The Weekend Roundup #3

The Weekend Round-Up 3

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This week we’re saying goodbye to our French Pharmacy promotion, and we’re gearing up for some seriously exciting April fragrance and beauty releasers. There’s a couple of game-changers on their way…

Bye bye, French Pharmacy
Even though it gets bigger every time we do it, and we’re still completely overwhelmed by all of the wonderful support from the beauty community that we get for our French Pharmacy promotions. I hope you’ve picked up some fresh new springtime skincare with up to 1/3rd off! If not, you have a couple of days to fill your baskets – the promotion ends March 31st.

Be Irresistible
We’re celebrating the launch of the newest fragrance in Givenchy’s Very Irresistible franchise, L’Eau En Rose, with a very special competition to win an entire Very Irresistible fragrance wardrobe. Sound good doesn’t it? Read more about the fragrance and enter the competition here.

Summer is coming…
One thing I love about the world of fragrance and beauty is the never-ending anticipation for the next season of treats. It’s barely spring, and already seeing some of this summer’s biggest launches on the cusp of their release dates! One of those, the soon-to-be-iconic Clarins Radiance-Plus Glow Booster, launches this Sunday: a little dropper bottle full of concentrated self tanner that you mix with your regular skincare. It’s going to be huge. Keep your eyes peeled for new beauty from Dior and Guerlain, and a whole bevy of new fragrances from Cartier, Cacharel, Vivienne Westwood in the coming weeks, too.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Make sure you utterly spoil your mum tomorrow, if you can. She absolutely deserves it.

Emma x