Guerlain L’Homme Ideal: The Competition

Guerlain L'Homme Competition

Now closed!

Congratulations to our winners Mary F, Shaun F and Dave E.

We have 3 Guerlain L’Homme Ideal fragrance sets (RRP £94 each) to give away to 3 lucky readers! Each set includes:

  • ○ Guerlain L’Homme Ideal 50ml Eau de Toilette
  • ○ Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Shower Gel 200ml
  • ○ Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Deodorant Stick  75ml

To enter, simply comment below and tell us what you think makes the ideal man. The competition closes on Wednesday 10th September. Good luck!


No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 3rd September 2014 and ends 10th September 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 10th September 2014. Two prize winners will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.


  • ellen potter

    kind heart, generous nature and sense of humour

  • Hi
    I would say ideal man is good looking, humble, hard working and honest 🙂
    Thanks for the give-away.

  • Mark Taylor

    A man should be well mannered strong but gentle and a good listener and also a good lover and a great cook

  • Georgina Jacobs

    one that makes you feel safe and secure everyday x thanks

  • wentworthway

    Somebody that is on the same wavelength as me and makes me laugh

  • Shirley Giles

    Honesty and Kindness

  • Richard Randall

    Me 🙂

  • Dawn123dee

    strong arms to hug you, a smile to greet you and he’s able to make an amazing cup of tea!

  • debbie1957uk

    One who is kind honest and has a sense of humour

  • juliebooth

    The ideal man has the looks of David Beckham, the wit of Stephen Fry, the love and kindness of Brad Pitt, the intelligence of Carl Sagan, the cooking ability of Jamie Oliver, and does the gardening like Alan Titchmarsh, and the body of Clive Owen

  • Sara Chesters

    I think loyalty, kindness and a good listener and the key qualities which make for a great man,

  • The ideal man is loving and caring and cooks me dinner when I’m working late. He’s understanding and funny, and plays a musical instrument. and he likes to relax on the sofa with me, our dog and a glass of wine, while I take in the scent of L’Homme Ideal – I mostly described my boyfriend here, only I’m missing the scent of L’Homme Ideal here I’m sitting, sipping my wine.

  • Gillian York

    someone who is willing to give as well as take

  • Laurie Pitt

    The IDEAL Man would wear fine French fragrances while living in South Wales!

  • Kelly glen

    The ideal man should always be there when you need him.

  • Evgeniya Retskaya

    The Ideal fragrance


    Kindness, that’s all they need x

  • John MacLean

    the ideal woman

  • True to himself and kind hearted to others.

  • Andy B

    The Ideal Man is the man who tries to be the best man he can be…


    My ideal man (yet to meet one) would be a combination of sparkling wit, intelligence & empathy.

  • Rui Castro


  • Elie Badawi

    charismatic smart funny romantic unpredictable good looking

  • dawn berry

    he should be prepared to let me wear his aftershave if i want to

  • jackie Chapman

    good manners are the most important thing for me

  • francesca bedendo

    sense of humour

  • hannah rachel welsh

    Humour! I need someone who can make me laugh and doesn’t mind laughing at himself!

  • Carol Carroll

    My ideal man is the one I have !

  • Jodie Crossley

    Respectful, kind and a good listener

  • mary heald

    Honest, trustworthy and kind

  • carolinedavison

    Honesty so important and very much lacking these days!!

  • maggie777

    Good manners, a kind nature and fun personality

  • Fiona

    Honest, caring, charming and fragrant!

  • Stuart Edwards

    me! 🙂

  • Emma Birley

    The ideal man, most importantly, should have respect for his other half. Honesty, altruism, thoughtfulness, the ability to make you laugh and forget about hardships, just because they’re there for you. Hugs and little kisses and stroking of the back of the hand make an ideal man for me too (; I think a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions is also something in an ideal man.

  • Margaret guest

    gentle natured good manners and caring

  • Anna

    Intelligence, kindness and humour are a dynamite combination and if I’m being greedy a lack of arrogance too!


    Me with Brad Pitts face and Bill Gates bank balance!!

  • falconer99


  • Amelia Kennedy

    Caring and supportive with a great sense of humour!

  • gfa01

    Humour, kindness and love.

  • Emma T

    Someone who is kind and makes me laugh 🙂

  • Rebecca Carden

    A man that makes me feel like the ideal woman!

  • JoMapp

    Good manners, a kind heart and cleanliness 🙂

  • Caroline Smith

    I – incredible, D – desirable, E – enthusiastic, A – accepting, L – loving………M – masculine,
    A – amusing, N – natural. My Ideal Man x

  • Kelly Emerson

    Kindness and honesty 🙂

  • claire

    responsibility and charisma

  • tabbaz

    One who takes pride in himself being a gentleman

  • zoe bryan

    kindness honesty and be able to give amazing hugs

  • jesus bermudez romero

    The ideal man is the one that knows who he is and it’s loyal to himself.

  • Ali Thorpe

    Humour and a sense of fun, kindness and the ability to make me feel I can do anything!

  • Heidi Dugdale

    Ideal to the woman that loves him

  • barbara daniels

    generosity, kindness and laid back

  • Christine Northrop

    sincerity, compassion, non-judgemental caring and loving

  • Alana Walker


  • rainbow1811

    Generally handsome qualities – Handsome is in the eye of the beholder!

  • Caroline H

    Honesty, practicality, sensitivity, respect.

  • Karen Slight

    Sense of humour is top of the list

  • Flossie A James

    The need to be independent, confident and loyal, oh, and they MUST smell good 🙂

  • Flossie A James

    The ideal man is independent, confident and loyal, oh, and they MUST smell good 🙂

  • Tim

    The ideal man is a man with only love in his heart.
    He is a little quirky and eccentric, whose character has been shaped by life’s difficulties. He rises above temptations and trials and uses intelligence and determination to achieve this. He keeps his emotions very close to his chest. Deep down he has a glimmer of sadness, yearning for those imaginary happier days of youth, and a joyous hope that one day they will be realised again.

