Dior Cosmopolite Autumn Makeup Look

Dior Cosmopolite Autumn Look

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It’s here! Peter Phillips’ first collection as Creative and Image Director for Dior has landed, and it’s pretty perfect. Dior Cosmopolite is a force of light and colour, sophistication and creativity, versatility and practicality. This is a collection inspired by and made for women, with an abundance of choice and a little something for everyone.

The most striking thing about the collection is its emphasis upon texture. Avant garde mirrored facets meet the discreet elegance of velvet blushes and satin eyeshadow. Skin glows with a flawless yet healthy-looking gleam, and lips and nails are lacquered in couture shades. A playful statement that’s always chic, Cosmopolite presents an interesting mix – I can’t wait to see what Mr Phillips brings for Christmas, can you?

I’ve taken a closer look at my favourite items from the collection – let me know your favourites in the comments below…



Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

in 025 Magnetic and 075 Eclipse

Dior Fluid Shadow in 025 Magnetic and 075 EclipseThe launch that I’m most excited about in the new Cosmopolite collection is one that really showcases Peter Phillips’ creative talent: the Dior Addict Fluid Shadow. This masterful blend of colour, shimmer and texture has been nicknamed an ‘eye varnish’ by Phillips, as it gives the same sort of tactile, mirror-like film as a nail varnish. In a single brush broke this ultra-pigmented shadow creates a dense line of metallic colour, which you can leave to dry to create mirrored lids, or quickly blend out for a more shimmery effect.

There are six shades altogether: 025 Magnetic (mirrored silver), 075 Eclipse (pewter grey), 275 Cosmic (metallic amethyst), 545 Phenix (molten gold), 655 Univers (glistening brown) and 825 Aurora (golden nude), which is a really great selection for such a distinctive finish. I’ve been loving a slick of 025 Magnetic close to the lashline finished with a feline flick and spiky lashes – it’s the perfect look update, and it makes tired eyes look so bright!


Dior Fix It Concealer

in 001 Light

Dior Fix It in 001 LightA truly multi-purpose concealer, Dior Fix It is created with versatility in mind. The duality of a primer core with a concealing outer circle ensures that Fix It is just as effective at erasing dark circles and fine lines as it is concealing blemishes on the face. It can also be used on the lips to create an ideally smooth, even and primed base before lipstick application, making it something of a wonder tool.

Though Fix It is a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’, it does master them all. I used this straight on the eye contour and it was creamy enough that it didn’t pull or drag, and the formula melted on the skin without settling into my dehydration lines. It did a fabulous job at covering the imperfections on my cheek, too. It’s the perfect ally for touch-ups – leave the medley of concealers and primers at home, because Fix It has you covered. Literally!


Diorblush Cheek Stick

in 675 Cosmopolite Rosewood

Diorblush Cheek Stick in 765 Comopolite RosewoodForget eyeshadow and lipstick; for me, blusher is the ultimate colour cosmetic. My superfandom of the humble cheek colour means that I can spot a great formula from 20 paces, and the Diorblush Cheek Stick really does it for me. For a stick blush it’s surprisingly pigmented, and the lightweight cream-powder texture has just the right amount of slip so you can daub straight onto cheeks without disturbing the make-up underneath. Once applied, make sure that you blend straight away – once this is on, it’s a stayer.

There’re three colour options available and I must admit I love them all. 675 Cosmopolite Coral (apricot pink) gives cheeks a zingy flush of freshness, 765 Cosmopolite Rosewood (warm rosy pink) is sculptural and sophisticated, and 845 Cosmopolite Pink (fresh medium pink) provides an enviable outdoorsy flush. The velvet finish is extremely flattering – simply dot on and blend as you go, layering up the intensity to your preference.


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