Givenchy Dahlia Divin Review and Competition

Givenchy Dahlia Divin

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As we begin to enter the high season for big new fragrance launches, I have news of one of the most exciting introductions of the year: the Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum, from the venerated House of Givenchy. Part of the couture Dahlia Noir franchise, Dahlia Divin doesn’t resemble its musky floral sister scents very much. Instead, it unfurls as a radiant solar floral, with a distinctive personality and a brand new face: modern siren Alicia Keys.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin is a golden fragrance in every sense of the word. It’s a very cohesive theme, seen in the golden thread wrapped around the neck of the bottle right through to the molten gold haute couture masterpiece that Alicia wears in the advertising campaign. In creating the juice, perfumer Francois Demachy crafts a sublime allusion to the radiance of the precious metal. The result? A vision of divinity in swathes of floral-woody tones, showcasing the sublime fruitiness of golden Mirabelle Plum and the incandescent, gauzy feel of Jasmine.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin


Top Notes: Mirabelle Plum

Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac, White Flowers

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli

Dahlia Divin feels really accomplished, and it’s so thoroughly enjoyable to wear. Just the right side of richness, the juice develops on the skin with real finesse; its timeless floral structure enhanced with modern couture embellishment. A touch of sweetness runs like a golden thread throughout, never overpowering the fragile white blossoms, but subtly illuminating them with a distinctive solar brightness. In the base there’s a triumvirate of bold wood notes, which give the fragrance its sensuous warmth. It’s Patchouli that wins out amongst the three, though, introducing a welcome earthiness to what is quite a celestial fragrance by bringing it gently back down to earth.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Close

The Dahlia Divin bottle is perhaps my favourite Givenchy offering yet (sorry, Ange Ou Demon!). Much like the juice, it borrows the best of classic perfumery and pairs it with luxurious modern embellishment to create a timeless feel. There’s real beauty in the simplicity of the clean-lined, heavy glass bottle. Topped with a  lightweight cream coloured stopper and finished with golden thread around the neck of the bottle, it’s a luxurious showstopper.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin

And who better to front the golden fragrance than a modern-day goddess? Alicia Keys is the epitome of a renaissance woman, with the titles of singer, musician, author, actress, director and philanthropist under her belt. Alicia is also great friends with Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, who created a spectacular gown especially for the campaign in his Parisian workshop. Richly embroidered and set with precious stones, the beautiful dress took 500 hours of intricate work to come to life. In the accompanying advert, set to music composed by Alicia, the modern goddess comes to life.


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Congratulations to our winner Stephanie Gray!

We’ve got a beautiful Givenchy fragrance and makeup hamper (RRP £112) to give away to a lucky reader! The set includes:

  • ○ Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum 50ml
  • ○ Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara
  • ○ Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 306 Carmin Escarpin

To enter, simply comment below and tell us who you think is the quintessential modern goddess. The competition closes on Thursday 31st July. Best of luck!

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 24th July 2014 and ends 31st July 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 31st July 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.

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  • Angelina Jolie!

  • I think it has to be today’s modern, struggling among various roles, woman: that’s the eternal goddess I fear!

  • Glamorous Chic Life

    I think Olivia Palermo is worthy of Goddess status, she can do no wrong in my eyes!!!

  • Sam Williams


  • Agita Slūka

    Modern goddess, to me, embodies will-power, wisdom and ambition, though she looks and seems so feminine and gentle and sometimes may be even naive.. 😉

  • Quite Bad JuJu

    For me its Emma Willis. She is stunning. She never gets it wrong fashion-wise and her personality is brilliant. Not many beautiful women are so down to earth like her. 😀 x

  • vera

    Jennifer Lopez 🙂

    • lori

      I still think j lo is still the epitome of being a goddess. She’s confident beautiful confident and sexy! I’ve looked up to her as thr beauty is inside of her….

      • vera

        she is 45! can u believe it?? 🙂

  • Scentella

    Goddess may be too strong a word for any mortal woman but the talented Alicia Keys is surely as close as it gets.

  • Stephanie Acton

    Kate Moss, she seems to have a really grounded attitude now but can turn that Goddess power on at the flash of a bulb.

