Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum

Roger Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum

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There’s nothing quite like a Roger & Gallet fragrance in the brighter months. As the weather gets lighter and brighter, you want your scent to suit; and mood enhancement is at the heart of what Roger & Gallet does. Each scent is crafted with aromachology in mind, enriched with distilled precious oils that work to calm, uplift, soothe or energise, depending on which you choose. You really get the sense that they’re emotional fragrances, very much tied to a certain place and a certain time – but a time and a place that is somehow instantly recognisable and familiar to each person who wears them.

The latest launch is the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum, a new addition to the Fleur de Figuier range composed by master nose Francis Kurkdjian. Fleur de Figuier is billed as a ‘relaxing’ fragrance, capturing the laidback, luscious freshness of warm Mediterranean summers. The launch also marks a first for Roger & Gallet – it’s their first ever Eau de Parfum composition, ensuring that the sensuousness of the fig is captured more fully in a rich and long-lasting fragrance.

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Now, I love the Fresh Fragrant Water Spray version of Fleur de Figuier (you can read that review here) and I love deeper fragrances, so you can imagine my delight upon receiving this parcel. On the face of it, the Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum is a promise of more; more lusciousness, more mouthwatering sweetness and more intensity than the original. And while all of that’s true, I think Kurkdjian has created something more complex than that. The Eau de Parfum expands upon the Fresh Fragrant Water Spray’s sun-drenched Polaroid of the Mediterranean coast by presenting the fuller, time-lapsed story of the fig.

The fragrance takes us from dawn until dusk, retaining the same laidback, sunkissed character throughout but showing us different facets in the lifespan of the fig. The first frames open with the tangy vibrancy of a not-quite-ripe green fig accented with mandarin, gradually deepening and darkening into candied, deep purple flesh that releases the most beautiful fruity-milky aroma. Along the way some unexpected notes conjure images of the fig tree, particularly violet wood, which Kurkdjian uses to represent the slightly powdery harmony of the fig flower. In the base patchouli and musk introduce chypre sensuousness, casting ambient shadows across the fragrance that are reminiscent of the tree’s deep, dark leaves.

Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum is transportive, richly composed and absolutely perfect for both summer days and nights. If you love the sound of the fragrance, now’s the time to try it – we’re offering 1/3rd off the entire brand throughout May!Breaker Tiny

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