Givenchy Folie de Noirs Christmas Makeup

Givenchy Christmas Makeup

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Forget gold and red; this Christmas, it’s all about sumptuous shades of black. Rich, velvety black overlaid with mother of pearl accents, harmonious shades of glittering onyx, carbon and coal that represent a sky full of stars. Welcome to the dazzling Givenchy Folie de Noirs Christmas Makeup Collection.

Nicolas Degennes, Art Director of Givenchy Makeup has excelled himself with this subversive collection, offering all of the festivity and shimmer of Christmas in a format befitting Givenchy couture. It’s a fusion of sobriety and eccentricity, completely familiar yet exciting and experimental, ensuring that your party look will be well and truly smouldering this season.

The star of the collection is a real coup: Le Prismissime Noirs En Folie, an eyeshadow palette containing 9 variations on glowing darkness, from deepest amethyst to vibrant emerald. The collection is further rounded out by a flurry of limited edition versions of your favourite products: Rouge Interdit Shine in an outrageous shade of glittering plum,  the cult Phenomen’Eyes Mascara in a chic deep blue, and my personal favourite, two new Le Vernis Givenchy nail colours in deepest black and chunky, multifaceted shimmer, which together create a mini galaxy on your nails.

Let’s explore, shall we?



Les Prismissime Noirs En Folie

Givenchy Les Prismissime Noirs En Folie Closed Givenchy Les Prismissime Noirs En Folie Open Givenchy Les Prismissime Noirs En Folie Swatch

The undisputed star of the collection is Le Prismissime Noirs En Folie, a mini palette featuring nine intensely shimmering variations on the theme of black. Each intense, monochromatic shadow is mixed with jewel-toned mother-of-pearl, which provides exceptional depth. Despite the theme, you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s not a black shade in the collection, just allusions to it; silver, amethyst, copper, antique gold, pewter, sapphire, bronze and emerald are offset by a multi-colour fusion in the centre, which provides even more intensity as a top coat. Use dry for a wash of shimmer, damp for a wet-look foiled effect, or as a liner for a flash of colour – it’s such a versatile palette! Slide out the drawer underneath and you’ll also find three handy applicators: two sponges, and one brush. Perfect party clutch material.

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Ombre Couture

in 13 Noir Sequin

Givenchy Ombre Couture in 13 Noir Sequins Givenchy Ombre Couture in 13 Noir Sequins Swatches

There have been quite a few cream eyeshadow launches of late, but Ombre Couture is one of my favourites. Truly creamy-soft, waterproof and boasting 16 hours of wear, it’s everything I want in an eye colour. Ombre Couture in 13 Noir Sequin takes glamour to excess, with a rich black base shot through with ultra-fine golden and iridescent shimmer. It’s perfect for a super quick smoky eye, simply pat on and blend, or use as a liner for a shimmering twist on your everyday eye.

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Rouge Interdit Shine

in 37 Prune Folie

Givenchy Rouge Inderdit Shine 37 Prune Folies Givenchy Rouge Inderdit Shine 37 Prune Folie Swatch

Now, this is a spectacular lipstick. On the face of it Rouge Interdit Shine in 37 Prune Folie is a completely left-field colour for Christmas: a proper, deep purple with chunky rainbow glitter. However this intensity doesn’t translate to the lips as you’d expect, instead offering a sheer wash of plum with a smattering of pretty festive shimmer. pH reactive pigments and mother-of-pearl extract ensure that this colour is truly tailor made and subtle, making it something of a must-try for those who are in equal parts thrilled by and scared of bold colour. Add to this the usual beautiful texture, long wear and high shine that Rouge Interdit Shine is known for, and you have yourself a real gem.

 Breaker SmallGelee d’Interdit

in 22 Nacres En Folie

Givenchy Gelee d'Interdit 22 Nacres En Folies Givenchy Gelee d'Interdit 22 Nacres En Folie Swatch

If a bold lip isn’t really your thing, then this new shade of Gelee d’Interdit in 22 Nacres En Folie will make sure you still get your glitter fix with none of the colour commitment. Like the lipstick it’s pH reactive and works to enhance the natural colour of your lips, this time with a light rose shade. The gloss is shot through with gorgeously chunky rainbow shimmer for a glamorous everyday look, and scented with a subtly fruity fragrance as an added luxury. I love the texture of Gelee d’interdit; it’s a new-generation gloss that has a moisturising gel base and not a trace of the stickiness associated with traditional glosses. It’s so tactile it almost feels like a balm. Love.

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Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

in 10 Blue Folie

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara 10 Bleu Folie

There’s no doubt that Phenomen’Eyes is a revolutionary mascara. The secret to its extraordinary ability to fan out lashes lies in its unique ball-shaped wand, with panoramic bristles that create a 360 approach to dressing lashes. It’s so ergonomic and effective, the first time that you use it you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of it before! Phenomen’Eyes Mascara in 10 Bleu Folie is just beautiful; I’m a little wary of blue mascara as it tends to be quite vibrant, but this is an elegant, muted navy, drawing from the Folie de Noirs theme of playing with black. You could easily switch out your usual black mascara for this shade without too much adjustment, and it pairs beautifully with the deep black eye shadows in the rest of the collection, making the deep shades pop.

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Le Vernis Givenchy

in 22 Noir Satin and 23 Folie Scintillante

Givenchy Le Vernis 22 Noir Satin 23 Folie Scintillante

And last but not least, my favourites: Le Vernis Givenchy in 22 Noir Satin, a deep, shiny black, and 23 Folie Scintillante, a glittering top coat suspended in a transparent black base. Where to start with these beautiful products? First the presentation, which like the entire collection is absolutely gorgeous. Weighty glass with a metallic lid, and a really well thought-out brush design that is a little shorter and wider to allow for one-stroke application. The formulation is fantastic too, especially for Noir Satin, which is opaque in one coat and flawless in two. Noir Satin is created with a blend of 3 primary colours to produce the purest, most intense black, and is formulated without iron oxide, which means no yellow nails when you remove your polish. It’s a real essential for your nail colour collection. Folie Scintillante is the icing on the cake, truly capturing the collection’s cosmic wonder with a smattering of different sized mother-of-pearl particles. Despite the deep colour in the bottle, the base is mostly transparent, producing a ‘smoky’ look on top of bare nails or other colours.

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Over to you!

What do you think of this wonderfully eccentric Christmas collection?


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