  • Gia

    A few come to mind, but Charlize Theron and Cate Blanchett always looks stunningly goddess-y 🙂

  • A modern goddess is for me no particular artist or an acquaintance of mine, who I modern goddess is or should be. A modern goddess is not a certain someone. A modern goddess is a girl, a modern goddess is a woman who is beautiful feels. A modern goddess has perhaps self-confidence by being nice to feel. Self confidence you get through your nice to feel, I am sure. You like feel … That feeling I get personally, when I have my makeup as I wanted it. When my perfume is delicious and luxurious. You feel beautiful comes from within, but when the outside is beautiful, feel this on the inside. That to me is a modern goddess; a woman who radiates self-confidence, because they feel nice. She is satisfied with her makeup and she feels sexy and beautiful by her perfume. A modern goddess, is so really modern.

  • For me the goodness and beauty lies beyond the vision and so it will be my mother in law who has loved and embraced me more than any one could. I have become who I am because of her .. Good or bad, sweet or bitter she has made me the person who I am … And I am proud to be me .. Thanks to her and I look up to her

  • Yile

    I think that will have to be Jennifer Lopez!!! <3

  • Louise

    Keira Knightley is to me the most beautiful woman in the spotlight at the the moment. She has such a refined and beautiful face, perfect figure, is cultured and sophisticated. She’s never in the news for the wrong reasons either.

  • Alissa Reid

    Goddess is a bit tricky. But in looks – Angelina Jolie

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    Angelina Jolie

  • Toni

    For me – Monica Bellucci! 🙂

  • soph

    my modern goddess would have to be Annie Lennox.
    A true inspiration, comfortable in her own skin. Wonderful voice, exceptional talent and ageing gracefully. She is confident, determined and kind. My type of Goddess.

  • Leah Wheatley

    I think Beyonce is a modern godess

  • Fiona

    It has to be Beyonce – stunning, glowing and powerful

  • Kelly glen

    All women no matter if you are famous or not are strong powerful women and that is what a true goddess is.

  • FawcettSA

    Nicole Kidman a statuesque goddess

  • Kat Lucas

    I would have to say Angelina Jolie as she is not only beautiful, but shows how a woman can change and cope with what comes her way

  • GillT

    For me it has to be Beyonce, for her beauty, strength, example of empowerment, and the values she puts on family, keeping control of the press intruding on her family life. She seems to have a real balance of privacy and keeping her public happy. A sassy goddess !

  • HelenPlant

    Emma Watson springs to mind…..seems elegant, feminine, accomplished and intelligent.

  • ashleigh allan

    Cate Blanchett I think

  • David

    My lovely wife – faults and all.

  • Laineyflo

    Emma Watson. She has both beauty and brains.

  • Val Swift


  • helen

    J lo 🙂 xxx

  • Kerry Gray

    Nicole Sherzinger

  • Amy Halliday

    Elle McPherson x

  • Rache

    Liv Tyler!

  • winnie

    Kelly Brooks

  • barbara daniels

    Can I say jy sister, sheis hospitable kind, generous, patient, very pretty and is a dometic goddess, hee house is 8mmaculate amd she does it wih ease.x

  • emma walters

    Angelina Jolie

  • Andy Thompson

    Scarlett Johansson

  • Karen Lloyd

    Angelina Jolie. She has turned away from a life of drugs and now works hard to do some good in the world.

  • rena plumridge

    Angelina Jolie

  • David Walker

    Nicole Kidman

  • Anna

    Angelina Jolie because she seems to have remained grounded and focused on making the world better rather than cruising off her looks

  • liz denial

    Emma Willis, she is naturally beautiful with a stunning smile & amazing personality to go with it.

  • Claire Blaney

    for me it has to be the dutches of cambridge she is not the most glamourous but she carries herself like a goddess and she act like one too 🙂

  • suzyq99

    Angelina Jolie – beautiful & has star quality but shows compassion to help the needy.

  • Lorna Kennedy

    Oh goodness – there’s no such thing as a Goddess [only in men’s imaginations 🙂 ] Wouldn’t we all like to float through life in a beautiful gown, smelling heavenly and being revered – but this is 2014 and real life sadly ‘ain’t like that.