  • wentworthway

    Understanding and kindness is all that’s needed

  • Lyn Bosomworth

    honest and loyal

  • Ajmal Hussain

    The ideal man is made up to be whatever she wants him to be.

  • Carol Gould

    A sense of humour, and a kind heart.


    Thoughtfulness always be there for you.

  • Amy PJ

    Kindness and honesty.

  • jenrogers

    Kindness and able to unscrew bottle tops for me!

  • Taty

    trusthfull and lovely

  • carol bradnock

    a man who lets me get my own way…most of the time 🙂

  • Rosalind Sargent

    A gentleman

  • Angie Allen

    Thinks of others before himself

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    Manners, politeness, chivalry and kindness.

  • Charley Foy

    Good sense of humour, nice smile, genuine, kind

  • David Walker


  • Lorna Kennedy

    Good manners, honesty and integrity. (It’s rare though!)

  • maureen findley

    strong loving and kind

  • anthony harrington

    sensitivity is a must, if you are of a sensitive nature the rest will naturally follow.

  • Lynn Lewer

    a good sense of humour

  • FawcettSA

    Manners maketh the man 😉

  • christina field

    Good manners

  • Phil Darling

    I always put the toilet seat down

  • isabelle smith

    someone who has respect for women

  • Dad’s life

    Ideal man? Me 🙂
    Seriously. Someone who’s kind, listens and knows themselves

  • rena plumridge

    Kind, generous, loving and giving

  • julie e henderson

    hnesty and manners

  • julie e henderson


  • Mary Hutton

    Good sense of humour is really important

  • Paul Wilson

    Someone confident and fun.

  • Petra Mazalin

    The ideal men is who can do everything for me- even clean or cook- as my husband:-)

  • Tom Murphy

    The ideal man is someone who can wear any fragrance by Guerlain without care but always with style

  • Henrik Gammelholm

    Selfconfidence, humour and a friend for life

  • Tammy Tudor

    a big heart 🙂

  • winnie

    a man with a sense of humor 🙂

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    a hard shell and a soft centre 🙂

  • Victoria Cunniff

    The ideal man is tall, handsome, gives you a hug when you need it, says he loves you, helps around the house, is a loving Dad, kind and patient, funny, generous and MINE! That’s my husband to a T!

  • Loren Gorst

    Manners! xxx

  • Vicky

    Humour, strength of character and kindness

  • juliebooth

    The ideal man laughs with you, not at you, and adores you

  • Derek Lean

    Personality, passion and patience

  • Rachel Heap


  • nutunit

    One who can make you smile, when you are feeling blue.

  • daisyduck

    Good manners and the ability to really listen.

  • kimberleyjohnson

    Kind, caring and makes you laugh

  • Nicola Adamson

    The ideal man would be smart, funny, loving , and smell nice

  • Pm Liu

    Caring, generous & respectful

  • Thomas Bauer

    L’Homme Ideal has got to have class (knowing how to dress and have some decorum), some jazz (=rhythm), pzazz (=attutitude& charisma) and some ass (needs to have some curves = not too skinny)! Beta males are the better males.

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    Respect, loyalty & kindness 🙂

  • Karen J Horsley

    The idea man is well-intentioned and smells of Guerlain Homme Ideal.

  • Vakhida


  • Ina Aleksiejeviene

    The eyes of a woman in love

  • Ina Aleksiejeviene

    The eyes of a woman in love

  • Helen Belton

    Being able to wash and dry the dishes without smashing any and taking the bin out wothout being asked 😛

  • Dele

    An ideal man is someone who attracts with whats in and on him. The smell of a man defines who he is.

  • Christine Burton


  • liz denial

    Good manners & the ability to make me laugh out loud

  • suzyq99

    Respect, considerate, funny, intelligent

  • Sylvia Witham

    A good sense of humour and respect for others

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Someone who can make me laugh, takes care of me and is considerate

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    He’s polite, considerate, clean, tall, interesting, fun, looks after himself, shares some of my interests, loves music and films, knows how to cook and wash up and work the washing machine, is great at giving back rubs, can fix things. Just described my boyfriend!

  • Katie Skeoch

    Considerate, generous and ambitious

  • salsquiggle

    Kindness, respectful, thoughtful and must like animals!

  • Amy Skinner

    honest, sense of humour, easy on the eyes, caring, list could go on….

  • Helen S

    Considerate and respectful makes my ideal man.

  • Candace

    A man who loves Jesus and allows that to permeate all the actions of his life

  • Graham Wilson

    Good manners at all times.

  • ann clements

    loving, kind and good sense of humour

  • jeanbolsover

    Good manners and a sense of humour

  • Elaine Dale

    a man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings

  • Victoria Easton

    Ability to make me smile, be there for each other and bring out the best in me!

  • Claire Blaney

    a man that has feelings and shows emotion

  • Serena La Pietra

    Integrity and intelligence

  • julia linsley

    Confidence – in himself and others

  • z.g

    a sense of humour and a good listener

  • Michelle Skarvold

    with a good sense of humor and one thats kind and caring .

  • flossiecrossie

    Someone who demonstrates good manner, has a sense of humour, respects your feelings & is able to load a dishwasher properly 🙂

  • maci234

    loving, kind and good sense of humour

  • denise jenkins

    Being a Gentleman in all senses of the word.

  • He has to have a good and kind heart, a smile that reaches his eyes, and good hygiene.

