Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense Review

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense

Re-Branded Signature (Thomas) copy

When reviewing a masculine fragrance from Givenchy’s stable of manly scents, it is important that one applies some context to the matter. So here goes, Givenchy’s most iconic and classic masculine – ‘Gentleman’ – was launched in 1974 and is a staple for many men around the world, with its robust accord of citrus, patchouli, spices, leather and moss.  Gentleman is a fragrance that epitomises the man of the 1970s and it’s a no holds barred take on the masculine signature that is evocative of hairy chests, gold watches and sharply made suits.

In 2013 Givenchy launched ‘Gentlemen Only’, a new interpretation of the masculine signature that was created with the modern man in mind.  It is clear that the man of 1974 and the man of 2013 are two different beasts entirely, with the latter appearing as a more effeminate and well-groomed animal than the former.  Gentlemen Only therefore, takes a fresher, spicier and more delicately aromatic view of the man that it represents.  It’s as well made as Gentleman but it certainly cannot be considered as bold a fragrance or even as timeless.

That should bring us about up to date with the Givenchy Gentleman backstory and leads us nicely into Gentlemen Only Intense, the latest fragrance in the Gentlemen Only and Gentleman narrative.  This more intense version of 2013’s modern masculine fragrance, sees a richer take on the fresh, woody and spicy signature whilst maintaining a degree of the translucency that makes Gentlemen Only so thoroughly modern.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense


The Notes

Top: Green Mandarin Oil, Black Pepper and Birch Leaf

Heart: Patchouli, Texas Cedar and Leather

Base: Tonka Bean, Amber and Incense


How Does it Smell?

First things first, it’s important to note that ‘Intense’ here doesn’t mean stronger or even longer lasting, instead it refers to a subtle richness and a higher emphasis on warmth that has been applied to the Gentlemen Only signature to create an altogether more nuanced and plush affair.  Gentlemen Only Intense opens with an aromatic and fruit-soaked lavender note that feels greyer than it does purple.  Black pepper adds a spicy inflection that is subtle but rich and provides a speckly texture.  There’s also crisp sheen to the top notes that adds a smart and luxurious feel that wasn’t so apparent in the original Gentlemen Only.

Wood plays a strong part in Gentlemen Only Intense’s signature.  A soft and spongy cedardwood is the central pillar, upon which the other notes are built.  A touch of patchouli and a dash of leather change the cedar from feeling chewy at first to appearing as slightly powdery as the fragrance opens up on the skin.  In the base, Gentlemen Only Intense becomes more traditional in a modern sort-of way.  There’s a familiar accord of sweet and citrus-tinged vanilla that is seen across the board in masculine perfumery, but is interesting here because of its restrained application.  The vanilla itself is soft and supple with just a touch of creamy sweetness, and in no way is it cloying or overbearing and it would be fir to say that the balance between sweetness and the dryness of woods is nicely in check.

Givenchy’s Gentlemen Only Intense is an easygoing masculine fragrance that doesn’t demand attention.  It’s an aromatic, citrus-inflected woody perfume with a softly luxurious feel and could be suitable for casual or office wear.  If you’re the type of guy who wants to smell good but wants something that isn’t demanding or too ostentatious then this one is worth a sniff.  There’s only one small caveat – you have to act like the perfect gentleman whilst wearing it.


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  • Sandra Menarry

    Good Manners makes the perfect gentlemen 🙂

  • Tracey Ryder

    good manners

  • Charley Foulds

    a man whose lovely and funny and never judges you 🙂

  • steviestarship

    All the little things like opening doors for other people, complimenting others appearances and random bunches of flowers for their partners are all traits of a perfect gentleman.

  • Georgina Jacobs

    Courteous, respectful and you only have to watch how he treats people to get a measure of the man that he is. Thank you x

  • mysticwen

    good manners and putting others first would make my perfect gentleman

  • Stuart Edwards


  • A gentleman is a man that treats a woman as good as he treats his car!

  • Jessica Wilde

    Has to hold doors open, good manners, buys flowers and little surprise gifts… All in all, my husband!! 😀

  • flossiecrossie

    In my view the perfect gentleman pays attention to detail in his behaviour & style. He is considerate to those around him and respectful.

  • Graeme Johnston

    Making your partner a cup of coffee without being asked.

  • Kelly glen

    Being kind makes the perfect gentlemen.