  • maggie777


  • Carys Jones

    For me it has to be Keira Knightley.

  • Claire Nutman

    Alicia Keys…………………….x

  • Sam Schofield

    i love Rihanna and believe she is a modern goddess, she is stunning, glamorous and holds herself so well! She can sing,dance and talks so much sense and when she is dressed in her carnival gear she looks just like and amazing modern goddess ……im sure most would agree!

  • susiebaby1

    Halle Berry

  • Claire Scott

    I think Kim Kardashian 🙂

  • JoMapp

    Kate Moss is incredibly beautiful, but has a fantastic sense of fun and a relaxed air. A perfect example to all modern women

  • Agnieszka Higney

    For me it would be Monica Belucci,very feminine and sultry.

  • carolinedavison

    Charlize Theron – so classy and elegant!

  • wentworthway

    For me its got to be Angelina Jolie!

  • Shelley Tuchewicz

    We’ll if we’re talking about ethereal goddesses then surely Galadriel is just that?! She’s fairly modern in a different age kinda way. But in terms of modern (and real life

  • catherine

    I won’t choose a celebrity, I think today’s goddesses are the everyday women who look after themselves, have a job/career,, have a warm and loving (if sometimes untidy) home, cope with blended families and ageing parents and the strains of life in these tough financial times. Who spray on their favourite perfume, step out
    of the front door and face the world with a smile.

  • Caroline H

    I don’t think there’s one definitive type of woman who symbolises the modern goddess. It could be someone older and elegant like Helen Mirren or young and quirky like Dita Von Teese.

  • Hutch2

    Nicole Scherzinger

  • rosemac6

    Every woman who juggles family, home and a job and manages it mostly with a smile and understanding of others

  • Alana Walker

    Angelina Jolie

  • Flossie A James

    I think a modern goddess is a woman who is confident in herself and who will find a way when there is no way, oh wait, that would be me 😉

  • Sue Hodges

    Angelina Jolie

  • Louise Fleming

    Blake Lively


    Angelina Jolie

  • vicki


  • Sarah Wray

    Me! (You’ve got to love yourself!)

  • hannonle

    Miranda Kerr

  • Teresa Lee

    Karl Pilkington

  • C Kennedy

    I would say Angelina Jolie. She has used her wealth for good, and looks amazing in every picture.

  • Immy Lacy

    Kate Middleton

  • Katie Corr

    nigella lawson

  • Holly Willoughby, shes beautiful elegant and handles modern life well with her family

  • rainbow1811

    Nicole Scherzinger

  • Ges

    The Queen & the late Queen Mother

  • Rainbow

    I think every woman that at least tries to be the best she can be. Best: Mum, Daughter, Granddaughter, Teacher, Nurse, etc… Should and does deserve to be called a Goddess.

  • Beyonce, obv!

  • Verity

    Alicia Keys

  • Rosalind Sargent

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

  • Victoria

    Angelina Jolie, like Mary Poppins she’s practically perfect in every way 😀

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Helena Bonham Carter, getting into middle age, individual, always stunning! She even manages to carry off the ‘old hag’ look in Tim Burton films well!

  • downingarms

    Penelope Cruz

  • Jan Higgins

    My Mum

  • fiona o’farrell

    Dita Von Teese

  • Keshia Esgate

    Cheryl Cole

  • Helen Grayson

    Nicole Scherzinger – Love her whole attitude!

  • Zainab Hassan

    i think it should be late princess Diana

  • lornakennedy

    beyonce is such a powerful strong woman x

  • LittleMsHolibob

    Zooey Deschanel

  • Kay Adams

    Kate Middleton

  • moonray69

    Cheryl Cole

  • becky


  • Ane S

    Angelina Jolie

  • i would nominate Gwen Stefani, i think she’s great! 🙂

  • Christine Northrop

    Helen Mirren she is timeless and has great style

  • Amy PJ

    Nicole Scherzinger.

  • Helen Belton

    Has to be Angelina Jolie 🙂

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Helen Mirren – just seems to improve with age!

