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Beauty fads come and go, but there are some looks so iconic, they’ve earned the label “make-up classics”. From the scarlet pout to the smoky eye, classic looks never go out of fashion, whatever blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trend the catwalks happen to be obsessing over.

One of my favorite beauty classics is the Fifties pin-up look – think creamy skin, a retro cat’s eye and a bold lip. A gorgeous mix of sweet and sassy, it’s polished without straying into the realms of vampy, and a great look to have in your beauty arsenal. So this week I asked one of my favourite make-up artists Olivia Newman Young to create the ultimate Fifties Face.

Olivia: I promise that once you’ve nailed this look, you’ll return to it time and again. It’s got a sex-kitten sweetness that is irresistible – just like our Binky! So here we go…



Step 1 – Base

Back in the Fifties, foundations were thick, chalky and greasy. Thankfully things have moved on and we’re lucky enough to have a range of brilliant bases at our disposal, from anti-ageing creams and hydrating blends, to no-blemish formulas and lightweight tinted moisturisers. DiorSkin Star Foundation, which I used here, is one of the latest “intelligent” formulas. Binky is lucky enough to have a naturally amazing complexion, but this lightweight foundation uses clever technology to correct imperfections and brighten skin, giving you a lovely natural glow.

Step 2 – Brows & Bronzer

Fifties pin-ups have a soft, sculptural glamour that is incredibly womanly – all hips, boobs and legs! The same goes for their faces, so I used Clarins Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette to groom and emphasise Binky’s brows, followed by Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronzer blended across cheeks, nose, temples and under the chin to define Binky’s beautiful bone structure.

Step 3 – Blusher

Forget that angular (aka skinny) chic favoured by models and fashion eds; the Fifties look prizes healthy, glowing prettiness. A wash of blusher creates the lovely rosy glow – I used Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Rouge Blusher in Soft Peach to give Binky a girlish flush of colour. Its creamy formulation is really easy to blend, creating a flattering pinky sheen across the apples of your cheeks.

Step 4 – Eyeliner & Mascara

Now for the most important part of the look. Drawing on a perfect cat’s-eye flick takes practice, but the good news is that today’s liquid liners are incredibly easy to work with. I used DHC Liquid Eyeliner – a dark, glossy liner pen – working it along the upper lash line and then flicking up at the outer edge. Pulling your eyelids taught helps, and it doesn’t matter how thick your line is, which allows you slowly build up your flick until you’re satisfied. It’s important the both eyes match, so keep checking, correcting and practice, practice, practice! Lashings of inky mascara complete your fluttering Fifties eyes – Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It Black is my current favourite.

Step 5 – Lips

Dramatic lips are the final Fifties touch. Pure scarlet can look a bit harsh so I’ve chosen a warmer, raspberry shade. Dior Addict Fluid Stick Lip Colour is a dream of a product. Pairing all the rich pigment of a lipstick with the easy of application of a gloss, it slicks on straight from the sponge applicator and a single sweep of colour lasts for ages.

Binky and Olivia

Binky: thanks Olivia. I love this look – it’s feminine, frivolous and flirty. You’ll find all the make-up products we’ve used here at Escentual, and if you log onto my Youtube channel you can pick up more of Olivia’s clever beauty tips.

So indulge yourself, be good, and never forget – stay gorgeous!

Love Binky xxx

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