  • anthony harrington

    sensitivity and kindness makes the perfect gent, other qualities can add, but sensitivity and kindness can never be removed.

  • jeanbolsover

    Just having manners and being polite goes a long way

  • Ellie Bromilow

    All a man needs to be a real gentleman is a good heart and soul! then the rest just happens naturally!

  • D J F reeman

    Good manners, opening doors for a lady and the elderly, standing up for your lady and your family and be polite….and of course smell wonderful!!

  • Becky I

    Some old fashioned chivalry and plenty of surprises

  • salsquiggle

    Consideration for others, modesty and manners make the perfect gentleman.

  • nutunit

    Manners maketh the man.

  • sarah3875

    Seeing a man treat others well makes a good start.

  • Nicola BIven

    Thinks of his lady first !

  • Suzanne McCusker

    Strong, but gentle, eager to please, but not submissive, kind and mindful.

  • Cassie tyson

    Good manners and humour x

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    chivalrous, generous and respectful!

  • Paul Kay

    always on time and makes love on his elbows according to the Daily Mail

  • Elizabeth Briggs

    Respect for everyone and everything makes the perfect gentleman 🙂

  • Paul Wilson


  • mary heald

    Politeness and honesty

  • Lorna Kennedy

    A caring and courteous nature, with good manners (they’re becoming a rare breed though!)

  • Andrew Loades

    Respectful, direct, calm, mature and confident – all traits required for a perfect gentleman.

  • luijojo

    It has to be good manners.

  • paula stephens

    good manners, dress sense, good fun and most of all a nice smile

  • Lisa Williams

    manners and wit

  • maggie777

    I agree – good manners are escentual

  • Emma Harris

    Caring, Understanding and manners.

  • julie


  • Claire Blaney

    a man that is understanding make the perfect gentleman 🙂

  • Lee Davis

    “Manners maketh man” – William Horman – as true today as it was 500 years ago!

  • Petra

    Good manners & kindness.

  • Kat Lucas

    Being thoughtful & caring makes the perfect gentleman

  • Jemma Taylor

    Making me feel like a princess makes the perfect gentleman

  • Stephanie Coals

    Consideration to people both known and unknown to him 🙂

  • liane mccreanor

    Someone who says please and thank you, and treats everyone the way he would like to be treated 🙂

  • Alison

    A well mannered man, who opens doors for ladies and is polite and well dressed!

  • Caroline H

    Little acts of thoughtfulness make a perfect gentleman.

  • lucky321

    A kind heart and a good sense of humour x

  • Rosalind Sargent

    the perfect gentleman is a man that always opens the door for you to enter first including passengers side car door, say’s please and thank you all the time and always carries your shopping home for you, helps around the house and thinks about you before him self. My husband does all these things and he is my perfect Gentleman even after 30 years together

  • Phil Darling

    I do my bit – I try not to fart in bed

  • Emily P

    Someone who always looks out for you, is polite and kind 🙂

  • LittleMsHolibob

    Somebody who holds your hair back when you’re sick.

  • Heather Jenkinson

    Someone who is kind, considerate and tolerant, and smells great, just like my fella! 🙂

  • karen_

    I don’t think anybody can be perfect, but being really understanding and altruistic helps 🙂

  • cadizzy

    GOOD MANNERS – manners maketh man without a doubt……………….

  • christina field

    good manners

  • liz denial

    A man who treats a lady with respect

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    opening doors, manners, respect,

  • Shirley Anne Adams

    the perfect gentleman is someone who treats you with respect and is always honest with you 🙂 looks don,t matter 🙂

  • George Johnson


  • Faraz Ghani

    Confidence and sincerity.

  • Sallyanne Gooch

    Someone who always makes you feel beautiful

  • sandra rubery

    a man that helps me even when hes been at work all day.

  • downingarms

    In a word, Manners.

  • israrbaig

    Opening doors

  • Someone who is kind, caring and know what to say when you’re down or sad.

  • AliThorpe

    Manners, wit, intelligence, interest in others, kindness, a sense of responsibility and cleanliness 🙂 Quite a list, lol!

  • Etomidac

    Someone who is confident and sure of himself and treats others with respect and courtesy.

  • Jennie Heard

    Approachable, caring and sharing

  • Ritakd

    Considerate, caring, well mannered & respectful. R

  • Claire Smith

    Good Manners, Sense of Humour and mustn’t snore!

  • Catharine Amaro

    being polite

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Being polite and considerate, good manners!