  • soneailiami

    craziness & senses

  • Debbie Higgins

    A man with a good sense of humor, who is honest and has good manners

  • Carolynn Woodland

    Love, laughter and loyalty

  • Robert Price

    The one who never has to say sorry

  • Abby Carroll

    A man who listens, shows emotions and has great humour

  • Joanne Baldwin

    Kindness and charm

  • Elaine Smith

    A man who is Humorous, Honest and has Humility.

  • Tina

    My husband makes the ideal man, he is strong and thoughtful and the best thing that ever happened to me

  • Jan Beal

    Kind, generous and with a good sense of humour

  • sarah evans

    a good heart my husband is the kindest person i have ever known x x

  • elaine stokes

    being honest and trustworthy

  • Carol Emmett

    Someone who can make me laugh when I’m down 🙂

  • greig spencer

    honesty, wit and intellegence

  • jbsguapa

    ability to keep sense when it’s best to keep quiet

  • Geraldine O’Gorman

    Someone who is kind and intelligent!

  • Katy C Johnston

    A man who isn’t afraid to let go sometimes and be a little spontaneous 🙂

  • elizabeth doody

    A man who loves you unconditionally, can make you laugh and never fails to surprise you!

  • Maz Thorburn

    Got to be thoughtful, honest and caring with a GSOH 🙂

  • Lucy Skelton

    Definitely intelligence, humour, and kindness. Those three qualities are the most attractive things a man can be!

  • Michelle Banks

    honesty, loyalty , sense of humour , and the ability to make you feel safe x

  • David Smith

    A Guerlain man….

  • AgentAllan

    One who can take on board all the comments posted below!!!

  • Clairmse Dukes

    My ideal man would have integrity, be empathetic & would possess a super sense of humour!

  • Hannah Ingham

    Someone who can match my intellectual thoughts and always make me smile!

  • Keith Hunt

    The wife just needs me to make her tea & toast.

  • Nikki Hayes

    Intelligence, good sense of humour and trustworthy ;o)

  • laura stewart

    a man who cares

  • Diana


  • Rachel H

    A man who is kind, funny, polite and gentlemanly and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  • Sal Hall

    A motivated man who loves DIY, dancing and taking out his lady!

  • Pirate Horse

    A kind heart and good sense of fun

  • Kim Styles

    A man who read an instruction booklet , who can cook ,wash clothes and iron but above everything does not do selective listening , does not suffer from Man flu and can put a toilet seat down

  • mellwinkle88

    Warm, loving and honest about his feelings

  • Austin Phillip

    Superb Manners –

    Consideration For Others

    A Clean Pair Of Heels

    And A Fantastic Timepiece

  • Tracey Parker

    Humour and genuine!

  • Sandy Ralph

    someone who listens, helps and doesn’t take you for granted

  • suey1969

    I go for what’s in a man’s mind and his heart, not the car he drives or the size of his wallet.

  • Esther James

    Romantic, thoughtful. quirky,handsome and a professional

  • Richard

    a man who is a bit deaf in one ear!

  • Claudia

    Along with being caring and the perfect Dad, I think the ideal man is someone who can fix anything, or at least has a go!

  • Tia

    A man who says what he means and never turns back on his word

  • Vikki George

    Sense of humour

  • Charlotte

    A man who is kind and considerate, has an amazing sense of humour and who smells divine! x

  • Nicola Jones

    Someone who always puts you first and has a good sense of humour

  • kevin devlin

    good manners

  • carolyn

    The ideal man is loyal. He is confident yet not arrogant and has the ability to take charge.

  • Julie Ward

    One thats fun to be with who would make my tummy flutter when I saw him. Must also smell sexy

  • Eva Vida

    A man who doesn’t want me to change 🙂

  • kathycakebread

    Someone hot, well groomed, tall, funny, reliable, loyal, good to talk to and has a great job! I can dream!

  • Nicola Stephenson

    A man who supports you in whatever life throws at you

  • Paula Horne

    He needs to be kind, loving and great fun!

  • philipmason

    The ideal woman !!

  • luijojo

    Someone with a good sense of humour, who cares for others, and doesn’t take himself too seriously

  • caroline pawson

    needs to be loving, caring, trustworthy and commited 🙂 also he needs to beable to cook

  • Rachel Bustin

    a gorgeous smile, caring and a fab personality!

  • Rachel McMillan

    A man that loves and supports you no matter what

  • PamGregory

    A man who ‘gets’ me!

  • ClaireH

    My ideal man is my fiancé, caring, gentle and likes to smell nice 😉

  • Samantha Mcginty

    a calm, friendly, trustworthy man

  • Angela L Paull

    Kindness, honesty and the ability to admit when he’s wrong (handsomeness and a hot bod are just a bonus)

  • Janine Phillips

    Kind, caring, well groomed and a wicked sense of humour x

  • hayley green

    An honest, respectful and caring man.. who wears Guerlain of course!

  • Aoao

    Patience, patience, patience!

  • Amelia Stephenson

    someone who’s your best-friend

  • Ruth Dunkin

    An ideal man is tough to find, he must be handsome, charming and kind. He’d make me laugh and love my mum, oh and best of all have a squeezable bum!

  • Roxanne Stanyon

    A man with a kind soul and a passionate heart.

  • Susan Freeman

    someone who makes you laugh, and cares about you no matter what happens

  • a loyal man, who had a great sense of humour and a good heart who isnt afraid to show emotion

  • Kevin Smith


  • curtis linda

    one who only says yes dear never no

  • Theresa Louise Cooke

    A heart of gold and torso of bronze.

