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Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick

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Ah, spring. The harbinger of fresher shades, dewy bases and – importantly – lighter textures. I say importantly because this newest release from Shiseido is all about the texture. Veiled Rouge is an innovative, tactile lipstick with a unique composition crafted from lightweight oils, veiling pearls and a deep moisturising complex. If you’re craving dewy, comforted, high shine lips, look no further.

Aside from a well-edited selection of shades the big draw of this new formula lies in that special composition. Though the colour is translucent, the pigment is colour-true and brilliant, so it really does look like lips are glowing. The lightweight oil has the added benefit of disguising those niggly fine lines on the surface of your lips for a perfected result, while added pearlescent particles diffuse the light like you wouldn’t believe. It’s an incredibly flattering lip colour, making it especially good for those with mature skin or dry lips.

Ready to find your perfect shade?

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Veiled Rouge – The Classic Shades

RD302 Rosalie, RD506 Carnevale, RD707 Mischief & BE301 Carrera

Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick RD302 RD506 RD707 BE301

Shiseido does classic lip shades so very well. These four timeless hues are perfect for both work and play thanks to the buildable texture of the lipstick, simply apply sheer for understated daytime chic, and reapply 2-3 coats to achieve a bolder result for evening wear. This end of the Veiled Rouge colour spectrum contains shimmer, but the effect is more subtle glow than all-out glitter ensuring that they remain supremely wearable.

RD302 Rosalie is a beautifully muted warm rose with golden shimmer. It’s an ideal everyday sort of hue that gives you that ‘my lips but better’ look with a touch of warmth. In some lights, this pretty shade leans towards coral.

RD506 Carnevale is a classic red with golden shimmer, with just a fraction of a blue undertone. The shimmer gives the shade a dewy lift, elevating it to a higher status than your run of the mill, flat reds – it’s such a juicy shade.

RD707 Mischief is a delicious wine red with golden shimmer. Apply sheer for an understated ‘bitten’ look and channel Winona’s 90s chic, or reapply for a vampier hue.

E301 Carrera is something really special – a high shine, golden rosy nude that looks almost metallic on the lip. This one is so high shine, it almost looks like a gloss!

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Veiled Rouge – The Fashion Shades

PK304 Skyglow, PK405 Pomegranate, RS308 Sloe & OR303 Orangerie

Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick PK304 PK405 RS308 OR303

These four shades are so pretty. They lend themselves really well to Veiled Rouge’s ultra-sensorial, sheer texture, so if you’re a bit of a colourphobe but would love to dip your toe into a little spring brightness, they couldn’t be more perfect. Each colour offers a creamy glow rather than an all-out blast of pigment, and wear evenly so they look gorgeous even after dinner and a few drinks.

PK304 Skyglow is a warm-toned, balmy baby pink that is absolutely divine. It delivers all of its radiance via texture rather than shimmer, giving the appearance of dewy, glowing lips.

PK405 Pomegranate  is a delicious reddened pink that is fairly neutral in tone. It has quite a distinctive silver shift when it’s sheered out, and it looks especially gorgeous after a few coats.

PS308 Sloe is the wild card. A rather full-on shade, it balances purple and pink to an impressive degree, delivering a pop of ultra shiny fuchsia with a dewy finish.

OR303 Orangerie is my very favourite as I’m partial to a good coral orange, especially in the summertime! This tactile and balmy texture is the perfect way to wear the happy-go-lucky shade: with minimal commitment and lots of zing.


Over to you!

Will you be trying Shiseido Veiled Rouge? Which lip shade is your favourite?

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