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What’s important to you when it comes to foundation? Would you agree that we all have the same common goal of a perfect-looking complexion?

Meet Dermablend, created to give you confidence and longevity, this 16 hour hold foundation not only brings life to your skin, it transforms and perfects your complexion whilst eradicating any trace of unwanted redness, pigmentation, dark spots, acne scaring and spots with a high concentration of pigments.

It’s the perfect high coverage foundation, suitable for everyone from acne sufferers to those with facial birthmarks.



With over 30 years of expert coverage in the bag, the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation is a firm favourite in a makeup artist’s kit whilst also being prescribed by dermatologists globally. It’s secret, and the reason it’s reached superstar status, is its comforting veil that camouflages both minor and severe skin concerns with an all-important natural looking finish.

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Enriched skin with 24 hours of hydration, this innovative base works hard to avoid the cakey over applied look. The end result? A naturally radiant finish. SPF 35 protects fragile skin from sun exposure and defends your complexion from the damaging effects from the environment. Suitable for all skin types, this non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) and hypoallergenic formula also ticks all the boxes for anyone prone to sensitivity – yay for Dermablend!

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05 Porcelain *NEW* – The palest shade in the Dermablend collection, this yellow-toned foundation is perfect to brighten and uplift a sallow skin tone. It’s a great under-eye concealer as its banana-hued base counteracts any purple/blue tones in the skin.

15 Opal – Still in the fair skin category, this peach-toned shade is perfect to enliven your complexion if you have a light but not pale skin tone.

25 Nude – Suited to a warmer toned fair skin, this hue is perfect for those who find themselves between fair and medium tones.

35 Sand – Suited to a medium skin shade with a yellow undertone (this is my go-to shade after I use fake tan!).

45 Gold – On the darker end of the medium scale, Gold is perfect for those with a warm, olive undertone to their skin.

55 Bronze – The darkest medium hue in the collection, this warm shade blends beautifully into a pink toned complexion with its perky peach base.

65 Coffee *NEW* – This hue is perfect to balance and brighten a darker skin tone with yellow undertones. This warm-toned shade is also great to conceal under-eyes with a blue/green undertone.

75 Espresso *NEW*  –  The darkest shade in the collection, this cool toned hue doubles up as a balancing foundation for darker skin or a  perfect for a night out contour for a fairer skin tone.

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