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Dior Diorshow

Ceryn SignatureWe all want a glimpse of the glamour that happens behind the curtains of a Dior catwalk show. The last-minute touch-ups, the rails of designer clothing and the secrets shared between makeup artist and model.

An invitation backstage may be a rarity but with the Diorshow range makeup artist secrets don’t stay that secret, well not for the Dior customer anyway. The Diorshow range instils the spirit of the ‘backstage’ seen, allowing every woman to achieve the looks that grace the catwalk.

Inspired by the thriving energy backstage at a Dior catwalk show I created a glamorous day-to-night look using the new Diorshow range. With products that add dramatic impact to your eyes and brows, there’s no denying that when you are wearing the Diorshow range all eyes will be on you, on or off the catwalk.


Diorshow by Day

Diorshow Eyeshadow Diorshow Day Look - EyelinerApplying Diorshow MascaraDiorshow Day Look - Finished


Step 1

Diorshow Brow Styler Gel

To begin the look I used the Diorshow Brow Styler Gel to fix my brows perfectly in place. The retractable brush provides instant grooming in one movement, delivering just the right amount of fine gel-serum to shape, define and polish the brows with no stickiness.

I applied the Brow Styler Gel over my regular eyebrow product, it added intensity and fixed the hairs in place to ensure the shape I had created lasted all day. This brow perfector can also be used on its own, to give the brow hairs a quick tidy-up if you’re in a rush.

Available in three shades, a universal transparent colour and two deeper brown and blond shades, the Diorshow Brow Styler Gel is a must-have for those that want their brows to be the star of the show.


Step 2

5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette in 208 Navy Design

The essential Dior palette has been reimagined for this collection, introducing six harmonies that are designed to suit all eyes and all occasions. The palettes contain five shades complementary to one and other and are available in 6 varying colour combinations. The iconic eye shadows are enriched with Dior’s coloured pearlescent pigments, a hybrid of components that combine the colouring power of pigments and the luminosity of pearlisers for dramatic results.

For this look I used the palette Navy Design, a collection of beautiful blue and navy tones with pearlescent shimmer running throughout. All palettes feature a primer shade, central colour shade, ombre shadow, highlighter and liner, all centred on the idea of being able to achieve catwalk-worthy looks in the comfort of own home.

For this subtle daytime look I popped the cream primer shade on my inner corner to add a highlight and open up the eye area. I followed this by using the central colour shade all over the lid and blending this out to create a hazy wash of light navy colour all over the lid. I then lined my lash-line using the liner included in the palette, a creamy consistency that can be used to create striking definition or blended out for a smoky eye.


Step 3

Diorshow Mascara

The supermodel in this catwalk show?  Unarguably the Diorshow Mascara. The signature mascara draws its inspiration from the lash extensions added by Dior makeup artists on the catwalks. Its iconic formula has been re-imagined for the first time since its creation in 2002, and coats your lashes in spectacular coverage, volume and protective ingredients that ensure model-worthy lashes on every application.

If this iconic mascara couldn’t  get any better , the thickening mascara now features a new air-lock system that limits the amount of air that enters into the tube, preventing the formula from drying out – meaning you can revel in its volumising glory for even longer.

In but a few coats of this mascara my lashes were transformed. Its brush evenly coated each lash and it was apparent from a single coat as to why this claimed to mimic a lash extension effect. For this look I layered a few coats on the top and lower lashes to lengthen and volumise.


Diorshow by Night

Diorshow Night Look - Eyeshadow Diorshow Night Look - Eyeliner Diorshow Night Look - Finished

Step 1

5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette in 208 Navy Design

Finding a palette that can carry you from day-to-night can often be a challenge, but the quintet of colours presented in the 5 Coleurs Designer Eye shadow Palettes ensures the creation of looks that are perfect whatever your mood or occasion.

To intensify this day look I darkened the outer corner of my eye using the ombre shadow, a deep navy shade with subtle pearl blue shimmer throughout. I placed this shade on the outer corner of my eye, creating a triangle type-shape and pulling this through my crease to add dramatic definition. I followed this step by blending out the shade just applied and working this until it was blended seamlessly, I continued to apply the shade until  I had reached the desired intensity.


Step 2

Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof

As a final step in transforming the look from day-to-night I used the Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof to create a dramatic winged-liner. This liner combines the easy application of a pencil with the glide and intensity of a liquid liner. The retractable tip allows for precise application and  makes achieving professional results easy for every woman.

Available in six shades, I used Pro black to take this makeup look to the next level. I followed the upper-lash line across the entire lid and then followed the lower lash-line upwards to create the tail, and joined them both. I also ran the liner along the lower lash-line and smoked this out to create a hazy effect that gave the eye-look an undone feel.


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