  • Angela Williams

    reliability and honesty with a good sense of humour

  • annamattandlily

    Kind considerate and understanding make my escentual man

  • Laura Asplin

    A man who is not scared to show emotion

  • Lillian Fisher

    Someone who loves you with all his heart x

  • kayleigh dudley

    being a fab parent,funny,honest,loving

  • Jules Naybur

    A man that smells good!!!

  • bethbowdler

    A man who doesn’t think he’s always right

  • lizzie brookes

    Keeping clean and being attentive to his girlfriend

  • Caroline Tara Lyons

    Showing respect to their woman.

  • Frances Grasby

    Kindness and a good sense of humour

  • Mark Hickin

    one who puts up with the wife’s nagging and just says ‘yes love’

  • Jenny Long

    A man who can handle difficult situations; someone who is not afraid to cry. Someone who is brave, yet knows when to concede. Someone who loves helplessly but gives help endlessly.

  • Denise Farminer

    a good listener,loads of patience,kindness and honesty

  • Anita

    Someone on my wavelength that truly cares about my wellbeing.

  • Muhammad Ameer

    His unmistakable selfishness.. like the finest of scents generously gifting every soul it passes by, and never holding back.

  • NLK10

    Sense of humour and kindness

  • Cecelia Allen

    Being kind, thoughtful loyal, trusting, having a good sense of humour. sociable, Independant and allowing me to be the same. Amazingly I have a husband just like that.

  • mel williams

    My ideal man is everything my other half is, kind, caring, loving

  • Tony Weston

    Caring, compassionate and loving

  • Harriet

    Kind, caring man who treats a lady like a lady

  • @flickabella1

    Someone Trustworthy kind and considerate, who also is spontaneous and fun

  • Shelley J Stevenson

    for me.. its Kind, honest, trustworthy and attractive.. but i do like a bad boy to so im a total contradiction lol..

  • suzie Heard

    Some who can make me laugh, show he cares and treat me as equal

  • sherri fordham

    sense of humour, nice scent

  • Leanne Abel

    A man thats always there for you, and loves you no matter what your faultsl

  • Anne Jenkins

    My Man, who has saved up and bought us a house so we can be together x

  • Denise Bullen Jones

    One that works away a lot!!!

  • Jodie Harvey


  • Chris Bell

    They have to be caring , humourous and not prone to man sulks!

  • Jane Willis

    Thoughtfulness – that covers everything else!

  • Siobhan Lucy

    Kindness 🙂

  • Bogdan S.

    The ideal man is a TRUE man: powerful, addictive and
    sensuous. His strength comes from his inner tension, from his gaze and robust
    body. His addiction comes from possessing a mythical charm, like a luminous aura.
    His sensuality comes from his dark depths, where animalism blends with earthly desires.

  • Abbygayle May

    Someone who is there for you no matter what provides you security emotionally not just financially. Is a good father to your children as well as being your confidant and your best friend and your lover.

  • Tracey Ashburn

    Kindness, Sensitive, sense of humour

  • Diane Radford

    The Perfect Man

    The perfect man is gentle
    Never cruel or mean
    He has a beautiful smile
    And keeps his face so clean.

    The perfect man likes children
    And will raise them by your side
    He will be a good father
    As well as a good husband to his bride.

    The perfect man loves cooking
    Cleaning and vacuuming too
    He’ll do anything in his power
    To convey his feelings of love for you.

    The perfect man is sweet
    Writing poetry from your name
    He’s a best friend to your mother
    And kisses away your pain.

    He has never made you cry
    Or hurt you In any way
    Oh, screw this stupid poem
    The perfect man is gay.

  • Caroline Baker

    Honest, caring and a good sense of humour

  • Keshia Esgate

    Gerard Butler ha!! Ok really.. a man who loves you more than he loves himself

  • zahea

    Rich, working 24.7 to increase his bank balance so I can spend his money.
    A cross between George Clooney and Brad Pitt. No brains he just needs to look cute.
    An orphan because I can’t handle family politics and mother in laws from hell.

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Manners, polite, able to show emotion and likes a good giggle

  • Janet Thornton

    A man who is caring,kind,thoughtful and just to be greedy good in bed and good at cooking.

  • C Kennedy

    One who makes me laugh

  • Kim Lawrence

    Someone that is strong enough to care.

  • Jessica Newman

    nice, kind and loving

  • Natalie Bradley

    A kind caring honest faithful man who can make u smile 🙂

  • prem

    honest. kind . fit. loves u unconditionally

  • Rebecca Cleary

    One that doesn’t just agree for an easy life 🙂

  • leephilip

    Kindness ,loving,and loyalty

  • Bogdan S.

    The ideal man is a TRUE man: powerful, addictive and
    sensuous. His strength comes from his inner tension, from his gaze and robust
    body. His addiction comes from possessing a mythical charm, like a luminous aura.
    His sensuality comes from his dark depths, where animalism blends with earthly desires.

  • Nicola P

    Being able to talk about problems and having the empathy to see things both ways.

  • Katie Walker

    A kind hearted, caring and giving person. Someone you can trust in any situation. A person who is not afraid to say sorry or to say they are wrong. An intelligent person that makes you laugh and holds you when you cry, This is everything that my partner is and I love him so much.

  • michelle levett

    Loyal, good sense of humour and helps around the house

  • Olivia Kirby

    Intelligence, humour, a love of food and washing up he he

  • Donna Parkin

    honesty loyalty trustworthy loves kids and dogs and housework

  • Jemima Bradshaw

    Loving and caring!!And makes you smile all over

  • Nikki

    A nice smell is a good start 😉

  • samanthapsharpe

    Caring, dependable, respectable, loyal, smart, funny

  • Steven Montgomery

    Sense of humour 😉

  • Thegame100

    compassionate heart

  • Bridget Stephens

    Honesty, loyalty , sense of humour and an ability to listen.

