Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipstick

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

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I’ve long admired Shiseido make-up, and not just because I have Japanophile tendencies. With one foot firmly in the East and the other in the West, Shiseido have a knack of influencing the biggest beauty trends, crafting products that are exceptional both in quality and in innovation. Their emphasis upon striking colour and high tech results is no better represented than in my favourite product of theirs, the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipstick – if you’re wanting to break into the wonderful world of Shiseido colour cosmetics, this is the perfect place to start!

Lacquer Rouge is a liquid lipstick, one of those hybrid formulas that give you plenty of pigment and gloss without any dryness or stickiness. It has a comfortable balmy texture and an opaque finish, which means you can just swipe and go. Build layer by layer for more intensity, or just dot on and blend for a more subtle look. One of the facets that sets Rouge Lacquer apart is its infusion of Shiseido’s exclusive moisturising complex Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, which holds moisture close to the lips and ensures lips are soft all day. Gorgeous!

Ready to find your perfect shade?


Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD305 RD321 RS727 RD529 RS723

RD305 Nymph – A rich and fleshy rose pink.

RD321 Ebi – A pretty and vibrant reddened pink – Ebi is ‘shrimp’ in Japanese!

RS727  Rose Grey – A well-behaved, milky mauve pink.

RD529 Tango – Rich berry purple.

RS723 Hellebore – Browned berry-mauve.


Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in PK226 PK430 RS404 VI418 VI324

PK226 Ophelia – Fresh and rosy pink.

PK430 Dollface – A pretty bubblegum shade.

RS404 Disco – A fun-loving, hot disco pink that’s made for dancing.

VI418 Diva – A dramatic and stylish fuchsia-pink.

VI324 Indiscreet – Bold violet.


shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RS322 RD215 RD203 RD314 RD320

RS322 Metalrose – Rosy brown.

RD215 Caramel – Rich, sweet beige with peach tones.

RD203 Portrait – A pink-toned nude, reserved and classic.

RD314 Deep Coral – Fresh, sweet coral for everyday glamour.

RD320 Sunburn – A deep brick red and coral fusion.


Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in OR508 RD319 RD413 RD501 RD607

OR508 Blaze – A fiery hit of yellow orange shot through with racy glimmer.

RD319 Pomodoro – Orange-based red.

RD413 Sanguine – A bright, hot red for happy days.

RD501 Drama – A perfect, classic red.

RD607 Nocturne – An intense Bordeaux red, perfect for eveningwear.


Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD728 BE306 BR616 RD702 GD817

RD728 Voila – Beige-mauve with a copper shift.

BE306 Camel – A chic, everyday beige.

BR616 Truffle – Chocolate brown with ultra fine shimmer.

RD702 Savage – Rich and earthy brown.

GD817 Athena – Molten, shimmering gold.


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