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Rosie Fortescue

I think that the colour purple can be a fun way to add some colour without having to feel too intense, and that the soft purples and pinks can really suit my eye colour and skin tone. In today’s look, I’m going to show you how you can achieve the violet eyes look without it being too scary.


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I’m wearing my favourite Ole Henriksen CC Crème in the video, and I also wanted to make sure that any dark circles were covered as the last thing I want is for my under eyes to look purple as well! I love an under eye concealer that has a lot of coverage, but they can often be too drying. The Clarins Instant Concealer is literally perfect for this because it has really good coverage but also is really moisturizing and creamy.


Rosie Fortescue Purple Eyes SMiling


As we’re really going with a whole purple look, I wanted to use something on the cheeks that would tie in to the rest of the makeup and add an extra level of polish. I love the Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in 24 It Girl Purple, especially when swirled onto cheeks using something fluffy like the Real Techniques Blush Brush. The colour of the Givenchy blush is amazing. It’s not too purple or hard to wear but instead adds a really pretty glow to the cheeks.


Rosie Fortescue Purple Eye


For this look, the main colour purple is coming from a liner used under the eyes. On the lids we used some really natural shades just to make the eye look a bit more defined. We actually used the Dior Diorskin Nude AIR Powder for this (as well as my complexion), as it really helps to make your eyes look brighter in a natural way. After some mascara and lashes, we drew on a line of purple under the bottom lashes and then smudged it out. Something really creamy and soft like the Guerlain The Eye Pencil Cream Kohl in 03 Deep Purple is absolutely ideal.


Rosie Fortescue Lips


After the eye liner, I thought it would be nice to add another step and use a lip product that had some slight purple tones. Nothing too purple, I think that would be a little much for me! The Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in My Pink is a gorgeous cool-toned pink that really adds some more polish to the look. The lip balm formula is one of my favourites because it feels so comfortable on the lips but still imparts a sheer wash of colour.


Until next time,
Rosie x

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