Institut Esthederm Sun Care Explained


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The search for protection perfection is over thanks to Institut Esthederm. The high-tech skincare brand’s complete sun care range will leave no questions unanswered and no skin unprotected. With a philosophy that guarantees optimal results in terms of both beauty and safety, sun care couldn’t be any simpler.

Institut Esthederm has an easy to follow guide for those in need of a little sun care guidance. Defined according to a person’s skin type and the sun exposure they’ll be encountering, finding the right sun protection from the Institut Esthederm ranges will be a walk in the park.



The Institut Esthederm Index

Institut Esthederm

Institut Esthederm chose the UV index used in meteorology and that is recommended by the World Health Organisation. Many brands only inform about sunburn protection and do not take into account the sun’s intensity, lucky for our skin IE does both, with a dash of high-performance UV rays protection too.

Not only do Institut Esthederm allow us to pick our protection based on what time we’ll be in the sun, it also enables us to specifically pick products based on our skin type. The IE brand philosophy is all about working with the sun and not against it, and also allowing the skin to adapt naturally to the sun without overprotecting it.

The product range is structured around four different skin types. Normal skin, generally those with olive-toned complexions that tan quick and rarely burn. Sensitive skin, generally fair to pale skin types that go red fairly quickly like that of young children’s. Intolerant skin, skin that reacts abnormally to the sun and can experience burning sensations or discomfort when exposed to the sun. And finally, highly reactive skin, skin that has been affected by hormonal or medical treatments, pregnant women and those with pigmentation or scar tissue.

And, unsurprisingly Institut Esthederm don’t stop there, they have a sun care line-up that will blow the term ‘targeted sun care’ out of the water. So, let’s dive in and see what skin-loving formulas are on offer…



Before Sun

Institut Esthederm believes that your skin should adapt naturally to the sun, and so, their sun care regime begins way before you’re sunning it up on the beach.  The UV InCellium  Bronzant Tanning Spray helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences, and will prepare the skin for sun exposure. Enriched with melanin precursors, anti free radicals and anti inflammatory active ingredients, the tanning spray will prepare, reinforce and prolong your tan.

A summer essential, the UV InCellium spray should be used two weeks prior to sun exposure to reactivate the skin’s natural protection mechanisms and improve the efficacy of your sun care – You’ll be better prepared for the sun than ever; You – 1, Sun – 0!

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During Sun

Once you have evaluated the level of sun exposure you will be exposed to, the next step is choosing the sun care that will work with your skin and not against it. Institut Esthederm has sun care products that are designed with your skin’s reaction to the sun in mind.

Skin that rarely burns should use the Bronz Repair range or the Adaptasun range, for its youth-preserving formulas. Skin that frequently burns is encouraged to use the Adaptasun Sensitive Skin range. Those with Sun Intolerances’ should use the Sun Intolerance Treatment. And, if hyper pigmentation is one of your sun care concerns, you should use the Photo Reverse, as it will even and brighten the complexion and minimise the appearance of dark spots.

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After Sun

An important step in prolonging your tan begins with the way you care for it post-sun. The Tan Enhancing Lotion for the body will leave the skin feeling fresh, soothed and velvety and will ensure your tan stays put for longer.

Scented with the warm Institut Esthederm ‘signature’ fragrance, the lotion should be used for one month post-sun exposure to keep your skin looking luminous and radiant, and your tan exactly where you want it.

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Without Sun

Whether you have sun intolerance or would rather just stay in the shade, Institut Esthederm have a quick-fix way of you getting the sun’s colour without the sun. The Sun Sheen Light Natural Tan Self-Tanning Care face cream and body lotion will give the illusion of a glowing tan without you stepping a foot in the sun.

The luscious texture melts into the skin and creates a natural-looking tan in just two hours, with no streaks.  Suitable for all skin types, the Sun Sheen range completes the glistening Institut Esthederm product line-up, confirming their philosophy that everyone should enjoy the benefits of the sun, no matter what their skin type.

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