Reviews of the Month – July 2014

From an eyebrow kit you’ll fall in love with to a moisturiser that’s worthy of its cult status, you’ve scored some real beauty finds this month. Take a look at our favourite customer reviews of the month…


Helena1’s review of Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Fresh Fragrant Water Spray

I got a sample of this fragrance with another purchase. The colour of the packaging made it very attractive to me in the first place, so I had a little spray and was immediately taken with it. The fragrance has that ‘something’ that makes it addictive to my senses, light and fresh yet with a deep zesty lingering loveliness that made me purchase it within 4 hours of constantly seeking out the fragrance spot on my arm to feed my need to smell it. I’m the kind of woman that in 20 years wears only three other fragrances that are ‘mine’ – this fragrance has made it number 4… Spray liberally everyday to feel amazing…


Mua27’s review of the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

I was a make-up artist for 6-years and this lotion was recommended to me by a model whilst shooting in France. She told me that when she was tired or run down, Embryolisse was the only product that showed immediate results. I immediately bought a tube and was hooked!

At that point I had oily acne-prone skin and now I have sensitive, dry skin. With either skin-type I would’t be without this cream! It was a firm staple in my make-up kit for models, mothers of the bride and brides alike – each client was blown away by the results! I use it was an everyday moisturiser, creating an excellent make-up base. I use it as a cleanser when away on holiday, and as a face mask when I need a little TLC, as well as for my boyfriend’s sunburn with amazing results! It’s basically a woman’s (and a reluctant, but impressed man’s) best friend and you need it in your make-up bag today!


ChloeofLondon’s review of Guerlain Écrin Sourcils – Eyebrow Kit – Universel

As with all Guerlain products this little kit oozes glamour. The super sleek, jet-black container is languid French sophistication taken mortal form. But to matters at hand – does this beautiful little kit make your eyebrows equally so? Well yes it does, but not quite as much for those who are dark of brow, and this unfortunately, c’est moi.

The pigments are saturated, really wonderfully so and will no doubt last for an age, but the dark brown is just a little too warm with brows much further down the scale than medium dark. If you go in with any but the most delicate of hands, it can very quickly look anything but natural. Great for power brow, but not for me me. If only it had been a little greyer.

The saving grace is the miraculous spoolie and the utterly transformative highlighting powder. The spoolie rocked by eyebrows’ world! It has such utter control of my unruly brows that I was momentarily jealous. It also blends miraculously for those moments of rushed ‘Eek! I’m so late’, heavy-handedness with the powder.

To end on a high, let us discuss the highlighting powder. It is form and function married in a fairytale castle by Glinda the Good Witch of the Brow. Applied just under what substitutes for the ‘arch’ of my brow, I am instantly granted the wish of wryly arched supermodel brows. I must have spent a good 15-minutes marvelling at them in the mirror. I kid you not. I’ve fallen in love with it. It has even usurped my go-to highlighter as it makes everything so defined in a dreamily soft-focus sort of way. Bravo Guerlain! Truffaut, could do not better.


GailyBailey’s review of the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation SPF15

I was going away on holiday but dreaded getting my legs out. After visiting my usual beautician she introduced me to Dermablend. I told her about my thread vein problem and she did a make-up job on them with Dermablend – I was so impressed!

Next day I googled Dermablend and watched a clip on YouTube and that was it! I ordered my first tube in a medium colour through and it arrived 2-days later. This is magic in a tube! It covers anything, I promise! Shower, moisturise, leave your skin for 10-minutes and then apply by blending in carefully and Bob’s your uncle. Further more it last’s all day on the beach and on the water, what could be better!

I ordered the tan colour a few days later for next-day delivery. I found that blending the medium and tan together gave me the perfect match! Best product ever!


Neen15’s review of the Vichy Idealia Pro- Dark Spot Corrector 30ml

I am on the wrong side of sixty and have had a problem with pigmentation for about ten years. I have tried many things since but nothing has helped… till this. I’ve only been using it for three weeks and the results are wonderful. I think two more weeks and they will be gone. Thank you so much.



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