  • Gillian Holmes

    Honor Blackman

  • Christine Dodd

    Kate Moss – she makes it look so effortless

  • Ann Gwillim

    Cheryl Cole

  • Nigel Hollingsworth

    Kylie Minogue

  • jojones

    Amanda Holden

  • kimberleyjohnson

    You never the personality of film stars, a true goddess must come from within, so the caring people are goddesses

  • MotorAmarth

    Emma Watson 🙂

  • maureen findley

    kate moss

  • Vicky Probert

    Natalie Portman 🙂

  • Farhana

    Selena Gomez

  • Graham Wilson

    Duchess of Cambridge. She is the perfect modern goddess.

  • Wendy Brown

    susan sarandon

  • julie kenny

    Kate Middleton x

  • christina field

    Helen Mirren

  • anthony harrington

    Keira Knightley

  • Nicola Watson

    Cheryl cole

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    Angelina Jolie for her inner and outer beauty, her service to humanity and her grace and poise.

  • Alison Joyce

    Angelina Jolie

  • Jon Bell

    Angelina Jolie

  • Danielle Maycox

    Beyonce, definitely!

  • Mary Hutton

    Holly Willoughby

  • SemoneEK

    Cameron Diaz, she is effortlessly beautiful.

  • Emma Kerrigan

    Kim Kardashian because not only is she pretty she has curves and flaunts them which is a good thing in todays society as it shows young girls that they do not have to be stick thin to be beautiful.

  • Julie Feathers


  • Julie Feathers

    Adele she is the best

  • gfa01

    Elle Macpherson is the closest we have to one. Modern celebs are definitely ungoddesslike.

  • Joanne Baldwin


  • paul

    Nicole scherzinger

  • Samantha Trimby

    Charlize Theron

  • jenrogers

    My Grandaughter – she is gorgeous!

  • juliebooth

    Joanna Lumley

  • robinson131

    emma willis

  • Hong

    Lucy Verasamy, the always sunny ITV weather reporter.

  • Victoria Gooch

    Kristen Stewart

  • Ali Campbell

    Carrie Hope Fletcher

  • Natalie Crossan

    Diana, Princess of Wales… Wish she was still here. X

  • Martha Smith

    I really think goddess like qualities are more about what’s on the inside than outside so my vote for the quintessential goddess would be with the late Maya Angelou x

  • Liane Emmiso

    Lauren Laverne

  • tinam1

    Natalie Portman

  • Lorraine Partyn

    The Duchess of Cambridge

  • Lucy Webber

    Jordan Dunn

  • Laura

    angelina jolie

  • Sarah

    Emma Willis, beautiful face, beautiful smile, warm, looks good in anything she wears, and lights up the screen.

  • Lynn Lewer

    Kate Middleton

  • shawbarbara

    Nicole Scherzinger -she is great

  • laura smith

    Nicole Scherzinger

  • Hayley Wakenshaw

    Helena Bonham Carter – smart, gorgeous, great attitude, daring, admirable, and lovely too. Proper goddess!

  • Kathleen Waite

    Beyoncé is a strong, independent woman

  • Helen G

    Jennifer Lopez 🙂

  • Rachel Heap

    Jennifer Lopez

  • Has to be Diane Kruger!

  • Sarah

    Angelina Jolie

  • Lucy CT

    Tilda Swinton, stunning and original in her style.

  • sharon mead

    Dita Von Teese

  • Tammy Tudor


  • Etomidac

    Angelina Jolie!!!

  • There are too many to name just one!
    Angelina Jolie is the first that comes to mind though, due to her work with the UN, making time for family in between the movies and all the while looking stunning! Then there’s Jennifer Lawrence, taking a stand against the shrinking size of the ideal body, among other things, but also ready with a quirky joke. She is highly aware that she’s an influence on young girls, and make choices that reflect that.
    Finally, there’s Betty White. A woman that’s managed to win the hearts of people everywhere with her humour, and a woman that’s managed to grow old in style. We could all use a goddess to look up to, whose greatest virtue might be her ability to make people laugh, rather than being frst and formost an icon of western beautystandards.