  • Fleur

    PASSION! My man is ideal – passion for life, family and me x

  • Audrey

    Maturity, Well mannered, Sensitive, Caring, Selfless, Confident, Energetic with good sense of humour.

  • kristin


  • Trudie Lily Dawn Forde

    A man who is honest, and loyal before anything else. Then someone who is intelligent, who is funny, caring and open minded.

  • Penny Ford

    a man who makes you feel like you are special

  • Julie Hoggy

    Someone who listens

  • Victoria Thurgood

    helpful and funny

  • Sarah Bates


  • lucy stacey

    trustworthy honest funny dedicated caring and easy going

  • Chris Fletcher

    A bloke who doesn’t leave the loo seat up

  • Cathy Gordon


  • Fun Passionate Gentle

  • Liz Ferguson


  • Tracey

    Someone who loves you no matter what and you can have a laugh with.

  • Amy McCarthy

    Kindness, patience, intelligence and a never-ending supply of cuddles!

  • ellie

    Patient, funny, understanding and kind.

  • Anna

    Caring and curious of life!

  • Mary-Ann Pollard

    sense of humor, being down to earth, trust and loyalty

  • Hans

    Good sense of humour, kind and a pair of listening ears..

  • Dee Blythe

    A good sense of humour who cares about his family and is an animal lover.

  • Mary Fuller

    I find a pulse helps, on top of that fresh breath and the use of deodorant 😉

  • Tom York

    A man that listens to his wife…..sorry coming dear!

  • Laura Walker

    Trusting, supportive, good sense of humour and smell nice 🙂

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Kindness and honesty 🙂

  • Jacqueline Chapman

    Honest, loyal and trustworthy and with a good sense of humour thrown in. He has to make me smile 🙂

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    a family man, who wants to work hard, and treats a woman as a equal

  • 23farls

    Strong but gentle, sensitive but masculine, funny but not nasty and above all must smell AMAZING!!

  • tara1979

    Comedian, Michelin Star Chef, house trained and doesn’t take longer to get ready than me!

  • Victoria

    loyalty, humour, intellect

  • Irene Murdoch

    A kind heart and a sense of humour

  • Michelle Ptak

    Kind, caring with a good sense of humour and knows how to put the toilet seat down!!!

  • Kerri Ann

    The ideal man has a gsoh & intelligence & is loyal loving & kind..He keeps himself well groomed & watches crap tv shows with me

  • louise steele

    The ideal man is strong yet gentle, passionate and fun to be with, but most of all honest and faithful.

  • Karen Painter

    The IDEAL man does not smoke or swear at women. He is polite, hard working with a sense of humour and loves his family.

  • Margaret Dunlop


  • Lianne Wightman

    A perfect man is the man who loves you no matter what, who respects you and is loyal to you. He makes you feel like a goddess even where your in your pyjamas with the flu! He is a fantastic role model for his children and to him, you are his world…….luckily, i married this man!

  • Louisa

    The ideal man is confident, ambitious and works hard to put bread on the table. It helps if said man can bake that bread too.

  • Mimicat

    My ideal man is kind, thoughtful, a handyman and pussycat lover.

  • Louise Asekokhai

    Funny, generous, kind, clever and who enjoys housework and cooking and treats his partner with respect and spoils her rotten!!

  • Sarah Lewis

    Thoughtful, caring and a good sense of humour.

  • Fred_Baron

    Good manners maketh the man 🙂

  • Emma Harris

    Fun, sense of humour, understanding, kind, trustworthy, respectful and likes a cuddle 😛

  • Sam Williams

    Intelligence, honesty and good morals

  • Jo Booth

    Genuine, honest and a good sense of humour !

  • Patricia Avery

    I’m lucky enough to have been married to the ideal man for 45 years. Kind and caring, gentle in so many ways but my rock whenever I need him 🙂

  • Kirsty Partridge

    one who is true and looks after a woman

  • christine clarke

    A man who listens and actually hears what you h ave said, someone who doesn’t watch sport

  • zoe bryan

    A man that has a good sense of humor, trustworthy, truthful, honest, Able to listen and give advice and above see whats on the inside 🙂

  • Mark Tebbutt

    my ideal man is my hubby he my best friend rustworthy and every thing roll in one

    lisa ann tebbut

  • Paula Harvey

    Good taste in women and a body full of funny bones!

  • Kelly

    Someone who loves me for who I am and treats me as an equal

  • Ellie Harrington

    Kind, funny, nice smile and clean fingernails!

  • Little Miss Contrary

    a kind heart, humour, loyalty

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Intelligence, manners, a sense of humour and style

  • Helen Anita Dove

    beauty is only skin deep. the essence of an ideal man is a good true heart and strong spirit


    The ideal man is not afraid to be himself

  • Suzi Hulbert

    The ideal man is above all Honest and respectful.

  • Phil Holland

    Kind with a great sense of humour

  • Tracey Boswell

    The Ideal man is my OH because he loves me and looks after me and we both trust each other to do the right thing.

  • Vicki A Smith

    Strong, sensitive and loyal

  • Caroline Tonge

    The ideal man is courageous, protective and strong. Oh yes, he smells good too 🙂

  • Louise

    An ideal man would be able to multitask, put a washing in the machine, cook a meal, look good and be kind and sensitive, a bit of intelligence too and good sense of humour please.

  • Jeremy Rance

    Patience, Trust , Sense of humour and buns of steel

  • c5ryl

    Someone you can laugh with, confide in and who loves you no matter what 🙂

  • Louise

    Multitasker who can take care of the kids, load a washing machine, cook, keep the kids amused, be intelligent, funnt and a bit handsome!

