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Mastering the balance between natural and defined eyebrows is a beauty challenge that no doubt many of us have struggled with. Over the years I have had my fair share of brow-raising looks, whether it was over-drawn, over-plucked or just over the top ridiculous. There’s no secret remedy for perfect brows (believe me, I’ve been searching) but there are a number of tips, tricks and amazing products that will make the entire process a lot easier.

Whether you’re someone that prefers a quick tidy-up, subtle definition or a statement brow we have a handful of products that your brows are just waiting to discover…


Quick Brows

The Groom and Go

This will not be everyone’s cup of tea, however if you’re happy with the fullness of your brow then a quick tidy-up will be all that you need. The Dior Brow Brush is the perfect tool for taming and shaping your brows, and in my opinion it’s a must-have in every brow routine. It’s no secret that a quick brush through your brow hairs can enhance the shape and lift the entire face, so spending a few seconds brushing them through can make a world of difference.

Use your brush in an upward movement, and when nearing the end of the brow smooth sideways to ensure the tail of your brow lies flat. Using a brush like this will also enable you to see the natural shape of your brow more clearly, helping you to get that perfect shape.

Now your brow hairs are looking tidier than ever, you’ll want to set them in place before gravity kicks in. The solution? The Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Gel in Transparent. This gel serum can be used alone or over the top of product to keep your brow hairs in place all day. Non-sticky and weightless, the click-brush applicator glides through brows and elevates them to groomed greatness!


Everyday Brows

The Everyday Eyebrow

For many, myself included, sparse areas of my eyebrows call out for product to fill in the gaps. Picking the right products to combat this issue can often be the deciding factor as to whether your eyebrow look sinks or swims. As a first step it’s important to shape your brows into place to see what you have to work with. The Givenchy Mister Eyebrow wax pencil will tame and fix your brows in one smooth sweep, and ensure that no hairs stray away during the day.

The next step is the product, and for an everyday eyebrow look powder is usually a fail-safe option for achieving definition that doesn’t look too dramatic. The Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact is ideal for filling in sparse areas without it looking unnatural. The brow powder duo comes with two harmonious hues that allow you to customise your ideal brow shade. The key thing to remember when filling in your brows is to use a small amount and build it up until you’re happy with the coverage. Another trick for perfecting your brow is to use the right tool, the Daniel Sandler Brow Filler Brush is tapered, with a flat edge and allows you to perfectly mimic brow hairs with ease.

For an everyday eyebrow I focus on the areas of my brow that are lacking. In my case, I have sparse areas at the beginning of my brow, and the tail of my brow lacks definition. After grooming through my brow hairs I apply a small amount of powder and fill in the beginning, working in light upward strokes to mimic the natural growth of my brow hairs. For the tail I use downward strokes in areas that I don’t have many hairs and join the tail of my brow to a point. Also remember that your eyebrows should be sisters not twins – it’s OK if one is a little higher! Mimic your natural shape and you’ll achieve brow brilliance in no time.


Full Brows

The Power Brow

When it comes to 5pm on a Friday we often want to take our makeup up a notch. This desire to add  something a little more dramatic by night also applies to our brows. Whether it’s a weekend thing or you’re just a little brow-mad like me, there’s a few extra steps you can do to achieve what I like to call the ‘power brow’. Taking The Everyday Eyebrow look as a base, we’re making your night time power brow look a little more defined, think Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields.

The Clarins Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown is the product that will allow you to fill-in your brows with a little more precision and colour. Far more intense than a powder, a pencil will give your brows a little extra ‘oomph’. Concentrate the pencil on areas that are sparse and also on the tail of the brow, as it should be the darkest area of the brow to ensure they look natural as possible. And finally, the highlight: the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in Medusa is the perfect shade to highlight the brow bone, adding a subtle glow that will draw everyone’s attention to your perfectly sculpted brows.


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