Your Guide to Multi Masking

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Just like Marmite, you’re either going hate it or love it. Personally, ‘why didn’t I think of this before?’ springs to mind. Multi masking really works and it does make perfect sense when you put this social media masking craze into perspective…

Who has the time, patience or money to cocktail 3/4/5 different masks, all at the same time, all on one face? But believe me when I tell you it’s worth it – there’s a reason why lots of these beauty aficionados are baring all on their Instagram feeds!

Put it this way, the term ‘combination skin’ is a lot more prominent than ever before, normal skin (as we all know) is a rarity, so how does one mask really conquer all? It’s okay to admit that our complexion isn’t even toned and it sometimes likes to play up, whether it be seasonally, monthly or even daily (in my case!) It’s time to give in to this craze and cater to all areas, because tailor-made treatments are a thing. So let’s create something our skin would be proud of! Now, who’s looking forward to their Sunday ritual?


Ren Clarimatte Detox Mask

The T-Zone Tone

This is the area that contains the highest amount of oil glands, so keeping this area fresh, clean and mattified is a must! A specific purifying pack is just what you need for pure pore cleansing, and revealing a shine-free surface to your skin is really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Key ingredients to keep an eye out for in your mask:

  • – Salicylic acid
  • – Clay
  • – Zinc

Spend: Darphin Skin Mat Purifying Aromatic Clay Mask 75ml

Save: Ren Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask 50ml

Breaker Small

DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips for Eyes

Perfect Peepers

We’re sure you know this already, but just in case you missed it –  your eye area is the most delicate part of skin. It’s only a tiny 2-5mm thick, so it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize when it comes to smoothing and hydrating this area!

Key ingredients to keep an eye out for in your mask:

  • – Retinol
  • – Vitamin C & E
  • – Ceramides

Spend: Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye gel

Save: DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes

Breaker Small

Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute

Hey Cheeky

Plumped, beautifully radiant skin is what we’re all lusting after, so treating your cheeks to a nice lightweight drink at least once a week is key to achieving that even, ethereal skin tone. Dehydrated skin can occur at any time and can be triggered by all sorts of things, not least the way in which our lifestyles tend to twist and turn. It’s important to keep hydrated on the outside, too!

Key ingredients to keep an eye out for in your mask:

  • – Hyaluronic Acid
  • – Vitamin E & C
  • – Glycerin

Spend: Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask
Save: Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Masque


Top Tips

  • – Put aside some you time, multimasking takes time and your skin is worth it!
  • – Be careful not to get caught up in the mix of it all (excuse the pun). Monitor the times of use, and make sure you remove each mask after the adequate time.
  • – Always read the label and be kind to your skin concerns. If you have highly sensitive skin, leave off the clarifying masks and replace with a comforting hydrator. Likewise, if you have blemished skin, avoid a deeply hydrating mask and spread more of your clarifier over problem areas!

Are you tempted to try out this craze?  Or maybe you’re already ahead of the game and are sold on this transformational trend. Tweet us your multimask selfie over @Escentual. We’d love to hear all about your experience!

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