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The wait for glowing skin is over. Michael Kors has released its Spring 2015 Into the Glow Colour Collection, and it’s nothing short of dreamy.

I’m probably not the only one looking back at old photos of summer and grieving my long-lost tan. There’s nothing better than glowing skin and some colour in your cheeks to add a touch of glowy goodness to your complexion, and as we welcome spring the realisation that summer is not too far away sinks in – a tan could be on the horizon once again.

Michael Kors Into the Glow is the perfect range of products to achieve the all-over bronzed look we’re all lusting after. Sun-kissed, shimmering skin, ultra glossy lips and a dash of vibrant colour is but a spray and a sweep away.

The limited edition collection introduces us to the new Hydrating Bronze Gel Crème, a luxurious all-over, lightweight formula.  The collection also includes vibrant new lip and nail shades that couldn’t be more fitting for the warmer months.  And of course, a Bronze Powder and Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil could not be forgotten within a collection aiming to replicate a jet set glow.

Let’s take a closer look…

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Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme

Michael Kors Hydrating Gel Creme in Permanent Vacation and Sun Chaster Close Michael Kors Into The Glow Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme in Permanent Vacation and Sun Chaser

The Hydrating Bronze Gel Crème is the hands down star in this collection. The all-over gel with iridescent shimmer available in Permanent Vacation, perfect for fairer skin tones with a slightly more rose gold tone and Sun Chaser, a gel for medium to dark skin tones, as it boasts luminous golden shimmer. Smoothing out to offer a subtle bronze glow that catches the light and illuminates the skin, the gels are perfect base to wear alone or underneath a foundation. As soon as this new product caught my eye I knew it would be my favourite, it reminds me of the glow you see only on supermodels!

The consistency of the gels are refreshing. They sink straight in and blend out beautifully, instantly quenching thirsty skin – you can wave goodbye to dull-looking skin if this is around. And you don’t need to fear that you’ll look like a disco-ball either, the gel crème smoothes out to be a subtle shimmer, which reflects the light without being ‘too much’.

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Into The Glow Lip Lustre

Michael Kors Lip Lustre in Dew Getaway Fire Coral 1 Michael Kors Lip Lustre in Dew Getaway Fire Coral

Pinks, peachy corals and shimmering nudes are the core of colour in this collection. Featuring new trendsetting coral cream, pearl and shimmer shades, the lip lustres and nail lacquers ensure lips and nails don’t fade into the background.

The new shades in the Lip Luster line-up are; Dew, an almost clear gloss with specs of pink shimmer, Getaway a berry-toned vibrant pink and Fire Coral an orange-coral with golden shimmer throughout. Each one is packed full of pigment, no boring lip glosses here, these will tempt even the most loyal of lipstick lovers to the gloss side. One swipe and you’ll fall in love, and I mean fall hard, the lacquers leave a veil of light-reflecting, hi-shine pigment that leaves lips feeling hydrated and looking plumped.

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Into The Glow Nail Lacquer

Michael Kors Nail Lacquer i Michael Kors Nail Lacquer in Daydreamer Michael Kors Nail Lacquer in Paradise

The new shades of Nail Lacquer are my ideal summer shades, I couldn’t have picked them better myself. Blush, a natural nude is the perfect neutral, a must-have in every nail collection for the ‘this will go with everything attitude’. Next up is Paradise, a vibrant creamy coral that screams summer and Day Dreamer, a shimmering baby pink that leaves a subtle sweep of delicate colour for the days you just want that little something.

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Bronzer Powder in Glow

Michael Kors Bronze Powder in Glow

No spring collection would be complete without a bronzer to add warmth and dimension to your face. And of course, Michael Kors haven’t given us any old thing in this collection.  The Bronze Powder in Glow is a bronzer that makes achieving a dewy glow easy and effortless. And the addition of gold, mirrored packaging and the large mirror inside is enough to make any makeup lover squeal with excitement.

The warming bronzer has subtle shimmer running throughout which enables the light to reflect beautifully off the skin. So, if adding warmth and glow to your complexion is at the top of your wish-list then this bronzer will be the perfect accompaniment to your makeup stash (We’ll  all be bronzed goddesses in no time).

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Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil

Michael Kors Dry Shimmer Oil

Ever wondered how Victoria Secret models get that iridescent glow all over their body that looks neither too shimmery, nor oily? Everyone wants that all-over glow that makes you look sun-kissed, as if you truly belong on the beach. Well, luckily Michael Kors has that covered with their Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray.  A few spritzes to the skin and you’ll be able to give any VS model a run for her money.

The Dry Oil leaves a light floral aroma on the skin and is the perfect final touch before you head out the door. I feel like this is the ultimate spring/summer product, and if you’re vacationing to somewhere exotic this would be the perfect travel companion, because who doesn’t want to shimmer in the sunshine, right?

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Over to you!

What do you think of this gorgeously sunkissed collection?

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