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Thermal water sprays are a must-have beauty product for your handbag, beloved by bloggers and models alike. But what exactly do they do? More importantly do you need one, and if you do which one is right for you?

Before we begin, a key thing to note is that there are two different types of facial spritzers: those containing purely water, and those blended with botanical extracts and oils. Straight-up water sprays should not be left to dry on the skin as they can draw existing moisture from the skin when evaporating. Instead they should be spritzed over skin gently, with the excess patted off after a few seconds. These 100% water sprays are great for setting make-up though, prolonging the life of your foundation and sealing in radiance.

On the other hand though, water sprays that have been blended with essential oils or fruit essences should be left to sit on the skin and slowly sink in. These are wonderful for adding moisture to thirsty or overheated skin whilst providing cooling relief.

Here’s my list of favourites, showcasing the best of both worlds…


The soother

Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray

To begin our foray into the exciting world of facial mists, I’ll begin with the one that ignited the passion for the canned wonders this side of the channel: the Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray. Perhaps the best loved product from Avene, this skincare staple is suitable for all skin types and is faultless at setting make-up, calming sun-burn, razor-burn, rosacea and a plethora of other skin irritations. A lot of users love to utilize this in place of a traditional toner after cleansing as it’s so nourishing.

The dermatological qualities of the Avene thermal spring water have been acknowledged since 1736. The water has an almost neutral PH balance, is rich in silica and trace elements and is clinically-proven to be naturally soothing and non-irritating. Avene ensure all their products are packaged at source so none of the goodness in the water is lost. As the thermal water is so gentle this is a great water spray for those whose skin is really sensitive and prone to angry flare-ups.

French Pharmacy Water Sprays


The rejuvenator

La Roche-Posay Thermale Spring Water Spray

Another hot favourite from the thermal water spray offering is the La Roche-Posay Thermale Spring Water Spray. This spray perfectly complements the entire La Roche-Posay skincare range and offers refreshing, cooling relief to all skin types and ages. It’s great for daily use to soothe and soften skin and for hydrating and reviving all over the body in the warmer months. As its 100% thermal water, it’s ideal for sprizting all over your freshly made-up face to set your look.

The La Roche-Posay thermal water is sourced from pure rain water that filters through selenium-rich, chalky rocks and undergoes no processing before packaging so it remains full of natural minerals. The water has fantastic anti-oxidant and protective benefits that unburdens and hydrates to reveal calmer, softer skin. This is the spray of choice for those with generally good skin who fancy a multi-purpose, everyday spray to rejuvenate skin and set make-up.


The fortifyer

Vichy Purete Thermal Spa Water Spray

Vichy Purete Thermal Spa Water Spray is a true champion product. It’s so beneficial to skin that it can even be used as a treatment for troubled skin and anti-aging in its own right! According to Vichy, an astonishing fifteen clinical studies have proven the skin health benefits of the thermal spa water, particularly its soothing and fortifying properties, thanks to a unique blend of anti-oxidants and skin regenerating minerals infused into the water from the core of the Auvergne magma rocks it’s filtered through that can’t be replicated by science. After frequent use skin is placated and skin tolerance is improved.

This particular water spray would benefit all skin-types for a whole spectrum of skin ailments or just for a skin pick-me-up, but it would unquestionably perform especially well alongside a Vichy heavy skincare regime to reinforce the qualities of the wondrous water present in all Vichy products.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir


The moisturiser

Caudalie Grape Water Spray

The Caudalie Grape Water Spray differs from the previous offerings discussed as it utilizes grape water instead of spring water, which is extracted from organic grapes during harvest to produce a nourishing and refreshing facial mist with a lovely, fresh scent. Created with 100% untreated grape water, this hydrating spray showcases the detoxifying, moisturising and soothing skin properties of the natural grape vine. This spray doubles up as an excellent toner, great for perking up freshly cleansed skin, though it works best if left to sink into the skin of patting it dry after spritzing, so that the nourishing grape extracts can do their hard work.

This is a fantastically versatile mist suitable for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin due to the skin-reassuring qualities of the organic grapes. For an extra special skin treat store this in the fridge and use after morning cleansing to really awaken your complexion. Due to the grape concentration this spray is slightly more moisturising than the traditional 100% water sprays making it ideal for those with dry skin who need a bit of a moisture boost throughout the day.


The radiance booster

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Whilst this elixir is not a water spray in the truest sense of the word,  it’s an indispensable facial mist that deserves a little bit of the spotlight. It has many of the same properties as a water spray with its refreshing, toning, hydrating make up setting capabilities, while also working hard to boost skin radiance, smooth features and tighten pores. This cult Caudalie spray is a true Holy Grail product for many of our customers, plus make-up artists and models who love the fresh, minty 100% natural scent and the energy it restores to lacklustre skin.

This skin-rejuvenating fluid was inspired by Queen Isabelle’s of Hungary ‘Elixir of Youth’ and is crammed full of powerful fruit and plant based ingredients including organic grapes, rose extract and mint. Whilst it’ll bring fantastic results to all skin types, this mist will especially improve the appearance of combination skin due to its pore minimising abilities. The wonder water also soothes razor-burn for men and enhances radiance on a sallow complexion caused by smoking.

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