  • Frances Wood

    The ideal man is hillariously funny, unwaveringly loyal and just the right amount of rugged.

  • Lyndsey Beckford

    Kindness, a sense of humour, intelligence and trustworthy

  • Clint Howat

    Being relaxed.

  • jeff bray

    me….. just me

  • kim1957uk

    A man who shows you respect at all times and has the ability to laugh at himself

  • Cat Culmer

    The ideal man is honest, caring, in touch with his feminine side and …. smells amazing

  • Rebecca Evans

    Exceptional parents make the ideal man…years of love and dedication from birth, through infancy, boyhood, puberty to fully grown… Oooohhhh and a good pair of Jeans (pun intended). 🙂

  • Kirsty Woods

    He has to be funny but not a clown

  • Jamie

    Someone that is Nice and open

  • Wendy Tyler

    Kind, honest, good looking and smells good!

  • cornishgirl

    The Ideal Man would be kind, caring, funny, sexy with plenty of VaVaVoom and a dash of je ne sais quoi

  • Rennene Hartland

    Honest, Reliable, good values, good sense of humour

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    Soft , Strong ……… and rather long ….. 😉

  • san

    a loving family man

  • Carol Wilson

    my ideal man, is someone who you can trust, hard working, loyal, and he must have a sense of humour to put up with me lol

  • michelle

    Firefighter with a good body, sense of humour, confident and caring and smell amazing.

  • Niall Kavanagh

    Being themselves, unique and unexpected, all the things I try to be

  • Claire Thomson Little

    kindness, good sense of humour, trustworthy, taller that 5ft 6 and a twinkle in the eye 🙂

  • Stuart Dunlop

    My wife left this on the breakfast table a few weeks ago…..
    You light up my world,
    And make me forget all my fears,
    Your laughter brightens up my days,
    And chases away all my tears.

  • Kirsty Norton

    Kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness along with good manners

  • sarah mills

    someone who understands x

  • Lisa Dolatowski

    honest, sense of humour, loyal, willing to help you without being asked! Intelligent, being able to cook. somebody that can put a smile on face when I’m having a bad day, a sense of adventure

  • Lexy law

    Kind funny and not selfish

  • Ellie Rose

    I would say someone who is loyal and supportive and caring. someone who also has a sense of humour and fun, looks after their appearance and is interesting to talk to with charisma and intelligence (surely its not too much to ask 😉

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    Trustworthy, reliable, loving, sensitive and…….. the ability to rescue me from spiders!!!

  • Laura Vitty

    Great conversation and intelligence.

  • David

    Simple. An ideal man is a man who can multitacsk.

  • Jen Shaw

    Gentle, Unselfish,Exciting,Romantic,Loving,And,Incredibly,Nice

  • Yastar

    Caring, willing to help and share. A good sense of humour is vital to keep the relationship alive and fun!

  • Dorota Amellal

    Good heart & gentle manners and strong muscles.

  • Soraya Rodrigues

    Well groomed

  • Lorraine Anderson Mse

    Someone who loves you for who you are

  • vicki hennie

    My Hubby is the ideal man, he is currently working a 50 week whilst going to college 2 nights a week to achieve his HNC at the age of 35 so he can provide a better life for our 2 children

  • Kevin Bloomfield

    Honest, reliable, funny.

  • Sensitive, empathy understanding , alluring an air of mystery , engagement.

  • Natalie fairhurst

    The ability to be relaxed and allow each person to be themselves and do their own thing sometimes 🙂

  • Joanne Claire

    Honest, genuine, giving and understanding…… husband ❤️

  • Alexandra Odr

    The ideal man is there for his partner supporting and not judging

  • MixedSpice

    He must be trustworthy, loyal and thoughtful. Someone I can turn to in a crisis and who treats me with respect.

  • Lisa Williams

    a true man is thoughtful, kind, good mannered and knows how to treat a lady

  • Bianca Franks

    Someone that will be themselves around you at all times no matter who’s company they are in! x

  • snarepuss

    sense of humour 🙂

  • Lucy Lucciano

    The ideal man is someone who is kind and trustworthy. A good sense of humour, a family man and animal lover 🙂

  • juliebooth

    honest, passionate, caring, loving, good sense of humour, loyal

  • Julia

    Loving,hardworking, honest & reliable

  • Joy Dehany

    Someone kind, who knows himself. Is just, fair and honest. Integrity, humour and laughter in the eyes and soul.

  • Jo Carroll

    my ideal man is humble, compassionate & giving; has held on to his inner child so is able to enjoy life and have fun but knows when to be serious and take responsibility. Trustworthy, reliable, honest…oh yeah – hygenic and well kept 😉

  • Jodi Hill

    Someone who has a kind heart and makes you smile 🙂

  • Rebecca Mercer

    Someone who is kind, honest and supportive

  • Ann Tui

    An ideal man should make me feel protected and respected

  • Someone loyal, kind and understanding who makes you laugh.

  • christine szlobodnik

    The ideal man for me is.. the type of man that is Mr Grey from 50 shades of grey. He IS the ideal man 🙂 he works, doesn’t play games & is very mature & sexy.

  • Ali Smith

    I always tell my boys manner makes a man 🙂

  • scarletblackbird

    Kindness. Very simple but completely true.

  • joanne

    Manners, wit and honesty

  • bethcastle

    Loyal, makes me laugh, kind, caring and handsome would be nice too!

