What Should You Buy This Valentine’s Day?

The Relationship Status Gift Guide

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To buy, or not to buy. That is the question! My opinion? Buy, buy, buy! Since when did a loving gesture do any harm? If there’s one time that you’re able to pen cheesy love messages and declare your undying love for someone, that date is certainly February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Gimmicks aside, we’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to spice up a 15 year marriage with something exciting or you’ve just recently swiped right and you’re gearing up for your third Tinder date. Woo them, spoil them and most definitely cherish them with our non-awkward guide to nailing the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.


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The ‘It’s Complicated’ Gift

I won’t go into too much detail on the ‘complicated’ front, but an adorable teddy and a beautiful fragrance in one? You’re almost certainly set for the good books. Most definitely one of the cutest scents you will ever lay your eyes on (not to mention it’s Moschino – you’ll definitely be in those good books!) Moschino Toy‘s  uplifting blend of bergamot, violet and vanilla are sure to get her in the mood for Valentine’s Day!


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The 3rd Date Gift

Don’t feel awkward, a small gesture is always massively appreciated. 1) Its extra thoughtful to go prepared and 2) Why not, it’s Valentine’s Day! Big things come in small packages, and I can assure you the Le Soft Perfume Lucky Bay scent (a fragrance lover’s favourite) is more than enough to get you a few extra kisses this Valentine’s Day.


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The ‘It’s Been 6 Months’ Gift

The butterflies are still fluttering and your love story looks like its set to be a bestseller. So why not seal the deal with a gift that’s as fun-loving and light-hearted as your budding romance? Chloe Love Story is joyous in its blend of romantic neroli and flirtatious orange blossom and of course, you get extra brownie points for the name. Get ready to make everlasting memories with this amorous fragrance.


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The ‘We Got Engaged’ Gift

She’s got the ring; now give her the gift of eternal fragrance with the Calvin Klein Eternity Now scent. The perfect tale of modern day commitment, its intimate scent is all about monogamy. I couldn’t think of a better suited scent to accompany your romantic journey into wedded bliss! The beginning of forever starts now with this sweet floral blend.


Dolce & Gabbana, The One, Eau de Parfum, Fragrance, Perfume, Valentine's Day

The Newly Wed Gift

I’m sure that you’re aware by now she’s the one, so why not get rid of her post wedding blues with an extra dose of commitment that comes in the form of exquisite fragrance.  Nuances of jasmine and vanilla renowned for their romantic qualities will sweep her off her feet all over again. So go on, shine the spotlight on her this Valentine’s Day with Dolce & Gabbana The One.


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The Golden Years Gift

As in-bloom as your flourishing romance, the Atkinsons Jasmine In Tangerine scent captures the admiration and passion of your fully committed partnership. Atkinsons is a fragrance brand that’s celebrated its golden wedding anniversary 4 times over – it’s the perfect way to celebrate the timelessness of your relationship.


Over to you!

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