  • David Walker

    Good manners

  • jason


  • julie e henderson

    manners and style

  • Victoria

    I think the perfect gentlemen is a feminist 🙂

  • Laura Asplin

    a thoughtful guy, who makes me tea 🙂

  • Lorraine Stone

    A perfect Gentlemen is the man sitting next to you saying all the right things when your craft project as gone wrong. The man who tells you that you look beautiful when you are feeling jaded and fat. The man who makes the dinner, even though you are home first. He defends your honor and know his way around your favourite dress shop. He hides his smile when you start to ramble when tired and makes you laugh when you want to argue! The perfect Gentleman is all mine!

  • maureen findley

    kind and considerate nature

  • angela sandhu

    Manners, kind and caring

  • Austin Phillip

    Manners –

    A Clean Pair Of Heels –

    And a Good Timepiece

  • Maggi

    A true gentlemen is someone who treats women with respect, is courteous, helpful and strong! 🙂

  • Margaret Farmer

    Opening a car door

  • Bhavesh Mistry

    Someone who has manners!

  • Tim Bain

    Manners and chivalry are gentlemanly traits, but the only thing that makes a gentleman is good parents who teach those things.

  • John

    Courtesy, Respect, Honesty

  • Lynn Blakeman

    A man with old fashioned values who treats a lady with care, opens doors, pulls out her chair etc. and puts her first in everything. if he wears a suit that’s bonus points for sure!

  • jillwebb

    manners and respect

  • Jo Chu

    He must be well mannered and treat me and my family well. Be well presented and take care of everything!

  • Vakhida


  • Lynn Mitchell

    a good man who thinks before he opens his mouth

  • dean willoughby

    An understanding and loving wife maketh the perfect the perfect gentleman

  • Cecelia Allen

    A Man who will protect me, walk hot coals for me, lay his coat in a puddle so that I don’t get my feet wet? No I am old and have lived those days, It is a man with old fashioned manners, treating his lady with a caring attitude, dignity and respect, but also looks after himself, and smells good,

  • SapientOoze

    Deference, courtesy, consideration & respect dealt suavely never fails ! 🙂

  • Anji Mse

    One who does housework

  • suzyq99

    Definitely manners as it shows awareness & consideration of others.

  • ren fletcher

    I’m got a low bar- as long as he can walk around the shops with me and not make a face, that’s gentleman enough for me.

  • foz

    Someone kind and with good manners

  • John MacLean

    Discretion, of course! 😉

  • Jurate Vanagiene

    Perfect gentelman is a man who always opens his doors to the others, says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, grooms and smells nice, offers his seat to the lady, respect himself and others, stands up for himself, keeping his promises, shows compassion, loves his woman comprehensively and dreams big.

  • Daniel Petersson


  • Graham Carr

    Alan Dowell

  • Jenny

    Consideration 🙂

  • sarah birkett

    manners, manners maketh man,

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    Good manners and a modern attitude.

  • Karla Mancilla

    A perfect gentleman is someone that makes you feel special in the way he treats
    you and behaves around you. A gentleman will definitely steal a smile and a
    sigh from you without trying too hard. A gentleman surely smells nice! 😀

  • Tammy Tudor

    someone who is kind, caring and puts others first

  • Emma Baker

    A gentleman is someone who thinks throughly before speaking!

  • Tom Baines

    manners maketh the man together with generosity, faithfulness and honesty

  • JoMapp

    Respectful, polite, kind and caring

  • Emma Baker

    Manners is key!!

  • Being kind, generous and well mannered

  • Prerna Gupta

    someone who is caring and considerate!

  • jacknutter

    just basic good manners and consideration of others.

  • Darius D.

    respect and manners

  • laura

    A perfect gentleman is courteous, honorable, well mannered and smells divine.

  • Rob Mount

    A perfect gentleman always does the right thing at the right time.

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    Good manners, respectful attitude and attention to details.

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    Someone who treats you with respect and is courteous to others

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    kindness, humour and loyalty

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    Respect and manners – they go a long way!

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    MANNERS; especially how a man treats a woman.

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  • Tom Murphy

    Somebody who is never without a scented Mouchoir

  • hotandbothered

    Manners and integrity make a gentleman!

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    A perfect gentleman treats others with respect, is honest, faithful and well-mannered. He is also clean, well-groomed and smells gorgeous!

