The Making of Guerlain Meteorites

Making Guerlain Meteorites

In 1987, Guerlain launched something rather curious: a loose powder pressed into pearls, each one a different, bonbon-like colour. The magic of Guerlain Meteorites was born.

This new invention would go on to cause a stir. As functional as they are beautiful, each coloured pearl performs a very specific function; pink for a healthy glow, green to camouflage redness, white to illuminate, and gold for an iridescent effect. This alchemy of colours creates unparalleled radiance for the complexion. And now, over 25 years on, the secrets of Meteorites are revealed…



The Making of Magic

In order to create the iconic pearls, engineers took note from was happening in pharmaceutical factories, designing a contraption inspired by tablet-manufacturing machine. Round, slow and with an even rotating movement, it creates pearls that are roughly the right shape. They are then finished by hand to obtain evenly sized beads.

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The Creation of Light

Perfectly round and extraordinarily soft, these beads are created in a spectrum of different colours, each one offering a different function for skin. When swirled together, the complementary colours cancel each other out to produce a neutral hue that illuminates the skin. Each shade is carefully weighed and evenly measured by hand before being poured into their iconic silver box – just as the Meteorites masters have been doing for more than 25 years.

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The Meteorites Factory

An alternative history of the pearls from a factory high in the clouds


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