Guerlain Bloom of Rose Autumn Makeup Look

Guerlain Bloom of Roses Makeup Look - Autumn 2015

Re-Branded Signature (Emma) copyI don’t know about you, but I feel really ready for autumn this year. Not just because the weather has started to turn a little (boo), but because many of the autumn beauty looks that are coming through are so soft and enveloping that the big season shift doesn’t feel too extreme.

My favourite look of A/W15 so far is the Guerlain Bloom of Rose collection, a range of softly-softly textures and suits-all hues that are all about subtle enhancement. There strong new launches for lips, cheeks and nails, plus new shades of some old favourites in the eye category, all tailored towards luxurious, off-duty beauty inspired by the timelessness of the rose.

It’s a beautiful collection, I’m sure you’ll agree! Explore it with me below…



KissKiss Roselip

in R329 Crazy Bouquet, R346 Peach Party, R371 Morning Rose,
R372 Chic Pink, R373 Pink Me Up & R374 Wonder Violette

Guerlain KissKiss Roselip - Crazy Bouquet - Peach Party - Morning Rose - Chic Pink - Pink Me Up - Wonder Violette

The star of the show this autumn is Guerlain KissKiss Roselip, the most luxurious balm/lip colour hybrid I think I’ve ever used. First of all the packaging – wow! Heavyweight, metal and embossed with the Guerlain insignia, it’s afforded all of the same glamour as Guerlain’s mainline lipsticks. The iconic KissKiss block casing looks great in white, too.

The KissKiss Roselip formula within is my kind of lip colour. It’s semi-sheer, with a great big whack of plumping moisture thanks to jojoba and rose oils that feels balmy and comfortable on the lips. It’s not glossy, but rather… juicy. It really makes the most of what you’ve got.

From left, the shades are R329 Crazy Bouquet (pretty pinked red), R346 Peach Party (sweet tangerine), R371 Morning Rose (what I’m wearing in the picture above, a sweet pink that adapts to your skin’s pH), R372 Chic Pink (nude pink), R373 Pink Me Up (neutral vibrant pink) and R374 Wonder Violette (rich plum). It’s a brilliant selection of shades.


Blush Aux Joues

in 01 Morning Rose, 02 Chic Pink, 03 Peach Party,
04 Crazy Bouquet, 05 Wonder Violette & 06 Pink Me Up

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Blush - Morning Rose - Peach Party - Pink Me Up

My favourite item in the new collection is the Rose Aux Joues blush. My dry skin means that powder blushes tend to look a little ‘dusty’ on my cheeks and don’t last very well, so I normally plump for cream formulas. Rose Aux Joues is the best of both: all of the rich pigmentation of a powder, with all of the comfort of a cream. Beautiful.

You may be thinking ‘hey, didn’t Guerlain already release a blush called Rose Aux Joues?’, and you’d be right. But where that one was a dual compact of colour and shimmer, this release is all about the colour. Rose Aux Joues’ big point of difference to other cheek products is the inclusion of pink booster pigments, which enhance the natural tones of your cheeks – and you can definitely see that I’m looking pretty rosy in that picture!

I’ve swatched three of the shades above: 01 Morning Rose (fresh, light pink), 03 Peach Party (the shade I’m wearing above, coral peach), and 06 Pink Me Up (magenta pink), but there are six shades in total, including 02 Chic Pink (neutral rose with a touch of gold), 04 Crazy Bouquet (muted red) and 05 Wonder Violet (an awesome plummy pink).



Nailift La Base

Guerlain Nailift La Base
For nails, Guerlain are going back to basics with Nailift La Base, a sort of BB formula. It boosts the beauty of your nails both immediately and over time, working to strengthen, harden and fortify them with a medley of beneficial ingredients. Argan oil reduces brittleness, organic silica improves hydration, and DMU, a molecule developed through Guerlain research, acts on keratin.

It’s a shame that this product is limited edition, because it’s pretty much the perfect base! When you don’t want to wear full-on nail colour, a quick coat of this minimises imperfections and makes nails look wonderfully groomed. I love a hard working, low maintenance beauty product.


Ecrin 6 Couleurs

in 15 Beaugrenelle

Guerlain Ecrins 6 Couleurs Palette in 15 Beaugrenelle

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a new harmony of the Guerlain’s luxurious Ecrin 6 Couleurs palette, but 15 Beaugrenelle more than makes up for the wait with its breathtaking colour story. Blue, blue and more blue, in an array of hues and finishes!

From the top we have a navy blue creamy liner with excellent pay off, a pearlescent denim blue with silver shift, satin indigo blue, satin stormcloud grey, silver pearl, and a matte cream. I’ve been using the navy liner almost constantly, with a subtle blue and grey smoke in the crease and plenty of silver pearl on the lid. It’s a really fun palette, and surprisingly versatile for everyday.


Ecrin 4 Couleurs

in 19 Les Cendres

Guerlain Ecrins 4 Couleurs Palette in 19 Les Cendres

For those who are more inclined towards the neutral end of the spectrum, there’s the Guerlain 4 Couleurs Palette in 19 Les Cendres, or ‘the ashes’. This collection of greyed-out browns is ideal for sculpting the eyes as the hues mimic the shade of natural shadows on the skin, and the textures are satiny and flattering. I adore this palette!

From the top we have golden champagne pearl for highlighting the tear duct and brow bone, dark brown charcoal satin, reddened brown satin, and warm dark brown satin. It’ll be the palette you reach for again and again.

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