  • Elizabeth Sheehy

    A nurturer kind Passionate person who loves life and lives life……..X

  • Belinda Matthews

    honesty, communication, loyalty and Respect

  • Vid Ram

    Honesty and integrity


    The ideal man is one who understands the way you think, and although not always agreeing is happy to compromise

  • Natalie Crossan

    Humour all the way

  • Laura Farren

    A man with inner strength, Humour and compassion, an air of Mystery an sparkling eyes

  • Jane Middleton

    someone who considers other people’s feelings, has strong values that he follows, is honest and caring

  • duchy

    A man who makes me feel cherished

  • pam Lawrence

    The ideal man is not afraid to show his feelings, he feels things strongly, is passionate, and prepared to stand up for what he believes in, and is protective of those he cares about, and those he feels are being bullied, or are vulnerable. He isn’t afraid to show his gentle, caring side, and doesn’t feel threatened by the rampant masculinity of some men.

  • Honest, Communicative, Loving and fun 🙂

  • jamesholyland

    Kind,loving,well mannered family man

  • alice lightning

    he has to sincere honest loving understanding and protector of his family and also an animal lover

  • Julie Edwards

    The ideal man would be trustworthy, reliable, honest and loves me faults and all.

  • karenbrady

    Strength and reliability coupled with compassion and humour

  • Minnie Whittaker

    It true , (sincere) manners maketh the man , whether to partners or anyone met during the day . Of course manners can be faked, but someone who shows the respect of listening and consideration has something very special.

  • john hatrey

    How good he can BBQ!

  • Heather Jenkinson

    Respectful, tolerant, kind and loving to his wife!

  • Oli Marshall

    What makes an ideal man are sense of dress code, sense of humor and common sense.

  • Valencia Sowry

    My Ideal man is the man who accepts me as I am and Loves as well as Adores me unconditionally.

  • Sue Carter

    Trust. If you can’t trust him he is not worth having whatever other attributes he may have.

  • Louise Payne

    makes me smile and cares about me

  • debwh142

    Honest funny faithful loyal

  • Liz G Smith

    hard working kind and genourous

  • Ruth Hedges

    Politeness, Good manners, Faithful, and looks like Brad Pitt x

  • Geoff Hibbert

    Good manners

  • Posiekins

    Compassion, empathy and a sense of humour

  • Lynn Neal

    The Ideal man has a great sense of humour and sees the lighter side of situations and strives to care for his family as best he can!

  • michellelintern

    Humour, kindness, patience and good looks

  • jane Graham

    he has to be able to protect his family from all that besets them.

  • Name

    Hardworking, honest, funny and caring. My hubby 🙂

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    A kind loyal man who is confident and funny……high hopes 😉

  • Sharon Oliver

    My ideal man is my husband, my best friend, father to my children he is all I want, generous, level headed doesnt moan if I eat too much, talks to me about anything & everything.

  • Samantha Bolter

    someone who can smile through the good times and the bad times, faithful and loving…. nothing else matters

  • Sam Schofield

    loyal loving caring and affectionate

  • Glyn Williams

    A man who still worships the ground his wife walks on after 28 years together ( nearly 26 years of marriage).. I do anyway! 😀

  • hayley pemberton

    Someone I can talk to without having to think about what to say next, who is secure and makes me feel secure and is happy in himself

  • catriona

    A kind and loving man who can make u laugh any time of the day

  • Deborah Swain

    The ideal man is…..

    G-allant, Aroma-licious, and, true,
    U-ber affectionate too,
    E-nthusiastic, and, fun,
    R-eally treats you like you’re No 1,
    L-aughs, and, cries at ‘chick flicks’,
    A-lways you, over his mates he picks,
    I-ntelligent conversation is a must,
    N-oble, honest, only him you trust!

  • Anne-Marie

    Funny, loving, kind and in my husbands case, able to deliver a baby at the bottom of our stairs without even flinching!!

  • Kathryn S

    Ambitious, kind and loyal

  • Marion

    Strong arms and big heart

  • chirag

    good manners

  • Judy Kennedy

    Someone who shows kindness & is concerned about the bigger picture.

  • Marie Higgins

    An Ideal man,is strong,mentally and physically,but also fair,considerate and kind..a true gentleman… near to Sean Connery as James Bond??

  • lisa scott

    My ideal man is my hubby, caring, great dad, funny, makes me smile, gives the best hugs and love his stubble, lol x

  • Laura

    I don’t think that there’s such a thing as a ‘perfect man’…but there is such a thing as a man that’s perfect for you! For me it’s be someone who doesn’t take things too seriously, has empathy, passion and love in his soul. Someone who likes to appreciate the one he loves, and also be appreciated back, can hold an intelligent conversation and has a sense of humour…but can also act like a big kid so that life doesn’t suck the happiness out of us both! good luck everyone 🙂

  • Dee Sherwood Wallace

    Kindness, compassionate and trustworthy.

  • Eva Trelfa

    Respect, Manners,kindenss and a sense of humour 🙂

  • Lynne Rea

    Beautiful eyes, broad shoulders, a caring heart, and a mischievious smile

  • martin wilding

    rugged sensetive and oozing sex appeal ! i got a sample of this fragrance this week and i love it and would love to win

  • Caroline James

    Someone who is kind, funny, intelligent.

  • Emily

    A single one!!

  • Kat

    Confidence, constancy, reliability, nobility, generosity and the pursuit of progress.

  • Mandy Hopkinson

    The ideal man is caring, hard working,and can support you though the hard times

  • Sally Hornsey

    Eyes, smile, sense of humour – oh and a good physique help too!

  • Ian R. Moore

    The ideal man (like me) is caring and sharing in most things- not his wife nor his shaver nor deodorant stick 🙂



  • Siobhan Marie Freeman

    The Ideal man is faithful, strong but also gentle, loving, caring with a witty sense of houmour and not idle x

  • liane mccreanor

    Someone who treats you like a princess ( obviously you treat him like a king back) a good listener and someone who always has your best interests at heart. Plus if he looks like david beckham….thats never a bad thing 😉

  • carly ann

    The ideal man is one who is respectful, loyal and charming 😉

  • MorganSpiked

    He must be a gentleman, have a good sense of humour and wear a sexy aftershave 🙂

  • Joanne Evans

    Tall, dark and handsome!!!!

