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Eczema affects 10% of the UK population. And when you think that the most common sufferers are children (1 in 5 of them in the UK have the chronic skin condition), that’s a huge number of youngsters struggling with the skin condition. If one parent suffers from atopic skin, a child’s chance of having atopic skin rises to 30%. But if both parents suffer from atopic skin? Well, a child’s chance of becoming atopic soars to 70%.

Eczema can be uncomfortable, painful and difficult to maintain, so wouldn’t it be a dream to have a product that would help to prevent your child from developing the symptoms of atopic skin? Well, wish no more. Bioderma has the answer.

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Bioderma Atoderm Preventitive

A new approach to atopic skincare, Bioderma has developed the Atoderm Preventive Nourishing Cream, a product that biologically and durably rebuilds healthy skin.  After five years of research, Bioderma have created a product that focuses on preventing atopic skin before it becomes unmanageable.

With the view that ‘everything happens from birth’, Biodema’s Atoderm Preventive Nourishing Cream limits the aggravation of cutaneous dryness from your child’s first days, meaning that infants that could potentially develop atopic skin receive protection before their skin becomes inflamed and aggravated.


How it works

When applied, the nourishing cream penetrates quickly into the skin and starts working straight away. The high-performance cream is formulated with Bioderma’s Skin Barrier Therapy® which reconstructs the skin’s barrier, helping to block the penetration of allergens and limit inflammatory reactions.

Lipigenium® works within the cream to recreate the skin’s integrity and ensure immediate protection and hydration to the skin. The ingredient Sucroester® can also be found within the cream regulating the skin’s bacterial balance, minimising the risk of infection.

Suitable for babies from birth, the hypoallergenic formula will not upset or irritate the skin and will leave the skin strengthened, protected and the dry skin condition corrected.

Atoderm Preventive is the product many parents have been waiting for. If you’ve suffered with an atopic skin condition you will know the stress and discomfort it can cause and no one wants that for an infant. To be applied twice a day, seven days a week, Atoderm Preventive is an easy step toward comfortable, clear skin.

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