  • Diane Bowron


  • Karen Francis

    Lily Allen

  • catherine warburton

    Beyonce, she is just perfect!

  • Lee Davis

    Katie Perry

  • Alexandra Dixon-Mersh

    Isla Fisher, she’s a true beauty

  • Jessica Wilde

    Angelina Jolie – being a goddess is about more than just beauty, it’s about being a strong, empowered woman, who is a role model for others. Her charity work, and the dedication she has to her children, make her the quintessential modern goddess.

  • Mary Martin

    Lovely to see so many posts that regognise to be a goddess you do not have to be a celebrity. To all woman who are survivors of adversity whether it be your own health or caring for others, balancing the books to keep a roof over your families heads and food on the table-pat yourselves on the head Givency Dahlia will smell as divine on you as all the celebs in the world.

  • Amanda Milton

    Kate Middleton

  • tracy newton

    Kate Middleton

  • Becky I

    Ashley Roberts

  • Olga

    Angelina Jolie without a doubt 🙂

  • Jennifer Chan

    Jennifer Aniston 🙂

  • Lauren Pilkington

    Kate Middleton

  • Lutaylor

    Iman – Flawless, statuesque, and married to a megastar!!

  • Patricia

    I concur on Angelina Jolie, but there are few other: Scarlet Johansson, Emily Blunt, Lana del Rey, Miranda Kerr.

  • Carol Gould

    Felicity Kendall small but perfectly formed, and not someone who has been in for all the nips tucks and shape changing that others seem to rely on.

  • Maïté Rivière

    Alicia Keys. She’s the best.. A real goddess. She is a real inspiration for me. She’s a golden woman

  • stephen holman

    I consider Scarlett Johansson to be a goddess 🙂

  • Abby Milner

    The Duchess of Cambridge

  • Helen Allan

    Gwen Stefani

  • Kerry Vallance

    Angelina Jolie

  • ren fletcher

    I would say Nigella Lawson

  • Eric P

    Keira Knightley

  • Elena Theodosi

    Has to be Olivia Palermo!

  • Lydia May


  • Jamie

    Duchess of Cambridge 🙂

  • Rachel Canning

    I think Heather Graham is the quintessential modern goddess, I always thought she was beautiful, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she always looks great 🙂

  • Elena Theodosi

    Has to be Olivia Palermo!

  • Magdalena Komorowska

    Jennifer Lawrence if we’re talking modern

  • Jane Howard

    The late Princess of Wales, Diana.

  • Charlotte Mcleod

    Audrey Tatou

  • Meryl Rees

    Katie Perry

  • Jenny Pitcairn

    For me, Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Cecelia Allen

    Helen Mirren. She is elegant, refined and dignified

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    Angelina Jolie

  • Catharine Amaro

    Alicia Keyes

  • Rebecca D

    Miranda Kerr, she’s fab!

  • kat walsh

    Angelina Jolie

  • stephanie gray

    Holly Willoughby, she’s a devoted Mum who’s also a kind, down to earth, warm, glamorous and engaging TV presenter. She also does a lot of work for charities away from the glare of the media.

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    It’s got to be Beyonce! Successful, beautiful & insanely talented! 🙂 xx

  • isabelle smith

    nicole kidman x

  • Ada

    Emma Watson!

  • Jasna

    it has to be Michelle Obama

  • Ruth

    Dita Von Teese

  • christina brown

    Definitely Dita Von Teese- She just oozes old school glamour whilst still seeming fresh and modern.

  • Jo Carroll

    Grace, Style and Humility. Michelle Obama x

  • Hands down – the brave Angelina Jolie!

  • Helenade .

    Adriana lima

  • llkey_baby

    Noone famous- I would say those nurses that look after terminal children.

  • Laura Boyes

    Sandra Bullock

  • Rebecca


  • JoHaigh

    Vivienne Westwood

  • Tracey Thompson

    kiera knightley….she is so beautiful

  • Christina Wyatt

    For me it has to be Angelina Jolie. She is so beautiful & talented but I think that her work for humanitarian causes really makes her stand out from so many other ‘celebrities’ as an aspirational, modern-day goddess


    nicole kidman

  • I am – in principle, but outside joke: modern siren Alicia Keys.;)

  • Angelina Jolie FTW

  • Debbie Higgins

    Kate Middleton

  • thekiss

    Helana Bonham Carter

  • Peter Gilby

    Katy Perry! ultimate goddess

  • SingingSilver

    Christy Turlington. She took my breath away when I saw her photo in Vogue 20 years ago, and she is even more beautiful in 2014.

