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It can be very easy to neglect your hair. From over colouring and heat styling to shunning it to a ponytail every day.  But just because your hair is dead already doesn’t mean it should be last on your list of priorities. Hair that looks healthy, nourished and full of life can make a world of difference. And, I’m sure we can all admit that a good hair day can give the ultimate confidence boost. But, before you go and have a complete hair transformation and chop off your locks, consider your current hair care routine. We’ve collated the five staple hair care products that everyone should have in their hair care collection. So put the scissors down, and discover the hair care heroes you’ve been missing out on…Breaker


Tangle Teezer

Knot Anymore

Don’t count your hairbrush as a crucial part of your haircare regime? Well you should!  Hairbrushes can cause enormous stress on your hair. All the pulling and tugging can firstly make the brushing experience very uncomfortable  and secondly it can leave your hair looking a little worse for wear in the long run. Whether you have a short pixie crop or you’re well overdue a trim, we’ve all experienced some tangles and knots in our time. It’ll seem simple to some, and revolutionary to others, but the Tangle Teezer is the answer. This de-tangling brush will glide through all hair types with ease, transforming even the most unmanageable hair types to tangle-free terrain. And better yet, the brush can be used on wet or dry hair, meaning you can wave goodbye to those de-tangling tears once and for all.


Bumble and bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil

All-rounder Oil

A hair oil will be your hair hero, a multi-tasking maven, it’s a hair care product you’ll return to time and time again. The Bumble Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Dry Oil can be used to tame unwanted fly-aways, create sleek high-pony’s, de-tangle knots and infuse your hair with a blend of nourishing oils. The list of what you can do with an oil goes on and on and makes it a no-brainer for every haircare stash. Packed with a lightweight blend of coconut, sweet almond, grape, safflower and tiare flower oil the Invisible Oil will give your hair a lustrous, hair-flip worthy shine. And if couldn’t get any better, the transformative oil will protect your hair from heat and UV rays with the formula’s added sunscreen filters – the perfect all-rounder!



Damage Defence

Some days, your time-frame just doesn’t allow for heat-free hairstyling. When you’re in need of a dry-and-go scenario you need to be armed with the right products, and of course the right protection. Every haircare drawer should include a heat protection spray, and the Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray is the perfect choice with its 220 °C protection barrier. The lightweight spray is infused with winter cherry extract which works to smooth frizz, and avocado oil which protects the hair from heat styling without weighing it down. A few spritz of this shielding spray before blow drying will keep your hair looking its best, and take away some of those blow-drying blues.



Miracle Mask

We all deserve a little pamper every now and again, our hair included.  Just like a weekly face mask is a must for many, a weekly hair mask will do a world of good too. If you consider the amount of stress we put on our hair, from brushing and heat styling to elaborate up-do’s, it’s clear that we put our hair through a lot. The Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restoriative Treatment is the well-overdue ‘I’m sorry’ our hair deserves. The nourishing moisture mask helps to revitalise dry, colour-treated hair and give your hair a new lease of life. It works to restore damage that has already been done whilst doubling up protection from future breakage.



Overnight Wonder 

All the blow drying, styling and heat we put on our hair can take its toll. Sometimes a five minute mask won’t do the trick and we need something with a little more ‘oomph’. You don’t need to visit the hairdresser’s to get that complete revitalised feeling; you don’t even have to be awake if you use the Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Overnight Hair Rescue. This hair treatment will repair your hair while you sleep, delivering vital nutrients deep into the hair so that you awaken to silky, shiny hair that looks and feels healthy and strong. If your hair care as it stands could do with a little attention, this hair mask is the ideal way to ease in to hair care. You apply the treatment to dry hair, sleep and then shampoo it out in the morning. So, if you’re known among your friends for loving your sleep a little too much, this mask will give you a great excuse for hitting that snooze button just one more time.



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  • I’ve never really been into haircare much before but I’m currently fading my hair ready for stripping and changing my colour. Once I have changed colour I really want to take care of it so am currently researching good products to invest in to help me do this.