlye that we all wish for yet few can reach that standard of Italain lifestyle.

  • Amy Harding

    I think it has to be the people. They seem to be so family orientated, and live life to the full, bringing a sense of togetherness. Embracing their culture, and passing on traditions to the next generations. They make Italy lively, inviting and exciting!

  • jo smith

    I love the style, the food and the beauty of Italy…so inspiring