  • louise

    Angelina Jolie

  • Emma Glass

    Cate Blanchett, a picture of elegance.

  • jocyrets

    halle berry

  • cornishgirl

    Duchess of Cambridge

  • Annmarie Brown

    I think the Duchess of Cambridge. She is a natural beauty.

  • Kärt Namm

    For me quintessential modern goddess would be absolutely Jennifer Lopez 🙂

  • Alex Max

    Jennifer Lawrence!

  • Rebecca Jackson-Makin

    Angelina Jolie, Beautiful, compassionate, strong, has shown great courage through difficulty the kind of woman girls should aspire to be like

  • Danielle Vedmore

    Jennifer Lopez – such a natural beauty. She hasn’t aged since she became famous!

  • Madeline Connolly


  • Beckie

    Holly Willoughby

  • Laura Murray

    Emma Stone

  • Vicky

    Gwendoline Christie!

  • Minnie Whittaker

    Lupita Nyong’o – Aside from being a brilliant actress, stunning, with incredible style, her speech about young black girls and their perceptions of themselves and beauty (in response to a letter she had received) was inspirational.

  • billy lovell

    helen mirren – still gorgeous at her age!

  • Allison Dorrian

    Duchess of Cambridge

  • cathrynbowen

    kate Middleton – duchess of cambridge

  • Emma H

    Audrey Tatou

  • Ashton Grayson

    It has to be Jessica Alba

  • lisa rhodes

    angelina jolie

  • Sinead ORourke

    Duchess of Cambridge. She is just amazing and so down to earth

  • Stacey Perkins

    Kate Middleton

  • Sarah Wyatt

    Caitlin Moran – I am woman hear me roar!

  • lotti

    it would have to be the queen she looks amazing of the tender age of 89 wicked skin whats her secreat? x

  • lauren hanna

    Scarlett Johansson by far!

  • Alison Turner

    For me quintessential modern goddess would be Angelina Jolie

  • Lyn Bosomworth

    Duchess of Cambridge

  • Liane ‘Chicharito’ Mccreanor


  • Tiffany

    Emma stone

  • debbie1957uk

    Keira Knightley

  • Debbie

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • Gary

    Angelina Jolie

  • Paula Harvey

    Elisha Cuthbert is a modern goddess to me!

  • Irma Tufek

    I think the quintessential modern goddess is Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie 🙂

  • Shelley J Stevenson

    I think Holly Willoughby is absolutely stunning, and so natural

  • steviestarship

    Has to be Nigella Lawson for me

  • Lesley-Ann

    Nigella Lawson

  • san

    Angelina Jolie

  • Nital Shah

    Gloria de Piero, remarkable lady

  • Nital Shah

    Gloria de Piero, remarkable lady


    Dame Judi Dench, she is still beautiful at 80!

  • LadyChelington

    Kate Middleton

  • Jay Hill

    Cheryl Cole – dressed up or down, she is stunningly beautiful

  • Vicki A Smith

    Holly Willoughby

  • Catherine A Bell

    Holly Willoughby

  • Lindsey Kent

    Blake Lively

  • elisa wright

    Holly Willoughby, so naturally pretty

  • Paul Witney

    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • mecanopsis

    Kate Middleton

  • sandra henderson

    Angelina Jolie

  • Claire Appleton

    Jessica Alba

  • Shelley Jessup

    I would choose Kate Middleton she has earned a lot of respect from me & who says you can’t be a Princess & a Goddess in one!

  • Debbie Timms

    Victoria Beckham, always groomed and glossy! x

  • kathleen hooper

    Holly Willoughby is stunning!!

  • Calley Fornia Bryson

    Keira knightley

  • Hannah Smith

    Julia Andrews.. she’s beautiful!