  • barry robinson

    his smell

  • Sheila Glass

    The ideal man is strong emotionally and physically, adventurous, highly ambitious, assertive, brave, capable, beyond charming, chic and clean cut, conscientious, puts others first, confident and cool headed at all times. He is a man who has substance, enterprising, always goes for gold, passionate, natural, intelligent, warm hearted and always smells good.

  • Tracey Thompson

    sense of humour and smells gorgeous

  • Iram Mahmood

    The imagination! 🙂

  • Sandra Martin

    The ideal man should be pleasant looking, hard working and hands on at home. he should help with the chores and cooking as well as looking after the kids. He should be kind, generous, tolerant and have a good sense of humour, he should always shower, smell nice and look after his appearance. My husband is 50 soon and this would be a lovely gift for him, he has some of the qualities I have mentioned but not all as that would be boring!

  • Lesley Doodnath

    a sense of humour 🙂

  • Tim Graham

    Being a true gentlemen still 🙂

  • antonia richardson

    kind and funny

  • Louise Comb

    I’m tempted to say, “A blender”, but I’ll be good and play along. The ideal man is one who is not afraid to grow, learn and, above all else, to love.

  • sarah hurrell

    The ideal man has to be honest and good with children.

  • Louise Bennett

    My ideal man would be: Supportive, considerate, loving, passionate, spontaneous, intelligent, moralistic, honest and loyal…not a lot really lol the list keeps getting longer 🙂
    Loved it, Liked it, Shared it! 🙂 xXx

  • Catherine Gregory

    Someone who loves you for who you are not how you look or how you act. Someone you can be yourself around

  • SUE

    I can always smell a clean, fresh and ideal man, when he breezes past, and I get a whiff of a lovely aftershave….

  • george pow

    Manners and respect for others, not forgetting Kindness.

  • tishist

    Good manners, sensitivity, integrity

  • Amanda Beamish

    Hardworking, considerate, caring and respectful in all of his affairs, but should also not be a pushover x

  • Karen Walby

    My husband, kind generous, funny and loving even after 42 years

  • leah finch

    Money 😉 plenty of it ..

  • Gwyn

    Honest, Kind and trustworthy

  • Kay Panayi

    Honesty trust and a lovely smile

  • Andy Craig

    I’m probably not the best person to ask, but I reckon a big heart can go a long way.

  • carly byham

    I think an ideal man should be, fit, nice personality, cares about his family and works hard to look after his family

  • Abby

    A sense of humour, Charming, Independent, Intelligent, Good morals, Someone who can be serious when they need to be, but is also very calm minded. Someone with a big heart, someone who is kind and thoughtful, romantic and makes you happy to be around them ^_^

  • Sheila Wilkinson

    The guy who thinks I’m the ideal woman.

  • Rosie d

    I’m thinking Brad Pitt… another lifetime, I’m going to get him before Angelina Jolie- Oh hang on Didn’t Jennifer Anniston try that!!!

  • sarah gray

    the ideal man smells clean and fresh, but masculine. is well groomed but not waxed!! thats just too much. a twinkle in the eye, and a good sense of humour. 🙂

  • someone who takes you for who you are, a great sense of humour , someone who you can be comfortable with and have a laugh with

  • tina mckenna

    kindness, a sense of humour and the brains to know when not to talk

  • Mandy Bramwell Wan

    Is a guy who has his own teeth hair and smells nice can string a sentence together is pleasant and has a sense of humour and then everything is awesome haha

  • Christine Sutherland

    A big heart, a big smile and twinkly eyes

  • marie carr


  • Hayley Colburn

    A man who is not afraid to show you and everyone else that they love you makes the perfect man, my husband shows me everyday, everyone tells me how lucky I am to have such a great marriage (and I am )

  • Andrea Jayne

    faithful, honest, loving, passionate, intelligent, hardworking and trustworthy

  • mumseekslottowin

    a man who respects modern women

  • Helen Garner

    A good sense of humour and being caring and honest

  • bbmc

    Good manners, a good cheerful disposition and a love of the finer things in life.

  • LadyChelington

    someone caring, trusting, handsome and hardworking

  • Matthew Burr

    For some its the one in front of them. For others its one who can open up to them. But the truth is to be the ideal man you have to be the Urban Spaceman. We all know what the twist is…..

  • Lynsie Lynn

    Luckily I have the ideal man! He encourages me in everything I do, and he lets me be me, he also gave me my two beautiful girls and he loves me unconditionally! Now that’s an ideal man!!! 🙂

  • Sabita

    The ideal man is one who has true self-belief that values and enjoys the strong mind of his partner, who values the opinion of others even if he does not agree with it, for whom life is worth living only with a sense of humour

  • Jayne

    Someone kind and humble, thoughtful, funny, intelligent and built like a god!

  • Lyn Wilson



    A gentleman who is kind, loving and sincere.

  • elainehollis

    loyal and with a sense of humour

  • Natalie Gillham

    Conscientious, loving, humble and honest with a good sense of humour 🙂

  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    A gentle strength and intelligence.

  • spearce

    caring and funny x

  • tarbs

    Ideally man is.. someone who doesn’t shave his legs.. let rip at every opportunity.. watch endless football.. buys bits and bobs for DIY and never does it.. and doesn’t eat all my biscuits

  • NaomiB

    The ideal man is confident, charming and funny. Complimentary through his actions and comfortable with your friends and family x