Angelic Radiance: Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle

Poudre Lumiere Originelle

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If we learned anything from last year’s highlighting boom, it’s that playing with light is ultra-flattering and pretty darn effective. But I’d like you to set aside thoughts of the high definition, ultra-gleaming highlighters for a second, because there’s a different kind of glow that I can’t get enough of this spring – and it’s all about angelic radiance.

I’d like to think that the limited edition Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle is just the sort of product that I’d make if I was given absolute free reign to produce my own makeup line. It’s as luxurious as you’d expect from Givenchy, helped along by the intricate embossed design that beautifully ties in the lacework of the Givenchy fashion line (watch out for more incredible fashion/makeup tie-ins throughout the year). Like all of my favourite make-up items, though, this powder is also a hardworking daily essential.

So, what exactly is Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle all about, and how is it best used?

Poudre Lumiere Originelle

Poudre Lumiere Originelle is a finishing powder, but perhaps not in the way that you’re used to. Rather than being a matte, flesh-coloured formula that’s normally reserved for touch-ups, this powder has a beautiful baby pink sheen to it that lifts the complexion and kisses the skin with gentle light. It brightens and structures the face in a delicate way, offering a hazy, flattering glow that’s almost imperceptible on the skin. It’s a tough one to photograph as the effect is so understated; I’ve swatched it heavily above so that you can see you glow, but the finish is far less pale on the skin.

Givenchy suggests that you use the powder on the high points of the face, from brow bones and cheekbones, to the bridge of your nose and the Cupid’s bow. If you’re fair, though, you could use this as an all-over finishing powder to give your base a luminous touch, or as Givenchy puts it, to ‘chase the shadows away’. It’s a little bit of makeup magic.

To offer a point of comparison, I’d say Poudre Lumiere Originelle’s closest sisters are the Shiseido All Over Face Colour in PK107 Medusa, and Guerlain Meteorites Pearls. They’re not quite highlighters, but each one has a little je ne sais quoi that adds gentle light to the face and brings your base together in the most flawless way.

If your makeup is lacking a little something in the radiance department, but you’re not one for highlighting, Poudre Lumiere Originelle will be your new go-to.


Over to you!

How do you highlight? Are you more subtle radiance, or high definition gleam?

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