  • Paula Phillips

    Holly Willoughby

  • Karen R

    Holly Willoughby 🙂

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Angelina Jolie would be mine

  • cristalfiona

    Jessica Alba

  • Frances Grasby

    For me it’s Kylie Minogue, she’s a proper Pocket Venus

  • Sarah Fallon

    Have to go with Angelina Jolie: she seems to gain strength and beauty over the years, and wouldn’t we all like to do that ourselves. Thank you for the interesting review; Divin sounds like a high quality release worth checking out.

  • sarah mills


  • Clare Greenwood

    Nicole Schzerzhinger for beauty. Hilary Clinton for being incredible.

  • jason frew

    Has to be Angelina jolie

  • jason frew

    Angelina jolie

  • Julia Wulff

    Angelina Jolie

  • Michelle Ptak

    Angelina Jolie, jaw droopingly beautiful that works so hard for her charities

  • Zoe Flynn

    Kate Middleton

  • Ali Thorpe

    Angelina Jolie is a modern-day goddess in almost every sense xxx

  • GabRiellE GoldY


  • Lani Nash

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • GabRiellE GoldY

    Princess Diana because she was a Stunning, Beautiful Women. She is inspirational by helping people/ Charity’s.

  • Emma Harris

    Angelina Jolie

  • Manides

    Cheryl Cole! Ah…

  • Vicky Peake

    scarlett johanssen

  • Natalia

    naomi campbell

  • Kirsty Norton

    Sofia Vergara

  • Aceso84

    Angelina Jolie, an incredible ,strong and compassionate woman who is comfortable in her own skin and is beautiful inside and out.

  • Trudi Flint

    Mila Kunis

  • Dawn Costen

    Kate Middleton

  • kerry

    Judi Dench

  • Duchess of Cambridge just because she is amazing and down to earth.

  • Amez2012

    Scarlett Johansenn!

  • Sharon Worsley

    Angelina Jolie – Stunning skin and complexion with minimal amount of make-up

  • David Paterson

    Angelina Jolie

  • Ellie Fletcher

    Jessica Alba

  • lyn

    Judy Dench, timeless

  • MrRichTea

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • sarahfleck

    Angelina Jolie.

  • kerry thwaite

    Helen Mirren , she looks fantastic for her age !

  • bethcastle

    Angelina Jolie

  • scarletblackbird

    Dame Maggie Smith

  • Natalie fairhurst

    cameron diaz

  • Susan Carruthers

    Kate Middleton

  • leanne phillips


  • Sarah Lewis

    Duchess of Cambridge

  • carly ann

    Kate Middleton

  • Ruth Hedges

    Angelina Jolie

  • Kate Nauta

    Helen Mirren, always elegant and classy

  • she

    Nicole Kidman

  • Sabita

    Lupita Nyong’o , she is a trendsetter

  • Kerry Pool

    Angelina Jolie

  • Heather Jenkinson

    Megan Fox

  • George Worboys Wright

    The Duchess of Cambridge

  • Lee

    My Mum!

  • Sue Robinson

    Kate Middleton, effortlessly glamorous

  • Soraya Rodrigues


  • Ali Johnson

    Angelina Jolie

  • Anne Hathaway ❤️❤️

  • Charlotte

    Kate Middleton 🙂

  • Jennifer Jack

    Kate Middleton

  • Solange

    Charlize Theron

  • Natalie Holland

    Angelina Jolie.

  • HeidiB46

    The Duchess of Cambridge, a beautiful, warm & modern woman

  • Clairebear

    Angelina Jolie!

  • Helen S

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

  • sian hallewell

    Dame Judy Dench, so elegant

  • Rachael Marsden

    kate middleton

  • Victoria Cunniff

    I think it would be Scarlett Johansen

  • Lydia Graham

    Judy Dench

  • Jenerate

    Helen Mirren

  • Jasmina K.

    Angelina Jolie

  • hannahlw85

    Kate Middleton

  • It has to be my girlfriend – she’s strong yet gentle, compassionate, caring, is always a voice of reason, and makes other people’s dreams come true by being a truly caring embryologist and creating new life 🙂