  • Victoria Cunniff

    Treating you with respect, good manners, treating you as an equal, not belittling you and above all that not scared to show how much he loves you.

  • Peter Gilby

    Honesty, Good Manners, A Smart Suit and being able to keep it in his pants

  • Kirsty Norton

    Respect and loyalty

  • Alice Hindley

    Good manners

  • Kelly

    Respectful and caring

  • Heidi Brown

    someone whos kind and generous!

  • Louise Comb

    Respect for others – all others 🙂

  • Michelle Ptak

    Honesty, integrity and compassion x

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Good manners, honesty and treating you with respect

  • Kayleigh Louise

    kind, caring loyal..

  • Debbie

    Someone who is loyal and is not afraid to be a gentleman to his lady xx

  • cornishgirl

    Manners maketh man – but smelling gorgeous is an added bonus! 🙂

  • Suzi Hulbert

    An honest one!

  • Katy

    A good parent and a great friend

  • Ali Johnson

    Kindness, chivalry (opening a door for a woman – sorry still love when my Hubby does this for me) Good Humour & Respect

  • Rhydian

    A mirror, and me stood in front of it!

  • Joanne Crosby

    Kind, caring, considerate personality

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Somebody who respects your opinion and has good manners 🙂

  • Cathy Gordon


  • Jill Cordner

    A non violet, polite, nice mannered man… partner is just that x

  • Julie Howarth

    Respect and good manners are a must!

  • Sarah Lewis

    Respect, caring and sense of humour.

  • Laura Mse Costello

    Honesty, Loyal & loving x

  • Jodie Harvey

    honest respectful, looks and smells nice and knows how to treat/look after a lady 🙂

  • Vicki A Smith

    Honesty, respect and chivalry

  • hazel porter

    as the saying goes manners maketh man!

  • Minnie Whittaker

    It must be good manners, and sincere one not the simple “show” of them.

  • Claire-Louise Jones

    Polite, opening car doors for you and being smartly dressed and of course, smelling nice!

  • Allison Dorrian

    good manners

  • Fred_Baron

    Someone with a perfect set of manners and preferably an umbrella to shield his amour from the dreaded torrential downpours!

  • amyjbeckett

    Laughter And Manners

  • Clint Howat

    Honesty and Good Manners.

  • Helen Allan

    Manners, respect and humour.

  • Elizabeth Duncan

    Manners, honesty, loyalty and respect.

  • Stuart Dunlop

    A kind and considerate nature

  • sarahfleck

    Good manners, Honesty, Respect for others.

  • EVA

    well-groomed and smells gorgeous!

  • Clairmse Dukes

    Being polite, courteous, considerate and chivalrous!

  • Jane Middleton

    Integrity, good sense of humour and smart appearance

  • Patricia Avery

    Thoughtful, loyal, considerate and truthful….just like my other half who is the embodiment of a perfect gentleman 🙂

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Ahh, my perfect gentlemen opens the door for me, carries my shopping and would never talk about our bedroom antics!

  • Ellen Stafford

    Good manners and respect x

  • chrriss88


  • Lydia Graham

    Respect for others, honesty and good manners

  • Shelley J Stevenson

    someones whose honest and trustworthy and who you know will always do the right thing, someones whos affectionate and loyal and who you know has always got your back regardless of the situation. A real hotty doesnt hurt either ;)..someone who smells as good as they look is the icing on top

  • Mandymse Eakins

    respect for women, good manners, good sense of humour and not too mean!!!!

  • louise

    manners, honesty, loyalty, politeness and respect

  • sue norminton

    Polite, good manners, helpful

  • Christy Beckett

    A perfect Gentleman has manners, respect for others and speaks well wiithout swearing x

  • Lesley Cohen Wright

    good manners, a sense of humour and consideration of others

  • diva1977

    manners , respectful and trustworthy

  • Alisa Moore


  • Sally Learning

    Honesty, loyalty, generosity, integrity, faithfulness, good manners and good looks!

  • Jamie

    Perfect gentleman is someone who treats all living things the same!

  • Rachel Blackburn

    Someone who is kind and considerate and has manners.

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  • Belinda Matthews

    honesty and respect

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    A gentleman has respect for others, manners and integrity.

  • Claire Wilkinson

    kind, honest, loyal and good smell 😀

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    Kindness and empathy

  • Emma Scarth

    Loyalty and a great sense of humour

  • Jayne

    Kindness, compassion, respect, well mannered, faithfulness and a lack of arrogance